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The leader in third-party patch management for Microsoft ConfigMgr and Intune

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We are thrilled you want to learn about our company! Patch My PC is a Colorado-based company founded in 2011 by Justin Chalfant, a former Microsoft engineer. We’re a small team that’s passionate about what we do, why we do it, and who we do it for.

We have a proven track record of excellence because of our unrivaled focus on customer experience. Here’s what our customers have to say about their experiences.

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Ada Aitonean Profile Picture

Ada Aitonean

Customer Engineer

Ada has been in Tech Support for 10+ years. She loves solving problems and interacting with customers, so the CSE role fits her like a glove. In her free time, Ada enjoys playing guitar and singing with her brother. She is also a writer. Her short stories have been published in anthologies and literary magazines and she is currently working on her own book.
Adam Cook Patch My PC Team Photo

Adam Cook

Customer Engineer

Adam is a support engineer on our team and joined us at the end of 2020. He enjoys tinkering with different tech and is passionate about helping others. His favourite sport is cricket which he claims to be terrible at, but we're not convinced.
Alexander Verhaegen

Alexander Verhaegen

Software Engineer

Alexander is an experienced consultant with a focus on Azure, he has worked for several years in this field. In 2020, he joined the Scappman team. In his free time, Alexander enjoys a variety of outdoor activities such as skiing, tennis, or taking walks. Recently, he has also started playing Padel. Additionally, he values spending time with family and friends and enjoys playing board games.

Alice Jarnagin

Account Executive

Alice is excited to bring her experience as an Account Executive in radio, to PMPC.  She has a heart for service and when she is not serving our PMPC clients, she is serving on the production team at her church, or wherever she can get her hands on some technical equipment. She also does voiceovers and announces at boxing matches in her spare time.
Amanda Quinn

Amanda Quinn

Accounts Receivable Specialist

Amanda is an Accounts Receivable Specialist with a background in Accounting and Business Administration. She is passionate about building quality relationships and challenging herself to grow by learning and experiencing something new often. Her family is her world; they enjoy hiking, traveling, baking, fermenting, dancing (not well), and playing games together!
Amber Cole Team Photo

Amber Cole

People Operations Manager

Amber is an Account Executive on our team. She joined us August 2021. Her background is in Human Resources and Business Management. She enjoys dancing, concerts, all sporting events especially football, traveling with her family, participating in community events and fundraisers. She loves to try all the small breweries in her town and meet new people.

Anastasiia Kuz

Microsoft Tech Marketing Specialist

Ana has a strong passion for web development and a keen eye for detail when it comes to website user experience. In addition, she also enjoys creating technical blogs and learning new things about Microsoft Endpoint Manager. In her free time, she enjoys traveling to new places. She also loves spending time with family and friends, whether it's playing board games or just relaxing and catching up. When she wants to unwind and have some fun, you can find her on her Playstation competing in her favorite games.

Andrew Jimenez

Software Engineer

Andrew has been an automation engineer with us since early 2020, and is responsible for adding new apps to the Patch My PC catalog. In his free time, he spends entirely too much time on Twitter.
Andrew Swainson

Andrew Swainson

Accounts Team Manager

Andrew has a management background in start-ups, tourism, and property, focusing on team development and customers. Based in Scotland, he spends most of his time outdoors, on the golf course or up in the mountains. Andrew also loves to eat and travel, especially together.
Nasibah Hayder Team Photo

Angela Oscar

Account Executive

Angela is an Account Executive on our Accounts Team who joined in May 2022. She has four dogs, loves baking, and enjoys spending her time with her better-half playing videos games!
Anna Poza

Anna Poza

Account Executive

Anna joined our accounts team in September 2023 with a Management and Customer Service background. She loves interacting with others and thrives off supporting people in various environments. In her spare time, Anna is busy taking care of her two young boys and, alongside her husband, works hard to provide a lot of fun, laughter, and joy within which they can develop into their best possible selves. Anna is also an enthusiastic foodie, who loves trying new restaurants and cooking new recipes.
Antony Crudgington Team Photo

