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Customer Testimonials for Patch My PC SCUP Catalog

We think our products and service are great, but don’t take our word for it check out what our customers are saying.

The Patch My PC catalog has saved me so much time. I used to spend so much time packaging Java installations every time there was an update. I was pleased to learn that I could also keep Skype, Zoom, Audacity and other applications that we use up to date also. I spend a fraction of the time I used to have to spend on updates. It is the best spent money in my budget. If I was unable to get our subscription approved, I would pay for it out of my own pocket. Don't tell my boss.

Ponce Hatch

IT Dept, Chemical Heritage Foundation

My experience has been great from day one, I found it easy to import and publish the catalogs. Colin Buckley

IT Dept, Toyota Canada

Patch My PC is awesome! It has made patching our systems a breeze. I no longer have to try to find updates for all my other systems, they all just come through in one package. Lee Itson

IT Dept, School District of Random Lake

It has made it very easy to deploy 3rd party updates. Before we had to package each up individually and deploy them. Now we can deploy them as a Software Update, making our life much easier.
Michel Deschenes Joseph Beeler

IT Dept, Dykema Gossett PLLC

The SCUP catalog made a big difference in getting our third party patching under control. Couldn't be happier. Joe Cormane

IT Dept, Hudson Advisors L.P.

Very nice product and support is great when requesting a new application be added to the catalog. The catalog makes patching third party product a breeze. David Bussler

IT Dept, Sheridan Community Hospital

Patch my PC makes it easy to publish the updates to SCCM and their Update Alert Email they send is an easy way to stay on top of the latest releases. Ken Iverson

IT Dept, MSCTC Moorhead

Originally we were looking for Java & some adobe software updates, to save time on having to download/package/test/deploy each month. Paying for an update catalog to cover 10+ pieces of free software for us was much cheaper than the time it took each month for our staff to do the same. Aaron Burns

IT Dept, Employment Security Dept

PatchMyPC has helped to keep our systems up to date and when our Cyber Security team asks us to deploy a patch for a known vulnerability it is usually already scheduled or can be manually deployed with your catalog and SCUP. Thank you for your awesome product and support! Tony Trujillo

IT Dept, Colorado Springs Utilities

The PatchMyPC catalog covers 70-80% of the 3rd party software used on campus. We primarily use it for Adobe, Java, OpenSource software (VLC, etc.), but have found it useful for patching other heavily used software such as TeamViewer etc. that we didn't even think of beforehand. Steve Crull

IT Dept, UNC Charlotte

Simple, straightforward, time saver! Daniel Cratty

IT Dept, IndigoIT

It has made patching 3rd party apps easier. Jamie Tyszko

IT Dept, Flatiron Construction

The catalog is easy to use, and covers most non Microsoft products used in the organization. Great value on the license costs as well. Excellent product. Julian Jordan

IT Dept, Ensono Ltd

The PatchMyPC catalog covers 90% of our 3rd party app's, it takes only 5 minutes a week to publish the updates. This is absolutely the most cost effective solution for 3rd party updates. Dries Verbruggen


I have been using the catalog for a while now, and I must say that I’m impressed by the high quality of the updates and the richness of the catalog. My main concern is the top 10 updates and they can all be found in the catalog. Kent Agerlund

SCCM MVP, Microsoft MVP

I used to wait for users to request updates or complain about update reminder pop-ups. Those days are over since I starting using PatchMyPC. Michael Basso

IT Dept, Scarsdale Schools

We have a few third party apps, that Microsoft doesn't update. So it's helpful to implement Patch My PC into SCCM and deploy the updates. James White

IT Dept, Georgia Department of Early Care and Learning

We have been using Patch My PC Software updates for several months now, and we're very pleased with the cost/benefit solution. Bill

IT Dept, Memorial University

The SCUP catalog is great at its price point.


IT Dept, Pleasant View Retirement

We have used Patch My PC to update Adobe,, Apple Software and many others and it is wonderful. Qusai Alhaddad

IT Dept, Al Majdouie

The catalog is great, and you can't beat the price of it. Kim Oppalfens

SCCM MVP, Microsoft MVP

The SCUP catalog made updates easy. Software updates are available short time after release Sindre Westre

IT Dept, KVN

Overall this is an excellent product. I have had no issues integrating it into our SCCM updates environment and no issues deploying the updates. The patch roll-outs most critical to our environment are released in a timely fashion. Jennifer

IT Dept, Penn State University

Excellent service. We started the subscription just for being able to control Java updates via SCCM/SCUP. For Java alone the small cost is worth it. The SCUP update is usually available with a half day of the original vendor update, which is great. Thanks!

