Known Issues and Considerations when Using Patch My PC

The article below shows known issues and considerations to make when deploying specific products using Patch My PC.

Patch My PC will periodically reevaluate product behavior and adjust these lists as necessary. Customers encountering unexpected product behavior should open a support request so that Patch My PC can evaluate any possible issues.

Topics covered in this article:

Products with Unique Install Behavior

The following table contains a list of products that have unique installation behaviors.

Product NameConsiderationsNotes
Adobe Acrobat ProductsUpdates may fail to install with exit code 1612This is a known issue with Adobe Products. More information on Adobe's site and Patch My PC's KB article
Apple iCloudUpdates may fail to install if Apple Application Support (x86) is not installedInstall Apple Application Support (x86) before attempting to install iCloud
Apple iTunesApplication may fail to install if Bonjour of the same architecture is not installed.Install Bonjour with the same architecture as iTunes before installing iTunes

The code execution cannot proceed because dnssd.dll was not found. Reinstalling the program may fix this problem.
Cisco AnyConnect SuiteUnique Update BehaviorUpdate 2021-07-30: The logic from our applicability rules that would block install if the NAM Module is installed has been removed. If the NAM module is being used, we recommend using the script process to update AnyConnect specified here: Install Cisco AnyConnect Modules in a Specific Order

At this time Updates to Cisco Anyconnect through the Software Update mechanisms will not occur if the Network Access Manager is installed. This behavior is in place to prevent loss of network connectivity, as the order of software update installation cannot be defined. The recommended workaround is to deploy updates through Base App installs in order to control the order of installation.
Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility ClientUpdate may fail to install with certain right-click options.Selecting the right click option to block the application from starting during the installation under "Manage Conflicting Processes" may result in a 1603 error code and prevent other modules from installing.
Cisco AnyConnect ModulesUnique Update BehaviorCisco AnyConnect Modules will not show as required until the Main Secure Mobility Client is installed. This is set in order to ensure the modules install after the main client.
Microsoft EdgeShortcuts may still be created with the "Delete Desktop Shortcut(s)..." right click option selectedUse the "Modify command line" right click option to add: DONOTCREATEDESKTOPSHORTCUT=true
Microsoft TeamsBase Install Only, Updates will not ApplyPatch My PC utilizes the Machine-Wide installer for Microsoft Teams. The Machine-Wide installer uses the same MSI Product Code for all versions. This causes multiple issues concerning updates to the product as well as detection of new versions. Microsoft does not recommend updating the Teams MSI once installed (Microsoft Docs)
Mimecast for OutlookBase Install Apps do not take Outlook bitness into consideration.Deploy the Base Install Apps based on the Outlook bitness not device bitness
NextcloudTrying to deploy a newer Intune Update of Nextcloud to a device with Nextcloud 3.1 or older installed will result in the update evaluating as not applicable.

This is only an issue with Intune Updates, not SCCM or WSUS.
Nextcloud stopped supplying an .exe installer after version 3.1 and now only provide .msi installers. The issue is that the .exe installer installed the 64bit app in 32bit locations in the registry on a 64bit system. As a result we can not differentiate between a pre-existing 32bit or 64bit install of Nextcloud on a 64bit system. We need to avoid inadvertently upgrading customers' product's architecture.

To update from 3.1 to a newer version on a device in Intune, deploy the Intune App of Nextcloud to your devices. After your devices are off version 3.1 and are now installed using the .msi installer, moving forward you can use the software update of Nextcloud from the Intune Updates tab.
PuTTYUpdate will not show as applicable if version <=.70 is installed.The install type of PuTTY changed from an EXE to MSI after version .70.Patch My PC only supports the MSI version of PuTTY.
Remote Desktop Client for Windows DesktopApps or Updates fail to detect after installing on non-English systemsThis software localises the DisplayName registry value to the language of the OS. At this time it is not possible for us to detect multiple possible values of the DisplayName for all languages, other than English.
Wiresharknpcap is not installed or patchedWireshark uses npcap for data capture. Unfortunately Npcap does not allow silent installation without an OEM license, this includes the Npcap provided in the Wireshark installer. See the Npcap page under Npcap OEM for Commercial Use and Redistribution for more information.
Citrix WorkSpaceCustom commands require ; even if the proceeding setting is not configured.For setting STOREX configurations, 4 arguments are expected, Even if an argument is not provided, For example use the following format if only providing the first 2 arguments: STORE0="COMPANY;;;"

Products that Require Applications be Closed Before Installation

The following products will fail to update if the process is open while the update installation is attempted. You can control how to close or notify the user using our feature to manage conflicting processes when updating third-party applications.

Product NameError Code or Behavior
Dell Display Manager0x87D00705
FileZilla0x87D00705, or the binaries are not updated, but the Add Remove Programs entry is.
Lenovo Dock Manager5 or 0x80070005. Installation may partially complete.

Notepad++ needs to be closed before an update is installed. If Notepad++ is open, the version in the registry may update, but the actual files in program files do not update. If the version in the registry is updated, it will cause the detection to show installed.

To resolve this, ensure to use the manage conflicting processes feature for Notepad++.
PythonInstallation will complete, but executable versions may not update.
Splunk Universal Forwarder0x80070643
Visual Studio Code5 or 0x80070005

Products that Require a Manual Download

The following products require manual download because their installer binaries are behind a paywall. For more details about how to use the local content repository, please see our guide local content repository for licensed applications that require manual download.

List of Known Issues

The table below lists any known issues we are tracking.

IssueDetected VersionFixed VersionStatus
Auto-publishing rules configured for WSUS/ConfigMgr updates, with any custom options set in the dropdown beside it, will produce continuous alerts and log entries in PatchMyPC.log to republish the updates meeting the auto-publishing rule threshold.

