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Patch My PC Education Customer Testimonials   Education

Patch My PC has simplified how we patch our third-party software by allowing up to completely automate our process using tools that already exist in our environment (SCCM). The Alerts feature in the Publishing Service is very useful as well.

Edgar Espaillat

Columbia University

This solution is a necessity to keep our diverse environment patched.

Anders Hedberg

Karlstad University

We have recently gone through CyberEssentials+ accreditation and PatchMyPC has helped improve our third party patch compliance – without it, we would have been unable to attain the accreditation. It’s ease of both use and integration to our existing systems have made it one of the best investments we have made.

Ian Rowley

University of Aberdeen

PatchMyPC is hands down our best third party add-in product for SCCM and quite the bargain. New features in their automated patching have saved us hours of time to further streamline our patching process. Huge patch catalog including VMWare for our virtualized systems. Justin provides excellent technical support with extensive docs and videos.

Aaron Ward

University of Delaware

Commonly used software, such as Firefox, Chrome etc., are patched more frequent than before. No longer need to manually build the upgrade packages for those type of software.

Melvyn Lai

Vancouver Community College

Overall this is an excellent product. I have had no issues integrating it into our SCCM updates environment and no issues deploying the updates. The patch roll-outs most critical to our environment are released in a timely fashion.


Penn State University

We have been using Patch My PC Software updates for several months now, and we’re very pleased with the cost/benefit solution.


Memorial University

Great product and keep up the good work!

Paul d'Anjou

Unicoz Onderwijsgroep

Provides an easy way of providing non Microsoft patches to our production environment. The catalogue includes most of the commonly occurring ‘must patch’ applications that are likely to occur on a desktop computer.


Institute Development Studies

Patch My PC saves us a lot of time to patch the third-party applications. The Catalog is very well supplied, the reactivity of the team for the supply of the new patch is very fast.

Steven Bart

Haute Ecole Arc

We have been using Patch My PC on our helpdesk to bring machines up to date after imaging. When we heard that a Patch My PC SCUP catalog was available. We decided to pursue this immediately and have not been disappointed. Updates are timely and save a great deal of time packaging 3rd party custom apps. It is like having a SCUP expert on your team.



Using PatchMyPC frees up countless hours of my team from having to package and deploy updates to many applications. We have a high level of assurance that our estate is patched and compliant, protecting our users from disclosed vulnerabilities.

Robert Priest

Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust

Patch My PC is awesome! It has made patching our systems a breeze. I no longer have to try to find updates for all my other systems, they all just come through in one package.

Lee Itson

School District of Random Lake

Helped with our 3rd Party patching as an educational institution with a number of faculty that need to experiment and usually with different 3rd party tools this has been useful for us to keep things up to date and secure.

Anthony Salvatore

Mohawk College

It was a game-changer for us. We only recently moved from fat-ish images and Altiris to SCCM, and with that, from Win 7 to Win 10. And its significantly easier to keep apps up to date. We will definitely be expanding this and push base apps to servers soon, and maybe even request a few to be added to the catalog.

Andre Jordaan

Aiglon College

It has severely assisted us in managing updates as well as creating apps for deployment. It has saved countless hours and headaches.

John Yoakum

University of Alaska Anchorage

I was trialing Patch Connect Plus and I was having issues with it. PCP’s support was poor, outsourced, and they did not help me solve my issue. I switched to PatchMyPC trial and experienced the same issue. I submitted a ticket and Justin had responded to help me less than an hour later, he ended up reaching out to MS on my behalf and had a resolution for me. At the point, I knew was going with PatchMyPC.

Alexander Guarino

Harvard Business Publishing

It was very easy to install the service and set it up to publish updates through our SCCM infrastructure. All the work was done for us and the experience has been great.

Devon Joyce

Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools

Good… freed headcount to work on other, more interesting stuff

Josh Huwe

Mississippi Department of Education

Streamlines the updating process, makes it much more manageable!

Gail Weed

Conejo Valley Unified School District

Good stuff

Greg keane

University of Delaware

A very useful service with excellent support.

Andrew Sutcliffe

Leeds College of Music

We are in the early stages of bringing this into production, but so far so good. The value of this service can not be beat! We are looking to completely replace NinitePro with PMPC as the auto-package/application service matures.

Adam Alexander

Salisbury University

We have recently gone through CyberEssentials+ accreditation and PatchMyPC has helped improve our third party patch compliance – without it, we would have been unable to attain the accreditation. It’s ease of both use and integration to our existing systems have made it one of the best investments we have made.

Ian Rowley

University of Aberdeen

We were glad to come across your update catalog as we were having problems with campus wide Java updates. Using your catalog makes it really easy to update Java on all our workstations.


College of the Rockies

Patch my PC makes it easy to publish the updates to SCCM and their Update Alert Email they send is an easy way to stay on top of the latest releases.

Ken Iverson

MSCTC Moorhead

This product has eased the load and admin intervention of patching our third party products especially on 0 day vulnerabilities. With the publishing service and reporting I am able keep my fleet in compliance.

Jacob Aguinaga

Central CUSD 301

Product has been great. We have had it in place for about a year and it patches our systems.

David Hubbard

Conejo Valley Unified School District

Great product with great support. Anytime I have a question or issue Justin is always quick to reply

Chris Epting

UNC Charlotte

The PatchMyPC catalog covers 70-80% of the 3rd party software used on campus. We primarily use it for Adobe, Java, OpenSource software (VLC, etc.), but have found it useful for patching other heavily used software such as TeamViewer etc. that we didn’t even think of beforehand.

Steve Crull

UNC Charlotte

The ideal solution to push the updates of main software utilities (java, Chrome, Firefox, Notepad ++ …) through SCCM and WSUS.

Michel Portal

Lycée Claudel

Really good experience, thanks

Mike Sharpe

Insights Learning and Development Ltd

I was amazed at how fast your support was. In less than 20 minutes from when I sent the question, I had the answer-back. Great job.

Jed Utsinger

Franklin University

Fantastic service

Timothy Basten

Great Southern Grammar

Fantastic experience troubleshooting our network team.