Kevin Thorwesten

IT Dept, The North West Company

We have to keep our software up to date on our workstations so that all security vulnerabilities get remediated. I used to have to download the software, build the packages, and test them before I deployed them to our workstations. This can take quite a bit of time. Patch my PC gives me that time back!! Their SCUP catalog makes it super easy. Thank you! Matt Harman

IT Dept, Centerstone

Pays for itself in 1 month. Thanks and keep up the great work! Eric Nowicki

IT Dept, Akima, LLC

Patch My PCs catalog saved us tremendous amount of time to effectively patch our 3rd party software. We had a very tight delay for patching high severity vulnerabilities that came in from our Infosec team. We managed to bring our sev 5 down to almost zero with the help of Patch My PC's catalog. Michel Deschenes

IT Dept, WB Games Montreal

Product has been great. We have had it in place for about a year and it patches our systems. David Hubbard

IT Dept, Conejo Valley Unified School District

I am very satisfied with the catalog and the continuous updates provided. We are able to update PC's with the latest patch levels in a quick and timely manner. Derek Best

IT Dept, Cameco Corporation

The Patch My PC catalogue has simplified patching many applications we use. I think it is great and for the money cannot be beat. Joe

IT Dept, Miller Nash

I have been using the Patch My PC SCUP Catalog for a little over a year now and have been very impressed. The catalog provides updates for most common software titles and for a few others that we needed Patch My PC was willing to add them to their list. We have used other SCUP Catalogs but none have compared with this level of support, functionality, and price. Patch My PC is by far the best product we have found to help keep our third party software updated, and I highly recommend their product. Jeff Williams

IT Dept, National Weather Service

Thanks to this catalog, we can update quickly without a hassle and follow security updates of third party applications. Benoit Debure

IT Dept, Win S.A.

I find Patch My PC an extremely useful tool for use in SCUP and SCCM. Daniel Zuvala

IT Dept, Keck Graduate Institute

No issues at all. Seamless integration makes it point-click-done. Steven Anderson

IT Dept, IceMiller, LLP.

We are very pleased with the PatchMyPC catalog for use in keeping our 3rd party software updated. Since it integrates with SCCM, the team finds it easy to use and works well in our monthly patching process. We've been able to reduce our software packaging workload and increase software currency as a result of utilizing it. Josh Toombs

IT Dept, Navient

Updates as easy as falling off a log Markus E. Kugler

IT Dept, Innovabee GmbH

Very pleased with the service. Gareth

IT Dept, The Barossa Council

Cost effective and robust. Peter Turnbull

IT Dept, BAI Communications

This product is the best I've used regarding application updates. The price and the usability has no competitor. Christophe

IT Dept, SLR-Corp

This catalog is a big time saver regarding the amount of available application updates. Our employees are more flexible because we can allow to install software that will be patched regularly. Marc

IT Dept, Anandic Medical Systems

Great value. Quinten

IT Dept, Greater Boston Legal Services

I haven't been using it long, I'm mostly testing updates but everything looks good as I have been rolling it out. Great work! Craig

IT Dept, University of Central Florida

Currently we are satisfied with your catalog. Everything runs perfect. Keep it up! Reichl

IT Dept, Airbus DS

I've been using the SCUP update catalog for several years now. I've convinced the last two companies I've worked for to adopt the use of this product and it has saved them time and money as a direct result. Terry South

IT Dept, Eagle Ottawa

The Patch My PC SCUP catalog has been a huge time saver and has made it extremely easy to roll out patches to third party apps through SCCM. I would recommend the Patch My PC SCUP catalog to any client where I need to patch third party apps. Chris

IT Dept, Radnor Township School District

The catalog is very robust and I believe it meets the needs of most third party application update needs. I would recommend this to others. Daniel

