This release contains a variety of features, improvements, and fixes, as noted below.



  • ConfigMgr database scan button is now available on the ConfigMgr apps tab as well as the Updates tab.
  • ScriptRunner will always use Intune-based folders when executing from an Intune app installation.
  • ScriptRunner will now monitor for child processes during the uninstall of software. This ensures that uninstalls which spawn child processes do not exit immediately and cause a detection error.
  • Prevent using a ConfigMgr source path that could cause paths to exceed the 256 windows path limit.
  • Fixed a bug where publishing would proceed even if a custom script failed to be processed.


  • Fixed a bug where Recreate Detection Script option for ConfigMgr would cause the wrong ‘Installation Behavior’ to be set for user-based apps.
  • Fixed a bug where the Publisher and ScriptRunner would fail to parse a parameter with nested quotes and spaces.
  • Fixed a bug where PreventStart UI would fail to be bypassed when a SYSTEM launched a conflicting process potentially leaving behind Image File Execution Option registry keys.
  • Fixed a bug where retained applications may be updated unexpectedly when both postpone app and retain app are configured.
  • Fixed a bug where the Publisher would run a sync every time ‘Apply Changes’ is clicked and the schedule is set to hourly.
Published On October 13, 2021