Antony Crudgington

Customer Engineer

Antony is one of our Support Engineers and joined Patch My PC in August 2021. He is a huge Football (Soccer) fan supporting West Ham. In his spare time, Antony loves family days out to the beach with his Partner, Son, and crazy Boston Terrier!
Ben Reader Patch My PC Team Photo

Ben Reader


Ben is an engineer on our team and joined us early 2021. He's a Microsoft MVP who is obsessed with Intune, PowerShell and all things automation. He's dangerously obsessed with coffee and beer. While he's not working, Ben plays guitar in a band no one's ever heard of.
Ben Whitmore Patch My PC Team Photo

Ben Whitmore

Customer Engineer Lead

Ben is on our engineering team and joined us in July 2022. He is a Microsoft Enterprise Mobility MVP. He has been working in IT for 20+ years and loves any excuse to create a PowerShell script. He blogs at where he shares his ideas and solutions to common problems in the endpoint space.
Bryan Dam

Bryan Dam

Software Engineer

Bryan joined in March 2023 with 15+ years of system administration, specializing in precision guesswork based on unreliable data. His first love was and will always be WSUS which is but one of his many personal failings. A Microsoft MVP and speaker, he simply will not shut up when talking about software updates. Not getting him started is recommended if you can at all avoid it.
Caitlan Nguyen Photo

Caitlan Nguyen

Marketing Assistant

Caitlan joined the Patch My PC team in March 2023 with a background in restaurant and healthcare marketing. Outside of work, she enjoys traveling, throwing on the pottery wheel, murder mysteries, and cuddling with her dog Barney.
Cameo Vela

Cameo Vela

Account Executive

Cameo is an Account Executive who joined in June 2023. She comes from a background in customer service. In her free time, she loves spending time with her husband and their 8 kids, baking and decorating cakes, swimming, and going to concerts and comedy shows.

Chelsea Erwin

Director of Operations

Chelsea has been with Patch My PC since May 2020. She has a Master's degree in Finance and spends her free time trying to keep up with her two boys while squeezing in as much reading and CrossFit as possible.
Cindy Soleil Team Photo

Cindy Soleil

Account Executive

Cindy joined Patch My PC in December 2021 as an Account Executive. She brings an attitude of gratitude, joy, and a zest for life! Cindy enjoys swimming, biking, paddleboarding, ukulele orchestra, singing, dancing, and a myriad of activities with friends.
Cody Mathis Patch My PC Team Photo

Cody Mathis

Software Engineer

Cody has been an engineer with us since early 2020. He has 10+ years of Configuration Manager administration with an emphasis on automation, PowerShell, and C#. He has a passion for improving the user experience in creative ways. In his free time, Cody enjoys spending time with his wife and two kids, as well as playing video games, reading and running.
Colin Silkwood

Colin Silkwood

Account Executive

Colin is an Account Executive on our Accounts Team, joining in June 2023. He comes from a background in film and is on record saying, "VHS was the best physical medium for video ever!" He spends his free time digitizing and preserving old movies, scripting video reviews, and watching Food Network with his wife.
Cory Mathis Picture

Cory Mathis

Graphic Designer

Cory is a graphic designer on our marketing team who joined in July 2022 and comes from an advertising and publishing background of 10+ years. He loves to help people out and learn something new. When Cory's not creating something fresh, he enjoys playing board games, drinking craft beer, listening to music, playing tennis, trail running and hanging out with his family and friends.
Crystal Ferguson

Crystal Ferguson

Accounts Team Manager

Crystal is an Account Executive on our team who joined in May 2022. Her background is in customer service, and she is extremely passionate about people. In her free time, she loves to spend time with family (her fiancé, 5 adult children, the sweetest granddaughter, and 2 of the best dogs in the world), go to concerts and music festivals, go camping and 4-wheeling in the Colorado mountains, sing at karaoke, and health and fitness of all sorts.
Dan Cunningham

Dan Cunningham

Strategic Innovation Leader, PSAppDeployToolkit

Dan has over 25 years of IT industry experience, with a focus on Endpoint Management (OS and Application packaging and deployment) and Endpoint Security, and has worked at companies like PwC, BeyondTrust, and Tanium. Dan is best known for co-founding PSAppDeployToolkit, a PowerShell framework to simplify customizing software installs at scale, and likes to de-stress at the gym by lifting heavy things and then putting them back down again.
Dave Kingma Team Photo