Chase Willits

University of Mary

Natalie was extremely quick to respond to my request for multiple quotes (total 10). Great customer experience!
Eric Medeiros

Appleby College

It was a good experience with Andrew. He helped me through an issue.
Michael Lopez

College of Eastern Idaho

The time savings for rollouts of third-party updates through the use of Patch-My-PC is very large. The stability of the solution is very good. Both the direct contact with the developers as well as the short-term reaction speed to existing problems and new suggestions for improvement are exemplary. I would also like to see this agility and innovation of the Patch-My-PC team for many other “old-established” software vendors.

Joerg Gerhold

Industrie- und Handelskammer Dresden

We only use Patch My PC to manage Java updates. It seems to work fine for this even with Java’s new licensing requirements.

Gord Saffin

College of the Rockies

Works great.

Andrew Melton

College of Eastern Idaho

I haven’t been using it long, I’m mostly testing updates but everything looks good as I have been rolling it out. Great work!


University of Central Florida

The Patch My PC SCUP catalog has been a huge time saver and has made it extremely easy to roll out patches to third party apps through SCCM. I would recommend the Patch My PC SCUP catalog to any client where I need to patch third party apps.


Radnor Township School District

The catalog is very robust and I believe it meets the needs of most third party application update needs. I would recommend this to others.


Keck Graduate Institute

The catalog is pretty straight forward. The migration patches for Java and Chrome make things really easy also. Overall a great product.

Chris Epting

UNC Charlotte

I used to wait for users to request updates or complain about update reminder pop-ups. Those days are over since I starting using PatchMyPC.

Michael Basso

Scarsdale Schools

I find Patch My PC an extremely useful tool for use in SCUP and SCCM.

Daniel Zuvala

Keck Graduate Institute

Great experience.

Steve Bilyk

Holy Family Catholic Regional Division #37

Excellent. Package requests are answered and added (if available) in a timely manner.

Luke Dunzweiler

Southern Adventist University

About as turn-key as you can get. Was easily integrated with our existing sccm deployment. I was also able to hand off the solution to a newly hired Desktop Administrator with little training. Highly intuitive product with great tutorials.

Ryan Brunkhorst

Fresno Pacific University

We had significant issues with out-of-date applications, and Patch My PC has made keeping things up to date easy for us and for our users. Thanks!

Dan Newland


Patch My PC has been a great addition to our SCCM installation. We don’t have to spend time downloading updated installers and setting up packages manually.

Ryan Blankenship

Kearney School District

Since we use your service, it’s way easier to provide a clean an up to date software center. Additionally it’s easier to keep track on the deployed software and its patch level.

Franz-Martin Pollany

University of Applied Sciences bfi Vienna

I came into an environment a few years ago with like 15% Windows Update patch compliance and almost 0% 3rd-party patch compliance or visibility. Getting Windows Updates back up to a reasonable compliance level was a fine process with ConfigMgr and Automatic Deployment Rules.

Along comes Patch My PC which gives me visibility, PRE-PURCHASE, to be able to see all the 3rd-party applications my users have installed – that we don’t support – that are way out of patch compliance. Some of these applications were used by below-5 users in a multi-tenant, multi-school district system … so it frankly wasn’t worth my time to package them all up to get them up-to-date and you cannot take software away from teachers as that will ‘negatively impact learning and instruction’ or something … but now who cares? PMP will do them all for me and I can setup Automatic Deployment Rules? Who wouldn’t buy it?

Chris Thomas

Ingham Intermediate School District

We are very happy working with Cody. Cody was very helpful and knowledgeable with the product. Thank you


San Diego State University

Wes has been super helpful getting us on-boarded and supporting us during operation!
Derek Hansell

Questar Assessment

Answered all my questions right away, very professional. Great support!
Bob Valdez

Brewster CSD

Patch My PC Healthcare Customer Testimonials   Healthcare

It’s been awesome and has met our needs perfectly. For ideas, etc. support has been super responsive and made the product worth its weight in gold over other competitors!

Sean Huggans

Sanford Health

Cody was quick, thorough, and very helpful in explaining and resolving our issue.

Phil Brandvold

Minnetronix Medical

The PatchMyPC catalog has saved me hundreds of hours each year and allowed us to keep our critical 3rd Party applications up-to-date relatively easily.

Vince Fanelli

Fresenius Medical Care NA

Fantastic. Breezed through the install, and was able to help us figure out an unrelated issue that we were experiencing with our admin service! I can’t believe how much easier it is going to be to build and maintain our apps.
Jason Beale

Cone Health

PatchMyPC was such a dead simple product to implement and hook into Configuration Manager that the longest part of the process was getting my organization to cut the PO. The ability to query the Configuration Manager DB and pull in recognized apps made it trivial to get started. We set up the emails to notify us of product changes on the daily sync and its been an eye opening experience seeing how often some of these products get patched. I cannot express enough how happy I am to have found this product.

John Benteu


The PatchMyPC catalog covers 90% of our 3rd party app’s, it takes only 5 minutes a week to publish the updates. This is absolutely the most cost effective solution for 3rd party updates.

Dries Verbruggen


This catalog is a big time saver regarding the amount of available application updates. Our employees are more flexible because we can allow to install software that will be patched regularly.


Anandic Medical Systems

I’ve never once used ADR’s and Wes walked me through it. I was confused about how to create the rings. Wes is great!
Donna Gordon

Beebe Healthcare

Wes was very Knowledgeable about Patch My PC. His Technical skills were great and training went very well. I look forward to working with Wes in the future.
Tony Webb

Kindred at Home

Andrew went above and beyond
Josh Maloney

Seres Therapeutics

Used PatchMyPC for WSUS Package Publisher. Works great with WPP too!!!

Michael Treichler

Universal Health Services. Inc

It has been great and I’m actually amazed at what you have done with the publishing tool. It blows away MS’s own tools by far and should be an embarrassment to them!

Nathan Player

CenCal Health

I found it a positive experience to work with Cody because he was friendly, talked through what he was doing, and even showing some elements I had not seen regarding the PMP client. I felt confident in the support being offered.

Matt Winter

Berkshire Health

The product has help keep our third party software up to date for audits.