IT Dept, Keck Graduate Institute

Prior to using Patch My PC's catalog, I used to spend hours porting updates into our environment taking time away from my other administrative tasks. Now I no longer have to keep on the lookout for new updates and scramble to add it to WSUS. The value is quickly realized in my work hours making this subscription easily pay for itself. John Dietz

IT Dept, San Patricio Municipal Water District

Prior to using Patch My PC's catalog, I used to spend hours porting updates into our environment taking time away from my other administrative tasks. Now I no longer have to keep on the lookout for new updates and scramble to add it to WSUS. The value is quickly realized in my work hours making this subscription easily pay for itself. John Dietz

IT Dept, San Patricio Municipal Water District

After manually managing Firefox and Java updates with SCUP, the SCUP catalog has saved me tons of time and headaches! Jamie Perkins

IT Dept., Mouser Electronics

Before we signed up we requested a couple of apps be added, two or three days later, before we even signed up, the updates were in the catalog. Having a vendor who actively responds to requests is like finding a winning lottery ticket, it just doesn't happen often. We have been a customer for many years and see no reason to make any change. Joshua Barnette

IT Dept, Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System

Super helpful to patch all non-Microsoft 3rd party applications. Stephane Faubert

IT Dept, Ivanhoe Cambridge

Inexpensive, easy to use, saves a lot of work Korbinian Otto


The Patch My PC SCUP catalogue has allowed us to take control of Java and Adobe patches, which were previously the biggest problem outside of our SCCM environment. It is worth the money for that feature alone. Chris Atkins

IT Dept, Hamon & Cie International

Used PatchMyPC for WSUS Package Publisher. Works great with WPP too!!! Michael Treichler

IT Dept, Universal Health Services. Inc

Very easy to use, regular updates and good support. Christian Ljubicic

IT Dept, Infobip

Streamlines the updating process, makes it much more manageable! Gail Weed

IT Dept, Conejo Valley Unified School District

Patch-My-PC has allowed SCCM engineers better access to 3rd-Party updates without the need for constant online investigation. One-stop shopping for patch needs Kevin Chetty

IT Dept, Alexander Forbes

Patch My PC delivers updates very fast and it is very easy to see in the SCCM, which Workstations needs updates. The 3rd Party patching is really great with the Patch My PC solution. Helmut Kyncl

IT Dept, FMA

We are very satisfied with the product and the service we receive. We have had suggestions to add to the catalog and within a few days they were available. Good and solid product. We would highly recommend "Patch My PC" for SCCM/WSUS integration. Ulrich Bernskov


Very good Sven Schneider

IT Dept, ZWILLING J.A. Henckels AG

The ideal solution to push the updates of main software utilities (java, Chrome, Firefox, Notepad ++ ...) through SCCM and WSUS. Michel Portal

IT Dept, Lycée Claudel

Not having to manually create update scripts for all of the small utilities and constantly keep looking to see if there are updates for all of these products has made life so much simpler and far less time-consuming. Randy Nerbas

IT Dept, FortisAlberta Inc.

We have been using Patch My PC on our helpdesk to bring machines up to date after imaging. When we heard that a Patch My PC SCUP catalog was available. We decided to pursue this immediately and have not been disappointed. Updates are timely and save a great deal of time packaging 3rd party custom apps. It is like having a SCUP expert on your team. Joseph

IT Dept, Cranbrook

Using your product has helped us maintain our clients with the latest 3rd party applications, in particular iTunes, Firefox and Chrome. It has really made our patching process easier, faster and more accurate since we moved to Patch My PC. Ivan

IT Dept, Blackmores

My company was purchased two years ago and every week I need to run a tool to collect network vulnerabilities and we receive an grade for our network. After we implement Patch My PC catalog we reduce vulnerabilities in 80% and we have the most security network comparing with other group's company Alecsander

IT Dept, Harris Brastak

The catalog is pretty straight forward. The migration patches for Java and Chrome make things really easy also. Overall a great product. Chris Epting

IT Dept, UNC Charlotte

We were glad to come across your update catalog as we were having problems with campus wide Java updates. Using your catalog makes it really easy to update Java on all our workstations. Devin

IT Dept, College of the Rockies

Provides an easy way of providing non Microsoft patches to our production environment. The catalogue includes most of the commonly occurring 'must patch' applications that are likely to occur on a desktop computer. David

IT Dept, Institute Development Studies