Dave Kingma

Customer Engineer

Dave enjoys going for long drives with his 500 HP Mustang convertible, with no defined destination. He also enjoys walking with his chocolate Labrador, Skor. Dave loves to cook and considers himself a bit of a foodie. Also when possible he enjoys soaking up the sun on the beach.
David Stewart

Dave Stewart

Engineering Manager

David is an Engineering Manager that joined our team in December of 2022. David was previously an Engineering Manager at Microsoft with over 20 years of experience working with Configuration Manager and software updates. David is passionate about many aspects of software engineering. In his free time David enjoys hanging out with his family, skiing, bicycling, and regular exercise.
David Courtel Patch My PC Team Photo

David Courtel

Software Engineer

David has been a senior software engineer at Patch My PC since 2018 and is in charge of the development of new features in our Publisher. Before Patch My PC, he wrote an open-source tool called WSUS Package Publisher, which he still enjoys working on in his free time, among other open-source projects. David enjoys swimming and kayaking on summer holidays on the water. He's also fluent in French.
David James Team Photo

David James

VP, Engineering

David James is the VP of engineering and runs our engineering operations. David was previously the director of engineering at Microsoft for Microsoft Endpoint Manager Configuration Manager.

Dena Wilson

Executive Assistant

Dena enjoys helping and supporting others, a great cup of coffee and will never turn down a dessert. In her spare time, she loves to hang out with her husband and daughters, sharing lots of laughter! She also is obsessed with her Boston Terrier, Baby Girl, and loves to thrift, shop for deals.
Ellie Jelic

Ellie Jelic

People Operations Coordinator

Ellie joined in July 2023 as the People Operations Coordinator. Ellie's background has focused on employee experience guided by traditional HR training. She is currently based in Serbia with her husband and son, Luka, though she's a DC native. She spends much of her free time in nature or finding a new restaurant. Her passions include writing and tea (she's a certified tea sommelier).

Emily Magon

Information Security Analyst

Emily joined Patch My PC as an Information Security Analyst in January 2023. Her motto is being kind first, and she brings that into her work. In her spare time, she enjoys studying Korean, cuddling her three dogs, trying new things (really, anything!), and falling down rabbit holes on Wikipedia!

Faith Wipperman

Executive Assistant

Faith is a Executive Assistant who joined Patch My PC in 2022. She unironically enjoys color coding, label making, and all manners of organization. When not organizing things (professionally or personally) she enjoys reading, playing board games, cooking delicious food, and being accurately roasted by her son.

Gavin Speed

Software Engineer

Gavin joined Patch My PC in February 2023 as a Software Engineer on the reporting team. Gavin's IT background includes consultancy in the Microsoft System Center suite of products, and in recent years, Intune. Outside of work, he likes to spend time with his family, loves road cycling and is a season ticket holder at Manchester United.
George Williams

George Williams

Software Engineer

George joined Patch My PC in February 2023 as a Software Engineer on the Advanced Insights team, having a background working in Configuration Manager Admin. At work, he enjoys problem-solving and automation using PowerShell and C#. Outside of work, he likes to relax by gaming or playing guitar (badly).

Graeme Lowe

IT Project Manager

Graeme is a Project Manager who joined the team in January 2023. He began his career in cloud infrastructure, and today uses his sprinklings of IT knowledge to serve the Engineering team at Patch My PC. In his free time, Graeme likes to eat and laugh, but never at the same time. His favorite book was once The Tao of Pooh and very well might still be.
Hugo Marinho

Hugo Marinho

Customer Engineer

Hugo joined our team in 2023 as a Customer Engineer, he is always ready to help where he can, his background is in IT, and he has over 10 years of work experience. He is a beach-loving, motorcycle-riding, certified scuba diver, passionate about traveling, meeting new people, and barbecues. He has explored many fascinating underwater worlds across Southeast Asia and loves wildlife. Hugo is fluent in 3 languages.
Jack Bennett Profile Photo