Brian Cannella

Rite Aid

Patch My PC has made 3rd party updating very easy. We struggled in the past relying on users to actually install the updates to 3rd party products.

Ken Korczynski

American Board of Medical Specialties

We are a team of two that handles OS deployment and patching of just over 1,200 workstations and patching of approximately the same number of servers. The ability to set up ADR’s for the extremely diverse array of 3 Party Products in our environment has been an amazing time saver and has caused our head of Security to actually smile 😉

Deric Craig

Virtual Radiologic Corporation

Before we signed up we requested a couple of apps be added, two or three days later, before we even signed up, the updates were in the catalog. Having a vendor who actively responds to requests is like finding a winning lottery ticket, it just doesn’t happen often. We have been a customer for many years and see no reason to make any change.

Joshua Barnette

Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System

Adam is very helpful, friendly, and knows what he is doing.
Seyed Farshid Miri

HORIBA Europe GmbH

Andrew was great! He is very knowledgeable and took the time to explain how the different features of Patch My PC work. He helped us review our current setup, configure an ADR, and offered practical advice on how to automatically update our base applications in addition to deploying Software Updates.

Cardiovascular Systems Inc.

Couldn’t ask for more. Jacques was knowledgeable and polite resulting in my issues being resolved quickly
Sam Webster

Gloucestershire Hospitals

Clear and Concise and solved the issue I was getting during the trial period
Christopher Wells

Milton Keynes University Hospital

The ability to patch without the need for packaging as well as the scanning engine have made patch management much better for our engineers!

Mike Zamborini

ProHealth Care

Very nice product and support is great when requesting a new application be added to the catalog. The catalog makes patching third party product a breeze.

David Bussler

Sheridan Community Hospital

We are replacing another enterprise patch solution with the PatchMyPC platform. PatchMyPC works better than I could have hoped. It has features that a system twice the cost lacks.

Jeremy McDaniel

Shepherd Center

Our experience has been great so far. The one time I needed some support you were very quick to help on something that ultimately turned out to be unrelated to your product. The level of support despite the very modest pricing of this product is outstanding and it was a great quick win for our company to bring it in.

Ryan Sheets

Homecare Homebase

I love your catalog. I have had zero issues with it. It just works!

Curtis Ling


Have saved us a lot of time and effort in keeping applications up to date!

Craig Crumb

Brant Community Healthcare System

Very easy to publish 3rd party updates to WSUS. I like that we can request additional products to add to the catalog.

Tony Spencer

Curant Health

It was very easy to work with Jacques as well as be directed by him to resolve the outstanding configuration problem caused during install (by us). We would not hesitate to get support from Jacques.


Berkshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

Jordan and the team were very knowledgeable with the full product suite for PatchMyPC, SCCM and Intune. Jordan was able to answer all of my questions and show me exactly what had to be done and where. He was friendly, professional and a pleasure to work with!
Katie Smith

NHS Education for Scotland

Wes did a fantastic job of explaining each piece of the software and answering any questions our team had for him. He went above and beyond to give us additional resources and made sure we fully understood everything.
Matthew Poracky

Community Foundation of Northwest Indiana

Always great you’re so accommodating to user and community feedback. You guys are doing it right when a lot of companies aren’t, keep up the great work!
Mike Williams

National Medical Billing Services

Patch My PC Government, Municipalities and Non Profit Customer Testimonials   Government, Municipalities and Non Profit

Patch My PC has been a life saver. It makes managing third party updates a breeze as well as update application packages automatically. The fact that the catalog is constantly updated with the latest releases and they are adding new products all the time makes this an easy purchase to justify.

Joe Alonge

NTT Data Federal Services

Patch My PC has greatly improved our patching footprint and allowed us to focus more time on important tasks.

Bill Castillo

Washington's Lottery

This has helped us start getting our browsers up to date and also our Adobe products.

Mike Linkey

State of Illinois

While I was looking for other third party catalogs for use with SCCM, I came across your product and was impressed by all the videos and content on your site and also seeing Justin answering questions in forums outside of your website. I set up your trial (which had a nice cross-section of the entire list available) and was pretty sure this was the one I wanted to use. The pricing, publishing tool, pre/post scripting, and updates list were key factors in my decision. I did comparisons with a lot of other vendors (only after using your trial) and you were way in the lead on my list.

Cory O'Brien

City of Peoria

PatchMyPC has taken so much work off our shoulders when it comes to deploying updates for third party applications. We’ve gone from only keeping the worst offenders up-to-date to keeping even the most minor ones that are only deployed to a half dozen machines updated and the workload in doing so has gone down considerably.

Robert Hillis

Whitehorse City Council

PatchMyPC has helped to keep our systems up to date and when our Cyber Security team asks us to deploy a patch for a known vulnerability it is usually already scheduled or can be manually deployed with your catalog and SCUP. Thank you for your awesome product and support!

Tony Trujillo

Colorado Springs Utilities

Our experience has been great! We used to use SCCM for Adobe and Java updates only, but now we are able to use it for all of our 3rd party software while still using SCCM. It has made our endpoints much more secure in an automatic way.

Max Day

Truckee Meadows Water Authority

We have to keep our software up to date on our workstations so that all security vulnerabilities get remediated. I used to have to download the software, build the packages, and test them before I deployed them to our workstations. This can take quite a bit of time. Patch my PC gives me that time back!! Their SCUP catalog makes it super easy. Thank you!

Matt Harman


A very good, very helpful product that has made my life much easier in terms of patching products.

Jayson Gabler

Queensland Treasury

Excellent documentation to review install & configuration process. Easy install, setup, configuration, and usage.

Paul Kaler

PA Liquor Control Board

Everything works great.

Wouter Kempenaers

FPS Chancellery of the Prime Minister

You guys are doing greats. Easy install, setup, configuration, and usage.

Anthony Fonti

Baltimore County Govt

Awesome work! Very knowledgeable and personable. A real asset to your team. Andrew went above and beyond the call of duty in guiding me through the production setup of our challenging environment.


Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority

I absolutely love the app publishing feature. Saves me a TON of time building these packages. Within a matter of minutes, I am able to test them and deploy them. This used to take a lot longer, especially looking up command lines to disable auto-updates.

