This release contains a variety of features, improvements, and fixes, as noted below. This will be made available via the self-update channel over the coming days. You can upgrade in-place now by downloading the latest MSI installer.


  • Interactive user notifications that allow the user to be prompted to close conflicting software
  • Delete N-# applications / updates in Intune
    • There are new settings available in the ‘Intune Options’ which allows you to specify retention for Intune Applications and Intune Updates. The valid values are between 0 and 10.
    • Idea: PATCHMYPC-I-967
  • InstallPackage as the default behavior for ScriptRunner
    • When the PatchMyPc-ScriptRunner.exe is double-clicked it will default to searching for package.xml in the same directory and performing /InstallPackage which allows PMPC application install to be launched without running them from the command line.
    • Idea: PATCHMYPC-I-1170
  • Apply Intune naming convention to existing applications and updates during a Publisher sync
  • Set ‘Featured App’ flag on Intune apps via right-click options
  • Use Scriptrunner to uninstall MSIs
  • Use MainFile to uninstall software
  • Increase the max delay for the ConfigMgr delay application creation feature to 32 days.


  • Only one instance of the Publisher is allowed to run at a time. If a second user runs the Publisher they will receive an error message and the Publisher will close.
  • Intune Application Manager button is now available in the Intune Apps and Intune Updates tab directly, as well as in the Intune Options.
  • ConfigMgr detection scripts now validate the architecture and installation type of the software being detected.
    • This feature was in place for Intune scripts and has been integrated into the ConfigMgr scripts.
    • Script Version: 2.8


  • Fixed a bug where adding file-based right-click option to a ConfigMgr application would not trigger a revision in some cases.
    • Examples: MST, Pre/Post Script, Additional files
  • Fixed a bug where the Intune detection and requirement script might fail to work as expected if there are invalid registry properties on an object in the registry.
  • Fixed a bug where the new Conflicting Process settings may not be saved for ConfigMgr applications.
  • Fixed a bug where the company logo may not show in the Conflicting Process UI for Intune clients.
  • Fixed a bug where the Conflicting Processes deferral count would allow more than the configured number of deferrals.
Published On March 02, 2021