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We’ve Increased Our Prices, and Here’s Why

My name is Justin Chalfant, and I’m the founder here at Patch My PC. I want to share some changes to our pricing model, and more importantly, why we are making these changes.

Starting in March 2020, the following pricing changes are applicable:

  • Enterprise Plus subscription will change from $3 to $3.50 per device annually.
    • Increase of $.50 per device annually
  • The yearly starting price for the following subscriptions have changed:
    • Basic = $1,000 annually
      • Increased by $500 annually
    • Enterprise = $1,500 annually
      • Increased by $500 annually
    • Enterprise Plus = $2,500 annually
      • Increased by $1,000 annually

Our First Price Increase in Seven Years.

Since I founded Patch My PC in 2013, we’ve never increased the per-device cost on any subscription. I don’t foresee any similar price increases for years to come. Below you will find some details on changes.

Why Is the Enterprise Plus Subscription Increasing?

The only current subscription level with a price increase is our Enterprise Plus subscription increasing from $3 to $3.50 per device annually.

Here are a few factors in this decision:

Why Is Our Yearly Starting Price Increasing?

We’ve updated the yearly starting price of all subscriptions. We feel our updated starting prices are appropriate due to the time savings and security benefits that are applicable to any size environment.

On average, our customers have 92 products enabled for software update publishing from a list of over 300 and each of these products has approximately six updates per year. We recently ran a poll on Twitter and it takes about 4.5 hours to package an application manually.

The upfront time savings for the initial creation of 86 products would be approximately 414 hours saved (4.5 * 92).

In the event your company is security conscious and packaged the six updates released per-year for the 86 products, your time savings would be 2,484 hours (414 * 6).

I’m an Existing Customer, What About my Renewal?

If you are an existing customer where the new starting price would impact your planned budget for the year, please contact us directly and we’ll happily work with you.