Jack Bennett

Account Executive

Jack is an Account Executive at Patch My PC. He's taken up golf in the last few years and says he now has an unhealthy addiction that occupies most of his  thoughts! He's often social and can be found at the nearest craft beer pubs around Manchester in the UK.
Jacob Hertzler

Jacob Hertzler

Software Engineer

Jacob is a Software Engineer who joined the team in March 2023. Outside of work he enjoys studying and playing chess, finding new foods to cook, spending time outdoors, and enjoying various breweries around the Blue Ridge Mountains. He also loves to show off his cat Loki as much as possible!
Jake Shackelford Patch My PC Team Photo

Jake Shackelford

Infrastructure Engineer

Jake is one of our support Engineers and joined the team in early 2021. In his spare time he enjoys being a regular member of and writing blog posts for SysManSquad in an attempt to help educate his peers and keep up to date on the latest tech. He frequents the WinAdmins discord server to keep up on the latest buzz in the community. When he's not working on tech he's building models or playing airsoft.
Jake Shipp

Jake Shipp

Account Executive

Jake is an Account Executive who started in May 2022. He's a huge football fan, his favorite team bein Liverpool FC. He also love to watch Grownups 1 and 2 with his partner and likes to play my video games in his spare time. He also has a boxer dog named Dave who he loves to take on walks and spend time with!
Jared Goodwin

Jared Goodwin

Software Engineer

Jared has a split background in both IT operations and software development, with development comprising the majority of his experience. His focus has been on full-stack C#/.NET, and much of his recent work has centered around remote management and remote access solutions. In his free time, he can usually be found spending time with his wife and two kids, doing outdoor Oregonian stuff, or playing PC games (some or all of which might be done simultaneously).
Jason Bergner

Jason Bergner

Software Engineer

Jason joined the Patch My PC Engineering team in January 2023. He has 15+ years of Configuration Manager administration experience and absolutely loves application packaging. Jason enjoys finding creative solutions to complex problems and sharing his knowledge of application deployments with others on his website. In his free time, he enjoys road trips, learning about history, and following his favorite Wisconsin sports teams.

Jeffrey Lemly

Account Executive

Jeff is an Account Executive who joined the team in October 2022. His background is in Account Management, Customer Success and Sales. He enjoys spending time with his family, running, cycling, and being outdoors whenever possible.

John Quirk

Director of Engineering

John is passionate about all areas of device management, having worked with Microsoft systems management products in support, professional services, and as a business owner for 30 years. As the Founder of Apajove, he led the team that developed the Callisto dashboard product. Outside of work he enjoys playing guitars, cooking, and bad cycling, some of which he does with his wife and two teenagers.
Jordan Benzing Patch My PC Team Photo

Jordan Benzing

Security Engineer Lead

Jordan Benzing loves patching and has had the opportunity to present on stages all around the world including the Midwestern Management Summit in Minneapolis, on subjects such as reporting, patching, and that wonderful thing no one likes doing: documentation. He also has six, yes that’s right, SIX dogs. Two Golden Retrievers, a Shiba Inu, two german shepherds, and a Belgian Malinois.

Joseph Nguyen

Account Executive

Joey is a jack-of-all-trades that enjoys learning new things. His favorite hobbies are gaming, cosplay, cooking, and billiards. He joined our team in October 2022 and is excited about his Patch My PC journey. Joey is passionate about striving to be the best version of himself.
Josh Miller

Josh Miller

Account Executive

Josh joined the Patch My PC team in June 2023 with a background in non-profit administration and marketing. He is passionate about helping businesses thrive and succeed. Living in the deserts of southern Utah gives him and his family tons of opportunities for hiking, exploring national parks, and connecting with friends.
Joshua Sitompul Team Photo

Joshua Sitompul

Security Analyst

Josh is a Security Analyst that Joined in May 2022. He comes from a healthcare background but has been in the tech scene since he was younger. As much as Josh loves to ensure security, the red team side of him always wants to find a way around it. Outside work, he loves to shoot hoops, try new restaurants with his partner, and watch his stocks go to the moon.
Justin Chalfant Patch My PC Team Photo