Workaround: Apply custom actions at the All Products or vendor level in the Updates tab. This will apply the custom actions to all child items including those not yet enabled. These will still be applied to child items automatically enabled by auto-publishing.
1.5.1 or
When adding a single right-click option (Pre/Post Script, MST File, etc.) on ConfigMgr Apps, the content will be updated but the command line may not be updated accordingly.
The Patch My PC Publisher may attempt to revise an update on every sync. This occurs when an update has been republished twice, the Publisher checks the wrong revision for changes and attempts to change it every sync2.
TeamViewer update may fail if the "Prevent the end-user from opening an application while the application is updating" is selected under "Manage Conflicting Processes"
Auto-enable feature of Intune Scanning may cause duplicate Win32 apps to be published within Intune. This would occur if some applications were found in an Intune scan, and a ConfigMgr scan.
MSP-based products do not support most right-click custom actions due to WSUS applicability.
Zoom Meetings may upgrade to the newly released 64-bit version when the 32-bit version was installed, which may cause settings to revert to defaults. From 3/29/2021 to 4/1/2021, Patch My PC offered the 64-bit version of Zoom Meetings 5.6.1 in place of the 32-bit version of Zoom Meetings. If this update was synced and deployed during this time, 32-bit versions of Zoom Meetings would be upgraded to 64-bit versions, this does not break the functionality of the application but my revert settings to default.

The 4/1/2021 catalog release replaced the 64-bit update with the proper 32 and 64 bit updates for Zoom Meetings, these updates now detect the architecture of Zoom Meetings that is installed and will install the appropriate version as applicable.
5.6.1 (3/29/2021)5.6.1 (4/1/2021)Fixed
Bug when selecting scopes: If a user attempts to set scopes at the Vendor or All Products level in ConfigMgr, upon closing and reopening the publisher, the App tree will not show any applications at all.
An error occurred while testing TCP port.: No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it :80 [[System.Net.Sockets.SocketException]]
The Publisher will Publish an Intune Application, or Intune Update if found during a scan, despite being marked to 'Exclude from auto-publishing'
Software may be marked for revision during every sync of the Publisher. This would occur when PreventConflictingProcessRestart was in use and the KillProcess was set instead of Notify.
The '...delay the in-place application upgrade by...' does not respect all configuration options such as 'Retain up to # previously created applications'Various2.0.8.2Fixed
User Based ConfigMgr Applications may default to System Type installation in ConfigMgr.
Interaction with the Manage Conflicting Process pop-up may not be possible if "Do not allow user deferral" option is set in Manage Conflicting Processes2.
Intune apps and updates do not use the specified temp directory for downloads1.
Webhook Option to send to Slack may be reverted to Teams upon opening the Patch My PC Publisher GUI

Workaround: When opening the Publisher and using Slack Webhooks, reset the option to Slack before saving and closing the Publisher.
Manage Conflicting Processes may fail to enumerate the blocking processes causing the UI to close, and kill the blocking process unexpectedly.
Manage Role Scope tags will fail if a non-existent scope is associated with a ConfigMgr app.
Intune assignment only allows a group to be specified once. issue. Fix is in progress.
The 'Manage Conflicting Process' UI shows 'install' language instead of 'update' language when performing an Intune Update2.
ConfigMgr apps may have their content refreshed every sync if a PreCommandArg, UninstallPostCommandArg, or PostCommandArgUninstall are specified2.
The 'Prevent the end-user from opening an application while the application is updating' option when used with an Intune app or update may result in a 'Windows cannot access the specified device, path, or file....' error message.
ConfigMgr application may revise every sync.
Some products published to WSUS report as failed installation from the clients, however the software is actually updated successfully on the client. This currently impacts Adobe Digital Editions, Nextcloud, and Dell Command Update for Windows. This is because in the catalogue custom defined success exit codes failed to publish correct to WSUS using the Publisher. These products used non-standard successful exit codes.Various2.0.9.2Fixed
If 'Delay in-place upgrade' and 'App retention' are enabled for ConfigMgr apps you may see duplicate applications created2.
'Recreate Detection Script' does not populate the correct registry hive for User based apps in ConfigMgr2.
Customers with the Publisher installed on Windows Server 2012 R2 or older, Snagit and Camtasia fail to download from PatchMyPC.log and alerts report "The request was aborted: Could not create SSL/TLS secure channel." This is because Techsmith web servers only allow particular TLS ciphers that are not supported in IE components for Windows Server 2012 R2 and older.

Workaround: manually download the installer for Snagit or Camtasia, store it in your Local Content Repository, and enable the option to Check the local content repository for content files before attempting to download content files from the internet. Techsmith have been notified.
N/AN/AKnown issue. Techsmith have been notified.
Application uninstallation may report failure if the uninstall process creates a child process causes ScriptRunner to exit prior to uninstallation completing1.
Publisher may fail to properly parse product parameters which contain nested quotes causing continuous revisions or errors when parsing argumentsVarious2.1.0.1Fixed
When you republish an Intune application the icon is not set.
Organization Name is not set properly for ConfigMgr applications.
When 'override manual assignment changes' is checked for an Intune product, and you have an 'exclude' assignment the Publisher will fail to process all assignments.
"Republish" does not compare the hash of scripts and files for ConfigMgr2.
"Republish" may cause multiple republish operations for the same product to happen if used across multiple tabs.
Required deployments, including task sequence installs, of ConfigMgr Application for Adobe Acrobat Reader DC Continuous 21.007.20099 (x64) fail with exit code 150201. Clicking "retry" and available deployments succeed.

Workaround: set the user experience option on the deployment type to "Allow users to view and interact with the program installation".
Adobe Acrobat Reader DC Continuous 21.007.20099 (x64)N/AKnown issue.