About Our Company

We are thrilled you want to learn about our company! Patch My PC is a Colorado-based company founded in 2011 by Justin Chalfant, a former Microsoft engineer. We’re a small team that’s passionate about what we do, why we do it, and who we do it for.

We have a proven track record of excellence because of our unrivaled focus on customer experience. Here’s what our customers have to say about their experiences.

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Company Timeline

January 2011

Company Founded

Patch My PC was founded by Justin Chalfant in January 2011. We started with a free consumer-based third-party updater that is now used by millions of consumers.

January 2013

Patching for Enterprises

We introduced our first enterprise product in January 2013. Our third-party update catalog allowed companies to publish third-party updates to Microsoft Endpoint Manager using Updates Publisher.

October 2015

500 Enterprise Customers

In October 2015, Patch My PC hit 500 active customers using our product across 600,000 endpoints.

May 2018

Full Automation Introduced

In May 2018, at the Midwest Management Summit, we released our Publishing software, which removed the dependency of Microsoft Updates Publisher. This allowed for fully automated publishing of updates to WSUS/SCCM.

May 2019

1,000 Enterprise Customers

In May 2019, Patch My PC hit 1,000 active customers using our product across 3,100,000 endpoints.

April 2019

Package Creation for ConfigMgr

In April 2019, we added a new feature to automatically package Microsoft Configuration Manager applications using legacy packages and programs. With packages, you can deploy applications even when they aren’t currently installed, saving manual packaging time.

July 2019

Application Creation for ConfigMgr

In July 2019, we converted our package creation feature from April 2019 to use the more modern application model. This change allows for a more full-feature application management experience, including icons, descriptions, keywords, and state-based detection.

February 2020

1,500 Enterprise Customers

In February 2020, Patch My PC hit 1,500 active customers using our product across 4,600,000 endpoints.

March 2020

Application Creation for Intune

In March 2020, we added integration into Microsoft Intune to allow the automatic creation of Win32 applications. This feature allows you to eliminate manual application packaging, saving time and money.

August 2020

Patch Management for Intune

In August 2020, we added the ability to publish third-party updates to Microsoft Intune. This feature allows you to keep any already installed applications patched automatically.

November 2020

2,000 Enterprise Customers

In November 2020, Patch My PC hit 2,000 active customers using our product across 5,750,000 endpoints.

January 2021

Company Growth

In January 2021, Patch My PC grew to 15 full-time employees located in 5 different countries.

March 2021

2,500 Enterprise Customers

In March 2021, Patch My PC hit 2,500 active customers using our product across 7,850,000 endpoints.

September 2021

3,000 Enterprise Customers

In September 2021, Patch My PC hit 3,000 active customers using our product across 9,600,000 endpoints.

Meet Our Team

Justin Chalfant Patch My PC Team Photo

 Justin Chalfant

Founder and CEO

I founded Patch My PC in 2011. I enjoy all the technical aspects of developing solutions for our customer's problems. Outside of work, I love playing ice hockey, and I'm a big Colorado Avalanche fan!
Adam Cook Patch My PC Team Photo

Adam Cook


Adam is a support engineer on our team and joined us at the end of 2020. He enjoys tinkering with different tech and is passionate about helping others. His favourite sport is cricket which he claims to be terrible at, but we're not convinced.
Amber Cole Team Photo

Amber Cole

Account Executive

Amber is an Account Executive on our team. She joined us August 2021. Her background is in Human Resources and Business Management. She enjoys dancing, concerts, all sporting events especially football, traveling with her family, participating in community events and fundraisers. She loves to try all the small breweries in her town and meet new people.
Andrew Jimenez

Andrew Jimenez


Andrew has been an automation engineer with us since early 2020, and is responsible for adding new apps to the Patch My PC catalog. In his free time, he spends entirely too much time on Twitter.
Antony Crudgington Team Photo

Antony Crudgington


Antony is one of our Support Engineers and joined Patch My PC in August 2021. He is a huge Football (Soccer) fan supporting West Ham. In his spare time, Antony loves family days out to the beach with his Partner, Son, and crazy Boston Terrier!
Ben Reader Patch My PC Team Photo

Ben Reader


Ben is an engineer on our team and joined us early 2021. He's a Microsoft MVP who is obsessed with Intune, PowerShell and all things automation. He's dangerously obsessed with coffee and beer. While he's not working, Ben plays guitar in a band no one's ever heard of.