Justin Chalfant

Founder and CEO

I founded Patch My PC in 2011. I enjoy all the technical aspects of developing solutions for our customer's problems. Outside of work, I love playing ice hockey, and I'm a big Colorado Avalanche fan!
Karolyne Tabalipa

Karolyne Tabalipa

Management Assistant

Karolyne loves spending quality time with her kids, coloring, gaming, or showing them the world. Like a good Brazilian, she enjoys samba, the beach, and caipirinha, but she also fell in love with Belgian chocolates and fries. She likes to watch a good movie or go to the gym in her free time, but you are more likely to find her hanging out at the children's playground.

Katie Osborn

Executive Assistant

Katie is passionate about helping others and supporting team members. She joined Patch my PC in 2022 as a Senior Administrative Assitant. Outside of PMPC she has a passion for sewing and loves creating cosplay costumes for herself and her son.
Keeran Mistry

Keeran Mistry

Software Engineer

Keeran joined Patch My PC in January 2023 and has over 13 years of ConfigMgr experience. He loves to be able to pass on his knowledge and experiences to others. Keeran loves a HIIT session in the morning and a weight-lifting session in the evening.
Kim Bourell Team Photo

Kim Bourell

Bookkeeping Specialist

Kim joined us March 2022 and her background is in accounting and finance. She enjoys reading, quilting, CrossFit, and spending time with family and friends. She recently tried paddle boarding and fell in love.

Kyle Naumowich

Customer Engineer

Kyle joined the team in early 2023 and is enthusiastic about everything related to managing endpoints. He loves thinking creatively to solve problems and help others. In his free time, he enjoys going to concerts, watching movies, playing video games, and watching baseball (huge St. Louis Cardinals fan). His dog Charlie likes to walk him three to five miles per day.
Liviu Barbat Team Photo

Liviu Barbat

Customer Engineer

Liviu loves any good challenge. His experience relates mostly to Configuration Manager. He started to delve into Intune - MDM and MAM mostly. Among the things Liviu loves to do, he mentions traveling, video games, spending time with friends and loved ones. Liviu is trilingual: Romanian as a native language, English, and German.
Liz Hunter

Liz Hunter

Corporate Controller

As a child growing up abroad, Liz loved riding horses and dreamed of becoming a cowboy, but eventually discovered a much more exciting career: accounting! Liz is an experienced CPA and has held positions (and lived!) in the US and Europe, ending up in Spokane, WA. She is a lifelong learner, a big student of leadership, and an avid reader. Other favorite activities and interests include spending time with her two young adult children, walking on nature trails, music, pugs, and foreign languages.
Maarten Follaets

Maarten Follaets

Director of Growth

Maarten is passionate about great customer experiences, customer acquisitions, and improving value for our customers. He has a background as an Intune engineer and is one of the founders of Scappman. In his spare time, he loves to cycle across Europe's highest mountains and do outdoor family activities.
Margot Games Patch My PC Team Photo

Margot Games

Operations Lead, Accounts

Margot Games is an Operations Lead on our team. She has a background working with municipal courts and in county government, as a Deputy Clerk and Court Reporter. She enjoys hanging out with her kids, volunteering, watching sports, traveling, and doing anything outdoorsy.
Marie Chalfant Patch My PC Team Photo

Marie Chalfant

Director of Team & Customer Experience

Marie wears many hats day-to-day, but her primary responsibility is to ensure our team and customers have awesome experiences. In her spare time, Marie likes to spend time with her horse Tater Tot and her dogs, Gus and Boo.
Michelle Tyree Team Photo

Michelle Tyree

Sr. Account Executive

Michelle is an Account Executive who started in July 2021 and has a background in property management, finance, and accounting. In her spare time, she enjoys spending quality time with her family, taking random long weekend trips to different states to enjoy the local cuisine, whiskey, and craft beer!

