This release contains a variety of features, improvements, and fixes, as noted below.


  • Double-clicking a product in the Publisher will now bring up the ‘Show Package Info…‘ tool.
  • The Publisher will now check the permissions associated with the token for the Azure App Registration and provide more specific errors and logging. Additionally, the ‘Test’ button now presents a more information UI for permission validation.
  • Log current working directory in PatchMyPC-ScriptRunner.log
  • Export the list of enabled products and their right-click configurations to a CSV. This option is available in the Advanced tab of the Publisher. Only enabled products are exportable.
  • Publisher will validate the ConfigMgr application source path. A path is considered invalid if it is not a UNC path, or if the path is in use by a Software Update Deployment Package. Existing invalid configurations will not be impacted, but there will be an alert via email or Teams if alerts are enabled.


  • Added tooltips to fields in the scan wizards to improve accessibility. 


  • Fixed a bug where the Manage Conflicting Process UI may continue to append text instead of having a countdown when it is set to ‘Do not allow user deferral…’
  • Fixed a bug where pre/post uninstall scripts would only copy into the ConfigMgr source during a new application publisher. Scripts will now be copied into the source during the sync after the configuration change.
  • Fixed a bug where the Intune Assignment UI would allow an invalid grace period/restart/snooze configuration.
  • Fixed a bug where PatchMyPC-ScriptRunner would create an invalid command line for an MSI uninstall in some cases.
Published On July 30, 2021