This release contains a variety of improvements, and fixes, as noted below.


  • Text boxes within the UI now implement an autocomplete for file paths and URLs.
  • The Manage Conflicting Processes notification will now display ‘update’ based language for an Intune Update. For example, the button will say ‘Close and Update’ instead of ‘Close and Install.’


  • Fixed a bug where the ConfigMgr source folder validation would perform a partial match, such as \\server\source_apps being considered a conflict for \\server\source. We now append a trailing slash to the comparison.
  • Fixed a bug where the ‘Prevent Start…’ option for Manage Conflicting Process would throw an access denied error instead of the desired message box.
  • Fixed a bug where assignments would be copied from Intune app to Intune updates when the copy between tabs is used.
  • Fixed a bug where custom return codes set in the catalog were not processed for updates by the Publisher.
  • Fixed a bug where ConfigMgr applications would be revised every sync when the Manage Conflicting Process option is set to an option other than ‘Notify’
Published On September 09, 2021