Mona Aboushamalah

Customer Engineer

Mona is passionate about finding innovative solutions to everyday problems. She loves her role as a CSE because she can combine that with her strong passion for helping others. She values time spent with family and friends, loves to travel, and enjoys driving really cool cars.
Natalie Diller

Natalie Diller

Social Media, Marketing & Events Coordinator

Natalie is the Customer Engagement and Marketing Manager here at Patch My PC. She's passionate about connecting with people around the world through her travels and loves that it's a part of her day-to-day role. When she's not traveling or hiking the mountains of her home base in Colorado, she's spending her time tending to her 100+ plant babies at home.

Nathan Lythgoe

Sr. Accountant

Nathan has 7 years of experience in the Accounting Industry and oversees the Accounting and Finance functions for Patch My PC. He loves spending time with his wife and daughter and can be found outside in his spare time playing pickleball or golf.
Neil Butchart Profile Picture

Neil Butchart

Director of Enterprise & GTM Strategy

Neil joined Patch My PC in January 2023. Neil is a dual citizen, growing up in Angus, Scotland. He has lived and worked in 6 countries and across 3 continents. Neil is coming back to his “roots” in the patch management space and is excited to be part of the growing PMPC team! In his free time, Neil loves spending time with his wife and 6 children, playing golf, following the Spurs (not the San Antonio Spurs, but TOTTENHAM Hotspur), and grilling up some mean TX BBQ. He believes all good things were created by the Scots!!!!!
Nicholas Books Patch My PC Team Photo

Nicholas Books

Nick takes care of the legal side for Patch My PC and we've been grateful for it ever since he came on board! In his spare time he enjoys running, skiing and reading.
Omar Ramiah Patch My PC Team Photo

Omar Ramiah

Software Engineer

Omar is a support engineer and was one of the very first members of the Team at Patch My PC. He's responsible for checking updates daily, as well as making needed updates for our product. He loves to nerd out over anything computer and technology related. He loves watching TV shows and movies and has been a PC gamer since he was 5. In Omar's free time, he enjoys reading, working out and spending time with friends.
Peter Carpanzano

Peter Carpanzano

Customer Engineer

Peter joined the engineering team in November 2022 and brings 12+ years of Configuration Manager administration experience and loves to increase his knowledge in IT whenever possible. In his free time he enjoys weight training in the mornings, playing and streaming video games, reading up on the latest tech and watching NBA games.
Priscilla Leon Team Photo

Priscilla Leon

Customer Engineer Manager

Priscilla loves learning about anything IT, she even created her own YouTube channel to share her knowledge and learning process with others! She's passionate about helping others and empowering people to be successful. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with family, friends, and her dogs.

Raunak Desai

Customer Engineer

Raunak became a part of our engineering team in November 2022. He is the first-ever employee based out of India. He has been using Intune and SCCM since the beginning of his career, is fond of cloud tech, and is eager to learn new technology. Graphic designing is his side hustle, and he is pretty amazing at it. He enjoys playing Xbox games, going trekking, and on long rides in his spare time. He is a fantastic cricketer who led a squad for nearly two years in college. He enjoys singing yet claims to be a terrible singer.
Reiner Binti

Reiner Binti

Operations Product Manager

Reiner is an operations product manager with 1.5 years of experience in the field. His diverse background includes roles as a solutions consultant, risk management professional, and anti-money laundering investigator. Outside of work, Reiner finds joy in practicing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and the rewarding process of building PCs. Additionally, Reiner is eagerly learning to code, embracing the challenge of expanding their knowledge in this exciting field.

Riley Godec

Executive Assistant

Riley joined Patch My PC in April 2023. In her spare time, she enjoys doing CrossFit and yoga, traveling to new places, baking delicious treats, and spending time with her dog, Quigley.