Chad Brower

Frankenmuth Insurance

Absolutely Fantastic. He was both knowledgeable and friendly. This is the best tech support experience I’ve had in a long time.
sy witt

Cuyahoga County

Cody took the time to help and explain everything to assist me with my issue.
Christopher Larson

State of Minnesota

The session with Adam was excellent and exceeded my expectations. Adam was very knowledgeable and answered all our questions. He was also patient when we came across some issues delaying the installation and gave us as much time as we needed to get the product installed / up and running. I wouldn’t hesitate to book any further sessions to carry out clean-up / Intune installation.
Stephen Goodyear

Wiltshire Council

Everyone I encounter @ PMPC is awesome! Great Team and Great Product! Please don’t use the company name in this testimony – thank you.
Ben Whitmore

Borough Council of Kings Lynn & West Norfolk

Jacques was awesome. He was very knowledgeable on the product setup process. We were able to get everything configured and even had time to walk through deploying a few updates. We are excited to have the product and appreciate that dedicated staff!
Ryan Pettigrew

Dupage County Health Department

I don’t think anyone was aware of how many old, unpatched 3rd party software was in our environment until we ran this for the first time.

Mark Rouleau

City of Rochester, NY

Cody was professional, polite, and extremely talented in his knowledge of the product and SCCM. His ‘can do’ attitude was a refreshing change from experiences with other companies. Great product and Awesome support. Thank you.

Kevin Gunning

County of Nevada

We replaced ninite with this for the same price. Zero maintenance is nice.

Jayson Solberg

City of Rosemount

Before using your catalog, I had to manually add updates for all supported packages by myself which as I’m sure you know can be rather time-consuming when you have other duties (we have an IT staff of 3). Using your catalog has been a huge boost to productivity and peace of mind. Thank you.

John Dietz

San Patricio Municipal Water District

For years we would ignore updating 3rd party products unless a user specifically asked, because they all required admin rights to install. With Patch My PC, we are able to keep the majority of our standard software up to date.

DJ Moore

City of Richland

SCCM allows for Windows patches to be mostly set-and-forget. With PMPC, that functionality is extended to third party software. Very useful in reducing my time needed to manage the environment.

Martin Marcuse

Greater Los Angeles Zoo Association

We have a few third party apps, that Microsoft doesn’t update. So it’s helpful to implement Patch My PC into SCCM and deploy the updates.

James White

Georgia Department of Early Care and Learning

Originally we were looking for Java & some adobe software updates, to save time on having to download/package/test/deploy each month. Paying for an update catalog to cover 10+ pieces of free software for us was much cheaper than the time it took each month for our staff to do the same.

Aaron Burns

Employment Security Dept

We have had a great experience with PatchMyPC servicing our local government offices. It has saved countless FTE cycles now and into the future.

Charles Burton


The Patch My PC catalog has saved me so much time. I used to spend so much time packaging Java installations every time there was an update. I was pleased to learn that I could also keep Skype, Zoom, Audacity and other applications that we use up to date also. I spend a fraction of the time I used to have to spend on updates. It is the best spent money in my budget. If I was unable to get our subscription approved, I would pay for it out of my own pocket. Don’t tell my boss.

Ponce Hatch

Chemical Heritage Foundation

Cody was brought in as another set of eyes to look a an issue we were having in getting SCCM to push out the Patch My PC 3rd party update. He was able to pinpoint the problem and get everything working. Thanks.
Willis Spires

County of Maui

Wes has gone above and beyond.
Jim Campbell

Florida Polytechnic University

The SCUP catalog is great at its price point.


Pleasant View Retirement

Service is easy to use and makes updating a breeze.

Ron Niehaus

New Jersey Office of Homeland Security

The Setup & Review session was very informative, Andrew answered all questions I had and showed us some great features that we may have otherwise missed. His response to an emailed question after the session was very prompt. I am really looking forward to using Patch My PC and learning all the ways it can take a time consuming task, keeping 3rd party apps updated, and make it simple.

Julie Versoi

Ada County Information Technology

Andrew is very knowledgeable and saw that my issue was WSUS and not even PatchMyPC.
Victor Gaviola

County of Marin

What a top bloke, super efficient and friendly too boot, really cleared things up, thanks heaps Ben.
Cameron Dawson

New Zealand Trade and Enterprise.

Really good, super helpful, and was able to resolve the issue, even coming up with a few solutions that may help solve the longer term problem.

Nicholas Alleyne

Town of Caledon

My initial impressions have been very positive. I had some problems with setup that were immediately handled by customer support. I like that I don’t have to go in an manually publish updates.

Peter Kath


I have been using the Patch My PC SCUP Catalog for a little over a year now and have been very impressed. The catalog provides updates for most common software titles and for a few others that we needed Patch My PC was willing to add them to their list. We have used other SCUP Catalogs but none have compared with this level of support, functionality, and price. Patch My PC is by far the best product we have found to help keep our third party software updated, and I highly recommend their product.

Jeff Williams

National Weather Service

I have been using the product for about a year. It has helped get us more complaint with 3rd party patches. It has helped identify areas we had neglected. Namely browsers and one off 3rd party products installed on only one device.

John Denk

Department of Retirement Systems

We originally decided just to stay on the basic catalog, and until this year was not using the other products/features. With the new base installation feature to deploy products via Software Center, we have found this really helps us keep things updated so much better. Awesome feature.

Jeff Williams

National Weather Service

After using a competing product for a number of years, was never fully able to get it working 100% and was not automatic in deploying updates, moving to Patch My PC has been a piece of cake! I did some thorough research and Patch My PC patches the most products of any third party patch management solution and was one of the cheapest.

Adam McIntosh

Goulburn Valley Water

Prior to using Patch My PC’s catalog, I used to spend hours porting updates into our environment taking time away from my other administrative tasks. Now I no longer have to keep on the lookout for new updates and scramble to add it to WSUS. The value is quickly realized in my work hours making this subscription easily pay for itself.

John Dietz

San Patricio Municipal Water District

Very pleased with the service.