Chelsea Erwin

Operations Manager

Chelsea is an Account Executive on our Sales Team and has been with Patch My PC since May 2020. She has a Master's degree in Finance and spends her free time trying to keep up with her two boys while squeezing in as much reading and CrossFit as possible.
Cindy Soleil Patch My PC Team Photo

Cindy Soleil

Account Executive

Cindy joined Patch My PC in December 2021 as an Account Executive. She brings an attitude of gratitude, joy, and a zest for life! Cindy enjoys swimming, biking, paddleboarding, ukulele orchestra, singing, dancing, and a myriad of activities with friends.
Cody Mathis Patch My PC Team Photo

Cody Mathis


Cody has been an engineer with us since early 2020. He has 10+ years of Configuration Manager administration with an emphasis on automation, PowerShell, and C#. He has a passion for improving the user experience in creative ways. In his free time, Cody enjoys spending time with his wife and two kids, as well as playing video games, reading and running.
David Courtel Patch My PC Team Photo

David Courtel


David has been a senior software engineer at Patch My PC since 2018 and is in charge of the development of new features in our Publisher. Before Patch My PC, he wrote an open-source tool called WSUS Package Publisher, which he still enjoys working on in his free time, among other open-source projects. David enjoys swimming and kayaking on summer holidays on the water. He's also fluent in French.
David James Team Photo

David James

VP of Engineering

David James is the VP of engineering and runs our engineering operations. David was previously the director of engineering at Microsoft for Microsoft Endpoint Manager Configuration Manager.
Dena Wilson Team Photo

Dena Wilson

Executive Assistant

Dena enjoys helping and supporting others. In her spare time, she loves to hang out with her husband and daughters, sharing lots of laughter! She also is obsessed with her Boston Terrier, Baby Girl!
Jake Shackelford Patch My PC Team Photo

Jake Shackelford


Jake is one of our support Engineers and joined the team in early 2021. In his spare time he enjoys being a regular member of intune.training and writing blog posts for SysManSquad in an attempt to help educate his peers and keep up to date on the latest tech. He frequents the WinAdmins discord server to keep up on the latest buzz in the community. When he's not working on tech he's building models or playing airsoft.
Jodie Lee

Jodie Lee

Account Executive

Jodie is an Account Executive on our team. She joined us in 2021. In her spare time, she can be found dancing, singing, hiking, podcasting, biking and flying. She also enjoys making music with her ukulele, harmonica, and guitar. "If I'm having fun, mastery doesn't much matter to me. If mastery happens, well, that's just bonus fun!" - Jodie Lee
Jordan Benzing Patch My PC Team Photo

Jordan Benzing


Jordan Benzing loves patching and has had the opportunity to present on stages all around the world including the Midwestern Management Summit in Minneapolis, on subjects such as reporting, patching, and that wonderful thing no one likes doing: documentation. He also has four, yes that’s right, FOUR dogs. Two Golden Retrievers, a Shiba Inu, and a Husky Mix.
Margot Games Patch My PC Team Photo

Margot Games

Account Executive

Margot Games is an Account Executive on our team. She has a background working with municipal courts and in county government, as a Deputy Clerk and Court Reporter. She enjoys hanging out with her kids, volunteering, watching sports, traveling, and doing anything outdoorsy.
Marie Chalfant Patch My PC Team Photo

Marie Chalfant

Customer Experience

Marie wears many hats in the day-to-day and also holds the role as a Customer Experience manager on our team. In her spare time, Marie likes to spend time with her horse Tater Tot and her dog Mogli.
Michelle Tyree Team Photo

Michelle Tyree

Account Executive

Michelle is an Account Executive who started in July 2021 and has a background in property management, finance, and accounting. In her spare time, she enjoys spending quality time with her family, taking random long weekend trips to different states to enjoy the local cuisine, whiskey, and craft beer!
Natalie Diller

Natalie Diller

Account Executive

Natalie is an Account Executive on our sales team and started working for Patch My PC in 2020. She's passionate about connecting with people around the world through her travels, and loves that it's a part of her day-to-day role. When she's not traveling or hiking the mountains of her home base in Colorado, she's spending her time tending to her nearly 100 plant babies at home.
Nicholas Books Patch My PC Team Photo

Nicholas Books


Nick takes care of the legal side for Patch My PC and we've been grateful for it ever since he came on board! In his spare time he enjoys running, skiing and reading.
Omar Ramiah Patch My PC Team Photo

Omar Ramiah


Omar is a support engineer and was one of the very first members of the Team at Patch My PC. He's responsible for checking updates daily, as well as making needed updates for our product. He loves to nerd out over anything computer and technology related. He loves watching TV shows and movies and has been a PC gamer since he was 5. In Omar's free time, he enjoys reading, working out and spending time with friends.
Priscilla Leon Team Photo

Priscila Leon


I love learning anything IT. Passionate about helping others and empowering people to be successful. In my free time, I enjoy spending time with family, friends, and my dogs.
Scott McAllister

Scott McAllister


Scott is a Support Engineer at Patch My PC and joined in August 2021. In his spare time, Scott enjoys playing video games, collecting trading cards, and enjoying nice craft beer. He also has a Miniature Dachshund called Link that requires all the attention in the world.
Wes Mitchell Patch My PC Team Photo

Wes Mitchell


Wes is one of our support engineers and has been with us since 2019. In Wes' spare time he enjoys wood working, gardening, fishing, college football, knife collecting and craft beer.