Sara Spedding

Business Support Manager

Sara joined Patch My PC in February 2023 from Apajove. She has a BSc Honors degree in Business & Technology and is an all-rounder in work, with some experience in bookkeeping, HR, sales, and administration. She loves spending time with family and friends, going on holiday with her husband in their campervan, and taking long walks with her miniature schnauzer Oscar.
Scott McAllister

Scott McAllister

Customer Engineer

Scott is a Support Engineer at Patch My PC and joined in August 2021. In his spare time, Scott enjoys playing video games, collecting trading cards, and enjoying nice craft beer. He also has a Miniature Dachshund called Link that requires all the attention in the world.
Spencer Cruz Team Photo

Spencer Cruz

Customer Engineer

Spencer enjoys learning about all things technology and is always willing to offer support! In his spare time, he enjoys playing the latest video games and spending time with his family. It's also never a dull moment at his house where he lives with 3 cats (Butters, Millie, and Roni), a dog (Buzz, after Buzz Lightyear), and a 3 year old (Levi)! Click here to see Spencer's spot light blog
Tony Pemberton

Tony Pemberton

Account Executive

Tony is an Account Executive on our Accounts team who joined in April 2022. He comes from a customer satisfaction background and has worked in various industries in the UK. He describes himself as old in body but a young at heart individual that loves spending time with his family, playing and watching football (Soccer if you're in the States!). He's also a bit of a movie junkie and gamer that has a love of anime.
Trevor Thompson

Trevor Thompson

Engineering Project Manager

Trevor's an Engineering Project Manager who joined the team in 2022.  Throughout his career, he's enjoyed working with people and finding great rewards in solving problems large and small. Outside of work, Trevor's Passions are Real Estate & Outdoor family activities like Skiing, Camping/Hiking and Motorcycling. 
Vincent Verstraeten

Vincent Verstraeten

Customer Engineer

Vincent is a driven professional with a diverse background in education and information technology. After facing health challenges, he made a determined shift from teaching to the world of IT. With an unwavering passion for technology, Vincent adeptly bridges the gap between managing endpoints with limited budgets and infrastructure, transitioning from schools to large enterprises. His dedication to securing and automating endpoint management continues to fuel his unwavering passion.
Wes Mitchell Patch My PC Team Photo

Wes Mitchell

Customer Engineer

Wes is one of our support engineers and has been with us since 2019. In Wes' spare time he enjoys wood working, gardening, fishing, college football, knife collecting and craft beer.
Wout Vergauwen

Wout Vergauwen

Director of Engineering

Wout is the Director of Engineering and runs our SaaS platform development efforts. Wout used to be a Citrix and Intune engineer and is one of the founders of Scappman, which was acquired by Patch My PC.

Yuliya Golia

Account Executive

Yuliya joined Patch My PC from Scappman. Evangelizing the latest technology and putting it to work is her personal driver. Working with the most advanced services and smart people on the client, partner and our own company side is what brings her up to speed every day. She is a sales / business development professional and has experience in communicating with SMEs and Enterprises across global markets & industries. Her hobbies include learning foreign languages, rural cycling, swimming and being close to nature with her loved ones.

As a company, we believe in a commitment to diversity in culture, gender, race, and religion. Not only because it is the right thing to do, but because we also desire to be successful in all areas of the world with all populations. We know that connecting with all types of customers globally and innovating products to meet those customers’ needs requires diversity in our thoughts, experiences, and backgrounds. This inclusivity allows us to build a stronger team and gives us the opportunity to develop personally and professionally through learning from those around us.

Expectations to Have for Us

As a company, we try our best to keep these traits top of mind in everything we do. If we ever fall short, we would be grateful if you would schedule a “We Missed the Mark” call with our founder to help us avoid similar issues in the future.

We Are Humble

We value knowledge. We embrace that there is always more to learn, and the opportunity to learn exists in every interaction. A humble, forever-learning mindset helps us to inspire, innovate, and improve continually. We encourage our team members to feed their curiosity by offering opportunities for a rich, educational environment.

We Avoid Shenanigans

We believe in complete transparency. We execute our operations and interactions with honesty. While we make mistakes, we will never perform actions with the intent of being malicious or solely focused on self-interest.

We Create Experiences

We value every interaction with our customers and teammates. We strive to provide positive experiences by listening to everyone and showing genuine care.

We Pursue Excellence

We constantly strive to be better than the day before. Our team’s spirit is driven by curiosity, not arrogance. We quickly identify our limitations, adjust, learn more, and enhance our expertise. We welcome new members with diverse skill sets, which allows us to meet our team and customers’ needs.