The Barossa Council

Patch My PC has been invaluable with patching our systems. As a very security-conscious company, it is imperative that we patch all systems within a very aggressive SLA. Patch My PC has taken multiple hours out of my work week.

Jonathan James


We have an internal security team that is constantly looking at versions of software and always reading the latest alerts from national agencies. PatchMyPC has saved me hours of downloading updates and deploying of patches. In today’s world, staying on top of threats is key, and PatchMyPC has helped us stay ahead of the curve.

Charles Rossi

Lake County Board of County Commissioners

Team has been great and I love the features that Patch My PC provides saves us a lot of time and effort with gathering 3rd party patches.

Robert Alvarez

Maricopa County

Patch My PC has made updating 3rd party applications so easy. We already use MEMCM for Microsoft Updates so being able to use the same software for all software updates is huge and goes a long way into helping us stay safer with the latest patches.

Max Day

Truckee Meadows Water Authority

Easy to setup and get it configure to update all third party applications. now I can just sit and relax and let all the automation do my work. 😛

Enrique Gonzales

Idaho Department of Labor

Keep up the good work!!

Matthijs ter Horst

Rijksdienst Caribisch Nederland

Jordan was great! We previously worked with him when he was at Truesec, it was great to see him again. He was able to answer the questions we had and now we have more. LOL We will be working with him again this morning to cover the new questions. Jordan is enthusiastic about the product and is happy talk about it various features. Love Patch My PC!

Julie Versoi

Ada County Information Technology

Andrew was very personable and able to answer all questions I had and help in setting up an Automatic Deployment Rule to work with Patch My PC.
Chad Illigash

City of Allentown

Fantastic!! He covered everything we needed to get setup! A++++

Pew Charitable Trusts

100 percent excellent service, great knowledge, and thorough presentation
Daniel McGonagle

Massachusetts Department of Transportation

Cody just knows what the challenges are with MS Endpoint deployed Apps and their lifecycle maintenance challenge. PatchMyPC for Endpoint (Intune) looks to have nailed down the problem with a very slick well-engineered solution for Sysadmins. It is only when sysadmins have waded into the Autopilot deployed endpoints with Intune delivered Apps that they realize there is a whole lot of work just maintaining the applications versions. PatchMyPC de-risks the potential to damage currently installed endpoint applications by simplifying the whole deployment process and subsequent maintenance.
Will Clutterbuck

Quality and Qualifications Ireland

Patch My PC Finance Customer Testimonials   Finance and Insurance

This is one of the excellent support/product team I worked so far! I would say, you guys know very well your product when it comes to troubleshooting.

PatchMyPC is excellent is tool to manage third party update through SCCM. I’m completely satisfied.

Dinesh Tashildar

American Express

The overall experience has been amazing. The support is super and they are really useful for everything.

Benjamin Fyffe

First State Investments

It works! And works great!

Elisey Nartov


Justin provided great support during our trial period and post-procurement process. Great catalog of available third party software

Boris Chao

Allstate Insurance Canada

Automation of 3rd party patches has long been a pain point here. Your product has saved me numerous hours of work and has bumped our compliance numbers up in a huge way! Very happy so far!

Matt Ritchie

Arch Insurance Group, Inc.

So far it’s helping us with pro-active patching off non-Microsoft products.

Tony Bartley


A very good result in sccm Shows open issues with Software which Needs to be updated.

Helmut Kyncl

Austrian Financial Market Authority (FMA)

Patch my PC has been very easy to implement using SCCM’s Third party catalog support and I have happy with how it has helped me handle Third Party Patches.

Greg Snyder

Calamos Investments

It’s a cost efficient service that does exactly what we need to third-party updats.

William Munsey


Andrew was very helpful and knowledgeable of the product

Devon Henry

Autonomy Capital

Andrew’s support was nothing but perfect. We asked various non-related PMPC questions such as co-management, CMG, and WSUS. Andrew was more than happy to answer these and has helped us massively progress with our overall project.

Alex Summers

HarbourVest Partners

We are very pleased with the PatchMyPC catalog for use in keeping our 3rd party software updated. Since it integrates with SCCM, the team finds it easy to use and works well in our monthly patching process. We’ve been able to reduce our software packaging workload and increase software currency as a result of utilizing it.

Josh Toombs


It saves a lot of time!

Florian Völker

Raiffeisenbank Emsland-Mitte eG

Andrew was extremely knowledgeable about Patch My PC and how it integrates with SCCM. He reviewed our installation with regard to best practices and assisted with some setups we were missing. He listened to our needs and helped adjust licensing in a manner that will ultimately save us money. In the end, he created a win/win solution. We look forward to working with Andrew and the company he represents well.
Sean Klein


Hasta el momento a venido a solventar una gran necesidad que teniamos para cubrir las actualizaciones de software de terceros, y otro punto importante es que las actualizaciones salen casi al mismo tiempo que las liberan los fabricantes entonces no tenemos que estar esperando largo tiempo para poder aplicarlas.
Otro punto importante es que la aplicacion de estas actualizaciones es muy efectivo a la hora que se aplica a los equipos clientes.

Felix Fuentes Nuñez

Evertec Costa Rica

My experience was great. Cody was very responsive and courteous. He even jumped on a Teams meeting at 6:00 AM to wrap things up. This was nice to get things squared away at the start of the day, at a time that any changes would have been least impactful. I couldn’t be happier with the support I received. I ventured outside of the stable version to get ahead with the new notification feature and I felt like the team at PMPC had my back the whole way. I also really liked the option in Cody’s signature to schedule some time if it was necessary. That just proves the level of service that PMPC strives to maintain. Well done!
Peter Maudlin


Customers for only about two months so I do not have a ton of time with the product and its integration. What I do know is that you’ve saved my team a ton of time so that is really helpful. As we use it more I’m sure some suggestions will be formulated and sent to your team. As it is now we can’t think of anything to make this better, since we feel the time we are saving using what you’ve already provided is super awesome.

Allan Howard

Tower Hill Insurance Group

After 2 years of market analysis finally found you. Tiny and working product that works in unattended mode. Super. Thank you!

