We are a Colorado-based company made up of 37 GIF lovers who work remotely in locations worldwide. The distance between us doesn’t change the fact that we are a very close-knit team.


Our 8 core values drive our actions and decision-making.

1. We are Humble

We value knowledge and strive to learn something new every day. A humble, forever-learning mindset helps us to inspire, innovate, and improve continually. We encourage our teams to feed their curiosity by offering opportunities for a rich, educational environment.

2. We Avoid Shenanigans

We believe in complete transparency. We execute our operations and interactions with complete honesty. To encourage our teams, we ensure open communication across all platforms.

3. We Create Experiences

We value our interactions with our users and teammates. We strive to provide positive experiences by listening to everyone and showing genuine care. Patch My PC promotes a company culture that helps employees thrive.

4. We Give Back

We appreciate what we have, and this helps us in creating a giving culture. By keeping people at the center of our core values, we inspire our teams to dedicate their time and resources to the community.

5. We Help Others

We offer on-time help and a continuous support system. By helping our customers and teams, we provide opportunities for better growth and development.

6. We Pursue Excellence

Beyond our successful service, we constantly strive to be the best in the industry. We aim to achieve excellence in everything we do. Our team’s spirit is driven by curiosity, not arrogance. We are quick to identify our limitations, make adjustments, learn more, enhance expertise, and welcome new members with diverse skillsets to make a significant impact for ourselves and our customers.

7. We Show Empathy

We work with integrity and show unconditional respect to our users and teams. We put ourselves in people’s shoes to understand their situation and to help them most effectively.

8. We Think Big

We don’t shy away from problems. Challenges help us get out of our comfort zone and scale beyond limits. That’s why we try new things without worrying about failure.


Health Coverage

You’re covered with comprehensive medical, dental, and vision insurance. Patch My PC covers 99% of the premium for both the employee and any dependents.

Health Savings Account

Patch My PC contributes $2,000/yr to your Health Savings Account (HSA) for qualified health plans. In addition, you can contribute additional funds tax-deferred.

Flexible Spending Account

Patch My PC matches up to $500/yr to your Flexible Spending Account (FSA) for qualified health plans. In addition, you can contribute additional funds tax-deferred.

Growth Mindset

As a rapidly growing company, our employees are encouraged to explore new skills, embrace challenges, and focus on the opportunity to grow rather than focusing on the risk of failure. Individual employee success is a source of inspiration in our company, and we love to see and recognize it often!

Competitive Compensation

We offer competitive pay and a great culture and work environment.

Fully Remote

When you work for us, your furthest required commute is how far you want it to be! We began as a remote team and have built our company to support continuing that way. It provides you with flexibility and us with an incredible group of individuals.

Primary and Secondary Caregiver Leave

We offer 3 months of paid time off for new parents to welcome and bond with their babies.

3 Paid Volunteer Days

As part of our give-back value, we provide employees 3-days of paid volunteer time per year.

Gym Reimbursement

We encourage a healthy lifestyle through gym benefits that can be used for memberships or home gym equipment.

Awesome Technology

We offer high-end equipment to ensure you can do your job! If you joined early enough, you may have even received a custom-built computer from our CEO from Microcenter!

Time Off

For US-based employees, enjoy 3 weeks of PTO to spend with your family, attend important events, vacation, or relax. In addition, we provide 2 weeks of paid sick time off, so you don’t have to worry when life happens.

401(k) with Employer Matching

Patch My PC matches 100% of employee 401k contributions up to the first 6% of their salary. Our 401(k) plan offers low-cost index funds.

Increased Time Off with Tenure

After 5 years with Patch My PC, enjoy 4 weeks of PTO with 250-hour max carry over.

Home Office Reimbursement

We ensure our employees are comfortable working remotely by providing an allowance for home office equipment such as standing desks, chairs, and other office equipment.

Culture First

We have a culture based on action and customer obsession, and we always celebrate when our employees show our values.

Meet Our Team

Adam Cook Patch My PC Team Photo

Adam Cook


Amber Cole Team Photo

Amber Cole

HR & Bookkeeping Specialist

Andrew Jimenez

Andrew Jimenez


Angela Oscar Team Photo

Angela Oscar

Account Executive

Antony Crudgington Team Photo

Antony Crudgington


Ben Reader Patch My PC Team Photo

Ben Reader


Ben Whitmore


Chelsea Erwin

Operations Manager

Cindy Soleil Patch My PC Team Photo

Cindy Soleil

Account Executive

Cody Mathis Patch My PC Team Photo

Cody Mathis


Crystal Ferguson

Crystal Ferguson

Account Executive

Dave Kingma Team Photo

Dave Kingma


David Courtel Patch My PC Team Photo

David Courtel


David James Team Photo

David James

VP, Engineering

Dena Wilson Team Photo

Dena Wilson

Executive Assistant

Jake Shackelford Patch My PC Team Photo

Jake Shackelford


Jake Shipp

Jake Shipp

Account Executive

Jodie Lee

Jodie Lee

Sr. Account Executive

Jordan Benzing Patch My PC Team Photo

Jordan Benzing


Justin Chalfant Patch My PC Team Photo

Justin Chalfant

Founder and CEO

Kim Bourell Team Photo

Kim Bourell

Account Executive

Liviu Barbat Team Photo

Liviu Barbat


Margot Games Patch My PC Team Photo

Margot Games

Account Executive

Marie Chalfant Patch My PC Team Photo

Marie Chalfant

Customer Experience

Michelle Tyree Team Photo

Michelle Tyree

Account Executive

Natalie Diller

Natalie Diller

Customer Engagement and Marketing Manager

Nicholas Books Patch My PC Team Photo

Nicholas Books


Omar Ramiah Patch My PC Team Photo

Omar Ramiah


Priscilla Leon Team Photo

Priscilla Leon


Scott McAllister

Scott McAllister


Spencer Cruz Team Photo

Spencer Cruz


Tony Pemberton

Tony Pemberton

Account Executive

Wes Mitchell Patch My PC Team Photo

Wes Mitchell


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