We Serve Others

We serve our customers and teammates through continuous, tailored, and on-time support. We inspire our team to give back to their communities by dedicating their time and resources. By keeping people at the center of our core values, we understand that as our success grows, so does our capacity to impact the world.

We Show Empathy

We show unconditional respect to our customers and teammates. We put ourselves in people’s shoes to understand their situation and to help them most effectively.

We Think Big

We don’t shy away from problems. Challenges help us get out of our comfort zone and scale beyond limits. We try new things while understanding that failure is part of the process.

Who We Are - About Patch My PC

Our Goal

Our goal is to simplify how enterprises create, manage, update, and deploy third-party applications within Microsoft Configuration Manager and Intune. Our solution is used by over 5,900 enterprises worldwide and helps maintain applications on over 18.4 million devices.

By only focusing on application management, we strive to be the best in the industry and always keep our customer feedback a top priority.

Our Customers Love Us

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Trusted by Over 5,900 Enterprises on Over 18.4 Million Endpoints

American Express - Patch My PC Customer
Adidas - Patch My PC Customer
NHL - Patch My PC Customer
Toyota - Patch My PC Customer
Mastercard - Patch My PC Customer
General Mills - Patch My PC Customer
Dominos Pizza - Patch My PC Customer
Gartner - Patch My PC Customer
Nasdaq - Patch My PC Customer
NOAA - Patch My PC Customer
Airbus - Patch My PC Customer
FireEye - Patch My PC Customer
Samsung Securities - Patch My PC Customer
Campbell Soup Company - Patch My PC Customer
iHeartMedia - Patch My PC Customer
Phillips 66 - Patch My PC Customer
Pacific Life - Patch My PC Customer
Hyatt Hotels - Patch My PC Customer
National Weather Service - Patch My PC Customer
Sunbelt Rentals - Patch My PC Customer
Subway - Patch My PC Customer
Lufthansa - Patch My PC Customer
Penn State - Patch My PC Customer

Since the day we implemented 3rd party app patching through Patch My PC, we have achieved a more controlled but mainly fast way to update our clients. Our previous packaging process always took at least 1-2 weeks before an updated version of an app was available for deployment.

Gerasimos Bartsas - Adidas
Gerasimos Bartsas
Manager Endpoint Security and Compliance

This is one of the most excellent support/product teams I worked with so far! I would say, you guys know very well your product when it comes to troubleshooting.

Patch My PC is an excellent tool to manage third party updates through SCCM. I’m completely satisfied.

Dinesh Tashildar - American Express
Dinesh Tashildar
Lead Technical Architect

I was trialing Patch Connect Plus and having issues. PCP’s support was poor, outsourced, and they did not help me solve my issue. I switched to a Patch My PC trial and was experiencing the same issue. Justin reached out to Microsoft in less than an hour on my behalf and had a resolution.

Alexander Guarino - Harvard Business Publishing
Alexander Guarino
Systems Engineer

This was the easiest product to implement that I have ever used. And working with your company is always a pleasure.

Kurt Levitan - Harvard University
Kurt Levitan
Technical Architect

It’s been awesome and has met our needs perfectly. For ideas, etc. support has been super responsive and made the product worth its weight in gold over other competitors!

Sean Huggins - Patch My PC Review
Sean Huggans
Systems Engineer

I have been using the catalog for a while now, and I must say that I’m impressed by the high quality of the updates and the richness of the catalog.

Kent Agerlund - CTGlobal
Kent Agerlund

The “Base Installations” feature alone was well worth the switch from Ivanti to PMPC. It saves us countless hours every month!

Martin Jäger - Kremsmüller Industrieanlagenbau KG
Martin Jäger
System Administrator

Our experience has been great! We used to use SCCM for Adobe and Java updates only, but now we are able to use it for all of our 3rd party software while still using SCCM. It has made our endpoints much more secure in an automatic way.


Wish all vendors were like you guys.

Hudson Advisors Review
Joe Cormane

Patch My PC has severely assisted us in managing updates as well as creating apps for deployment. It has saved countless hours and headaches.

John Yoakum - University of Alaska Anchorage
John Yoakum
Software Deployment Engineer