Pavel Shalayev


This session involved Andrew and Cody, and they were both fantastic. Really knowledgeable and friendly. They really went above and beyond to help fix my issue.
Joseph Gipson


I’ve been a huge fan of PMP over the years. I have implemented some variation at my last 3 employers. Thank you for continuing to improve this tool. thank you! 

Benjamin Hall


Wes was amazing in getting us up and running with Patch My PC in no time!
Luis Gonzalez



Paul Prindle

LPL Financial

Extremely quick reply and spot-on fix for my issue.
Mikael Andersson


Jacques was awesome. Very patient and knowledgeable. Thank you!
Peter Kirschman

Mountain America Credit Union

Patch my pc has made patching most of our 3rd party products easy and hands-off. We were manually packaging updated applications constantly and now with PMP we don’t need to. Publishing service is very easy to use, we build some ADR’s around the patches and automated 3rd party product updates completely.

Joe Van Maldegiam


Andrew went above and beyond to help me with a problem with my SCCM that ended up being outside of the scope of PatchMyPC. His professionalism and attention to detail was greatly appreciated.

Bill Zielinski

Dow Chemical Employees' Credit Union

The PatchMyPC service is really good, and it helps me keep software that SCCM has scanned, but I don’t know about, up to date and secure!

Our Security team is really happy with us.

Jason Ewens

American Century Investments

Great tool to automatically patch third party software.

Martins Klisans

Bank of Latvia

Going with patchmypc has been one of the biggest improvements to our update process! Saves us a ton of time!

Eric Nelson

Farm Credit Services of America

It is far easier and faster than searching by hand for updates to each piece of software, and it enables up to deploy all patches much more promptly.

Erik Langeland

Firma Foreign Exchange

Patch My PC has been a fantastic addition to our update catalog and has great customization options for third party patching that we really enjoy!

John Lozon

Michigan State University Federal Credit Union

The services provided by PatchMyPC have helped us to increase the degree of compliance required to easily pass security audits. It is also very easy to use without the need for extra support to implement it.

Lucian Berbec


Patch-My-PC has allowed SCCM engineers better access to 3rd-Party updates without the need for constant online investigation. One-stop shopping for patch needs

Kevin Chetty

Alexander Forbes

I lead the team using the product so I don’t have direct experience using the product. This product has allowed us to automate the biggest manual task the team has. We have been able to replace most of our third party patching manual process and increase the number of applications we are patching monthly.

Dave Cook

Farm Credit Services of America

Patch My PC delivers updates very fast and it is very easy to see in the SCCM, which Workstations needs updates. The 3rd Party patching is really great with the Patch My PC solution.

Helmut Kyncl


I am still noobie in this, I am using this just few years, so I am still learning 🙂 … Anyway every week after release updates, I watch if some bad info about some new update will appear, and then I check every update what I need (some systems need older version/update till be updated itself) and I publish them. I am happy with this solution because I have updates under strong control 🙂

Lukáš Musil

Profi Credit Czech a.s.

Third party patching management system is very easy to use and you forget the managing of third party updates
very useful!

Matteo Molteni

Cornèr Banca

Provided everything to get the demo up and running

Kent Shaffer

Dun & Bradstreet

A set it and forget it kind of software. The best kind. Thanks for all y’all do!

Heath Jarrett

Farmers Bank & Trust

So far my experience with patch my PC is very good.

Rashedul Royal

Gateway Bank Ltd

Andrew was very knowledgeable and polite. He was easy to understand and walked me through the solution quickly.

Ross Miller


Adam is very professional in his job, he was able to find our problem in a couple of minutes and he also told us about best practices of PMP.
Uke Sejfijaj

Quipu GmbH

we were using Ivanti before PatchMyPC. The migration was super easy. I love the SCCM app publishing feature, and we’ve already configured several apps with custom installations and included them in imaging Task Sequences and deployed them to production users. 0-day patching requests from our security are so easy – the patches are already in the SCCM console ready to deploy, and the base app has already been updated for newly imaged devices. I have used the UserVoice portal to upvote a few ideas, and the ideas seem to be responded to in a timely fashion instead of just languishing. we’re looking forward to setting up Intune integration as well.

Craig Bailey

Standard Insurance

Ease of deployment/patching of 3rd party apps.

Pavel Zeldich


I have had a great experience so far when I e-mail support I get a quick response.

Bill Lesler

Eaton Vance Management

Cody was awesome! Would love to work with him again. He went above and beyond the issue. This was the first issue you guys have came across. He was able to expertly narrow down the issue. Even though the timeslot went overtime he spent more time to troubleshoot and found the issue! On top of that he was able to help me setup my enterprise plus trial and showed me how to use it including some valuable tips and tricks. I was never rushed to get off the meeting with him. Thanks again Cody!!
David Tu

Pacific Premier Bank

I got a response within 15 minutes, and the response was spot-on, whereby I was able to solve my problem right away.
Saqib A. Shamsi

Gulf Bank of Kuwait

Very helpful session. Wes was very knowledgeable and polite.
Darren Whatling

Toyota Financial Services Plc

I found PatchMyPC to be a very easy to implement the product, took me less than 30 minutes to understand, download and have it working in my SCCM environment. It has helped us bring down our vulnerability assessment reports from vulnerabilities in five digits down to double digits within days (of course dependent on a working SCCM environment). We’ve loved the product, and the PatchMyPC team is very cooperative and responsive.

Saqib A. Shamsi

Gulf Bank of Kuwait

We’ve only been using Patch My PC for a few months at our company, but it’s already become an incredibly valuable resource to ensure that our environment is homogeneous and up to date. Thank you for the great product!

Kelly Reardon


We have been using PatchMyPC for approximately 4 years to deliver third-party patches to our workstations via SCCM. We are very happy with the catalog and customer service.

Matt Gustke

Whatcom Educational Credit Union (WECU)

Initially, we switched from Ivanti Patch for SCCM (FKA Shavlik) for 2 primary reasons: 1) Cost, and 2) Pre/Post scripts following new products releases. We’ve had absolutely no issues integrating seamlessly from Ivanti to Patch My PC! Code-signing certs imported without issue, there’s no more need for a Service Account with ridiculous permissions to run scheduled sync, email notifications work as advertised and are formatted well, the SSRS Reports are great for the C-Levels, and Justin is running a great company that provides quick and informative responses to questions.