Expectations to Have for Us

As a company, we try our best to keep these traits top of mind in everything we do. If we ever fall short, we would be grateful if you would schedule a “We Missed the Mark” call with our founder to help us avoid similar issues in the future.

We are Humble

We value knowledge and strive to learn something new every day. A humble, forever-learning mindset helps us to inspire, innovate, and improve continually. We encourage our teams to feed their curiosity by offering opportunities for a rich, educational environment.

We Avoid Shenanigans

We believe in complete transparency. We execute our operations and interactions with complete honesty. To encourage our teams, we ensure open communication across all platforms.

We Create Experiences

We value our interactions with our users and teammates. We strive to provide positive experiences by listening to everyone and showing genuine care. Patch My PC promotes a company culture that helps employees thrive.

We Give Back

We appreciate what we have, and this helps us in creating a giving culture. By keeping people at the center of our core values, we inspire our teams to dedicate their time and resources to the community.

We Help Others

We offer on-time help and a continuous support system. By helping our customers and teams, we provide opportunities for better growth and development.

We Pursue Excellence

Beyond our successful service, we constantly strive to be the best in the industry. We aim to achieve excellence in everything we do. Our team’s spirit is driven by curiosity, not arrogance. We are quick to identify our limitations, make adjustments, learn more, enhance expertise, and welcome new members with diverse skillsets to make a significant impact for ourselves and our customers.

We Show Empathy

We work with integrity and show unconditional respect to our users and teams. We put ourselves in people’s shoes to understand their situation and to help them most effectively.

We Think Big

We don’t shy away from problems. Challenges help us get out of our comfort zone and scale beyond limits. That’s why we try new things without worrying about failure.

Who We Are - About Patch My PC

Our Goal

Our goal is to simplify how enterprises create, manage, update, and deploy third-party applications within Microsoft Configuration Manager and Intune. Our solution is used by over 3,325 enterprises worldwide and helps maintain applications on over 10.6 million devices.

By only focusing on application management, we strive to be the best in the industry and always keep our customer feedback a top priority.

Trusted by Over 3,325 Enterprises on Over 10.6 Million Endpoints

American Express - Patch My PC Customer
Adidas - Patch My PC Customer
NHL - Patch My PC Customer
Toyota - Patch My PC Customer
General Mills - Patch My PC Customer
Dominos Pizza - Patch My PC Customer
Gartner - Patch My PC Customer
Nasdaq - Patch My PC Customer
NOAA - Patch My PC Customer
Airbus - Patch My PC Customer
iHeartMedia - Patch My PC Customer
Phillips 66 - Patch My PC Customer
Pacific Life - Patch My PC Customer
National Weather Service - Patch My PC Customer
Sunbelt Rentals - Patch My PC Customer
Subway - Patch My PC Customer
Lufthansa - Patch My PC Customer
Penn State - Patch My PC Customer

Since the day we implemented 3rd party app patching through Patch My PC, we have achieved a more controlled but mainly fast way to update our clients. Our previous packaging process always took at least 1-2 weeks before an updated version of an app was available for deployment.

Gerasimos Bartsas

This is one of the most excellent support/product teams I worked with so far! I would say, you guys know very well your product when it comes to troubleshooting.

Patch My PC is an excellent tool to manage third party updates through SCCM. I’m completely satisfied.

Dinesh Tashildar

I was trialing Patch Connect Plus, and I was having issues with it. PCP’s support was poor, outsourced, and they did not help me solve my issue. I switched to a Patch My PC trial and was experiencing the same issue. I submitted a ticket, and Justin had responded to help me less than an hour later. He ended up reaching out to Microsoft on my behalf and had a resolution for me. At that point, I knew was going with Patch My PC.

Alexander Guarino

This was the easiest product to implement that I have ever used. And working with your company is always a pleasure.

Kurt Levitan

It's been awesome and has met our needs perfectly. For ideas, etc. support has been super responsive and made the product worth its weight in gold over other competitors!

Sean Huggans

The “Base Installations” feature alone was well worth the switch from Ivanti to PMPC. It saves us countless hours every month!


Our experience has been great! We used to use SCCM for Adobe and Java updates only, but now we are able to use it for all of our 3rd party software while still using SCCM. It has made our endpoints much more secure in an automatic way.


Wish all vendors were like you guys.

Joe Cormane