This release contains a variety of features, improvements, and fixes, as noted below.

This will be made available via the self-update channel over the coming days. You can upgrade in place now by downloading the latest MSI installer.


  • Manage Conflicting Process ‘Close and Update’ button will now call the CloseMainWindow first. If the conflicting application is still running after 20 seconds we fall back to the Kill method.
    • This gives the user 20 seconds to respond to any ‘save’ prompts or other app-closing windows.
    • Idea: PATCHMYPC-I-1277
  • Pre/Post scripts for uninstall
  • Manage Conflicting Process settings also apply to uninstall. This ensures that a user will be prompted to close software for the uninstall as well.
  • Allow multiple webhooks so alerts are posted to multiple endpoints.
  • MSI uninstall performed by Scriptrunner will append REBOOT=ReallySuppress to the uninstall command.
  • MSI uninstall performed by Scriptrunner will generate an MSI log file if logging is configured for the application in the Publisher.
  • The Show Package Info wizard will now show the file size from the catalog.


  • If publishing an update fails with timestamping then we will attempt to publish again without timestamping.
  • Improved connection testing to during publisher sync.
  • During Publisher sync the WSUS cleanup for ‘Unneeded update files’ will now run.
  • Manage Conflicting Process UI should now scale better vertically.


  • Fix user validation of the input fields for pre/post script when the file does not exist.
  • Fixed Intune detection script which was looking for a non-existent ‘dn’ property.
  • Fixed Intune detection script so that it will parse invalid version parts that exceed a 32-bit signed integer.
  • Fixed ConfigMgr detection script so that the RegKeyDetection work as expected for enhanced detection based on additional registry key values.
    • Script Version: 3.1
  • Fixed a bug where double-clicking an item in the Intune App Manager would cause an ‘Index out of Range’ unhandled exception. This now opens the Manage Assignment wizard as expected.
  • Fixed a bug where ConfigMgr applications with only user-based deployment types would have the checkbox set to allow installation during a task sequence, which is not allowed.
  • Fixed a bug where the UI notification log file may not be created if the folder does not exist.
  • Fixed a bug where user-based ConfigMgr applications may not have the Application Experience configuration properly configured.
Published On July 12, 2021