Nic Wendlowsky


The PMP Team have always gone above and beyond in all communications and support. I have implemented PMP at multiple clients & jobs, have never had a bad experience and recommend them to all MOE Engineers / Security Engineers in my network.

Rob Dearson


Easy to install, easy to configure, easy to automate using ADRs in SCCM. Forget about spending hours to download Adobe stuff all the time. Just let Patch My PC and SCCM do the magic every month.

Fabian Szalatnay


The product works greats. It works so well it just runs 🙂

Deb Burdick

IC System

Patch My PC has dramatically changed our third-party update approach. With the combined updates and base installations, Patch My PC automates what normally took us two days to complete each month. My only wish is that I had started using it sooner. We have utilized the UserVoice page and have been extremely happy with the support and turnaround of new applications. We are huge advocates for Patch My PC!

Peter Maudlin

Farm Credit Services of America

Patch My PC has helped us greatly with 3rd party software. Our computers now all have unified software versions and updating the 3rd party programs is much easier.

Taavi-Toomas Ainla

Estonian Health Insurance Fund

Has been great for reducing our workstation vulnerabilities, due to out-of-date third party software.

Mike Hartman


Patch My PC is a good third party application patching tool and we can integrate to SCCM easily and easily push all third party application patches through SCCM.


Attra InfoTech Pvt Ltd

Every time I contact support, they have been friendly and very fast at getting back to me with a resolution.

Jeremy Koons

F&G Annuities & Life

During the time of setting up SCCM in our company updating third-party applications was a major challenge for us. I evaluated many applications but could succeed in the requirement. When I got to know This tool, I thought this is the same as any other tool. But when I integrated this to SCCM, this tool clearly served my purpose. After a year of subscription, I have not got any issues.

Nagayya Pujari

Attra Infotech

Patch My PC has streamlined our 3rd party patching process which has helped immensely with our governing body’s annual audits.

Devin Kuhn

Apple Federal Credit Union

I’m not a genius in figuring things fast and it was a bit daunting to start implementing PatchMyPC in the environment but Justin helped me even when I was in “trial” and now I’m pretty comfortable with your product and it does save me time.

Vlad Toncean

Foresters Financial

Andrew was brilliant on our call – he answered every query we had, even if we did go ‘slight;y’ off PatchMyPC topic and deep-diving into WSUS and intune. Can’t recommend him enough!

Tom Szymanski

HarbourVest Partners

Excellent support, more than expected as we are only a client for PatchMyPc services but he gives great advice for SCCM/Intune co-management. Thanks!



Great service provided by Wes. It’s great being able to have the same person help you from the initial demo all the way through to the setup in your own environment. Wes was easy to communicate with and was able to answer all my questions very quickly!

Tasin Ali

CVC Credit Partners

Andrew is fantastic and knows the product inside an out, I’m glad he did our first demo and continues to be a resource for me.
Steve Fonda

General Atlantic

It’s the first time that we received such great support. We open several SR with the big vendor (MS, VMware, AWS, Dell, etc…), and we never met a technician as good as Cody. He immediately understood the problem, and he went further that, showing us the root cause of the issue, how to manage this type of case. He reproduced the issue and showed us how to fix it, in his demo environment, that’s, from my point of view, a great added value. Last but not the least, since we are not so proficient in English, he spoke slowly and with simple words to understand him very well. So, again, many compliments to Cody!!! Kind regards, Massimo ZAROLI
Massimo Zaroli

Europ Assistance

Cody was very Knowledgeable as to the product and was able to fully assist us with our use case.
Chris Macnichol

State Auto Insurance

Cody was friendly, professional, efficient, and great to work with. Thank you, Cody and PatchMyPC for the support and excellent product.
Barak Hirr

Oregon Community Credit Union

Patch My PC Retail Customer Testimonials   Retail

Since the day we implemented 3rd party app patching through Patch my PC we have achieved to have a more controlled but mainly fast way to update our clients. Compared to our previous packaging process which always took at least 1-2 weeks before an updated version of an app was available for deployment.

Gerasimos Bartsas


I am very pleased with the product and the technical support. The knowledge base is excellent and easy to navigate. We are preparing for PCI compliance and PatchMyPC has helped us to patch products that we didn’t even know we had on the network. Excellent product, fair price. Keep up the good work!

Ivailo Mitkov


I’ve been using the SCUP update catalog for several years now. I’ve convinced the last two companies I’ve worked for to adopt the use of this product and it has saved them time and money as a direct result.

Terry South

Eagle Ottawa

Jake was very knowledgeable, helpful, and well-informed on the product.
Mike Toman

Midland Paper Company

Easy to setup, quick with deploying updates via WSUS.

Joery Sassen

Multi Corporation

We are finally able to patch 3rd-party software and be sure it’s done frequently.

Morten Frederiksen

Novasol AS

Before PatchMyPC we would package each Update manually. It really is a great help.

Mohamed Ahmed

dm-drogerie Market

Wes Mitchell has good technical skills. He helped us a lot in configuring the Patch My PC setup with SCCM and also he explained each every parameter (Advance features) which help us to project our stakeholders.

Mohammed Maqsood


We are highly satisfied with our purchase of Patch My PC. It has been easy to set up, simple to manage, and provides us improved compliance compared with our previous provider.

Jack Stewart

Domino's Pizza

Cody has fantastic customer rapport, an extensive knowledge, and a great ability to troubleshoot in effort to see an issue to resolution.

Kyle Fabatz

Otter Products

An awesome product that eliminates all hassles from 3rd party patching.

Brent Beaverson


The product is super easy to integrate into SCCM updates and it just works!

Jean Milly


We have successfully patch many clients running older versions of many applications. The application is very easy to use and the documentation available is to the point.

Vipin Nuna

Lush Handmade Cosmetics

Using your product has helped us maintain our clients with the latest 3rd party applications, in particular iTunes, Firefox and Chrome. It has really made our patching process easier, faster and more accurate since we moved to Patch My PC.



For me PatchMyPc it’s a great addition to our SCCM environment and enables us to focus on other things than updates.

Alin Ionescu


Extremely helpful. Wes was patient & friendly. Along with helping with the issue, he explained how to use the software in an efficient manner and to its full extent for better productivity.


Christian Louboutin


Nagarjuna Kothamasu

Tenneco Automotive

Third party software update management is a crucial part of our security defense. Especially during this quarantine period where, most of our users are working from their homes, using their uncontrolled Internet connections. Path My PC simply enabled us to mitigate one of the biggest risks without spending many hours / days implementing and maintaining a patch management solution for both our servers and clients.

Murat Ergun

Coca Cola Icecek

It has made patch management a breeze, you used to spend hours and it is a matter of minutes to push out these updates.

Eddie Farkhondeh

Cacique, Inc.

Very good

Sven Schneider


At first, I was a bit skeptical about using PatchMyPC because of the price compared to other third party patching services I’ve used in the past. I was expecting a low-quality product, poor service, etc. I was blown away at the value we received. The catalog continues to grow. features added, and new services offered. The initial SCUP based process helped us mitigate the majority of the vulnerabilities in our environment. Then, when the SCCM integrated process was introduced, PatchMyPC began saving me hours each month. We’re now looking into the “Base Install Packages” offering which would alleviate some of the burdens off of our packaging team. I’d highly recommend PatchMyPC to any systems admin.

Alan Anderson

Bluestembrands, Inc

Use with SCCM has made a huge difference in improving the efficiency of getting 3rd party patches deployed in our environment. We are now able to patch our 3rd party applications with Microsoft updates in almost the same amount of time.

Michael Best

Canadian Fitness Professionals Inc.

Extremely quick setup
Nathan Heithoff

Bass Pro Shops / Cabelas

We’ve had a very productive class Session with Adam and he could answer all our question with precision.
Mohamed Ahmed

dm drogeriemarkt

We have nothing but great experiences since we have cut over from Ivanti to PatchMyPC. Justin has been extremely responsive when any question comes up. Not how he’s able to sustain getting back to us so quickly but he’s been great. I hope that when PatchMyPC does grow, support stays as amazing as it has been. Also, the product itself has evolved with the times and we haven’t even had it for a year. With the “Manual Download Required to Publish” for Java, I don’t think anyone else is doing this. Definitely a need in our environment. Thanks again, Guys!

Mitch Beck

Sheppard Mullin

Wish all vendors were like you guys.

Joe Cormane

Hudson Advisors

PatchMyPC has been a very important element in helping us patch and update 3rd party apps like Java, etc. I highly recommend it for any enterprise as they look for ways to manage 3rd party patching.

Rick Crandon

Schwegman, Lundberg & Woessner

My experience with PMP has been great. Updates are timely and support is efficient and effective.

Jamie Dickson

Preti Flaherty


Brian Colonna

White and Williams LLP

The Patch My PC catalogue has simplified patching many applications we use. I think it is great and for the money cannot be beat.


Miller Nash

Makes life so much easier, not just the updates but the auto-creation and update of applications for deployment and use in OSD TS.

Phil Thomas

Charles Russell Speechlys LLP


Chris Baudains


We converted from WSUS to Intune and the change was pretty much painless. We got great support from the PatchMyPC team and from the community.

Joshua Kirk

Smith & Howard, PC

Cody is extremely knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with


Williams & Connolly

Its made the whole process of patching 3rd party updates easier and manageable. I don’t waste time packaging and testing and repackaging 3rd party updates

Samuel Mutukura

Withers LLP

Patch My PC has really made the job of managing the deployment of updates to some of our third-party software much easier and allowing us to be much more productive.

Mark McCarron

Sintons LLP

Now a lot of our third party software is always up to date.
We save a lot of time with this tool

Giuseppe Cantavenera

BDO Belgium

Great value.


Greater Boston Legal Services

To be honest our Patch My PC solution is pretty much on autopilot, relying on our monthly separate ADRs for 3rd party solutions.

Bogdan Radu

CMS Cameron McKenna Nabarro Olswang LTD

No issues at all. Seamless integration makes it point-click-done.

Steven Anderson

IceMiller, LLP.

Great experience, Andrew was knowledgeable, friendly, professional and didn’t make fun of us when our problem was an obvious one 🙂 10/10
Luke Andrew


We reviewed several offerings from big players in this space and PatchMyPC came out on top in every respect. The ability to automate so many products frees up our packagers to focus on bringing value to the customers. No matter the size of the business, PatchMyPC is an essential component of the IT toolkit.

Steven Walch


The SCUP catalog made a big difference in getting our third party patching under control. Couldn’t be happier.

Joe Cormane

Hudson Advisors L.P.

It has made it very easy to deploy 3rd party updates. Before we had to package each up individually and deploy them. Now we can deploy them as a Software Update, making our life much easier.
Michel Deschenes

Joseph Beeler

Dykema Gossett PLLC

This product and patch list have improved immensely over the last five years. We have used this catalog for many years and continue to adopt the feature updates as it saves us time and effort implementing and maintaining 3rd party updates.

Darren McDermott


Using Patch My PC has been a great experience for us and it has been extremely useful for keeping our third-party application up-to-date. The catalog covers most of our needs and new items continue to be added as they make their way through the UserVoice portal. The support we receive from the PMPC team is always excellent, with very quick response times and useful solutions/suggestions for our problems. I would absolutely, and already have, recommend PMPC to friends. Great job and I hope you continue kicking butt as you’ve been doing 😀

Jose Magos

Ballard Spahr

It has been good so far. It definitely helped getting third party patches deployed.

Rafael Gonzales

US Legal Support

PatchMyPC has been an amazing addition to our arsenal of tools. Twice in the last 3 months, we’ve been asked by the business to deploy a new app that happened to exist in the PMPC catalog already, taking time-to-deploy down from days to hours.

Walker McAninch

Stoel Rives

Patch My PC Technology Customer Testimonials   Technology

We’ve been using Patch My PC for over a year now and it couldn’t have been easier to get set up and have deployments running. The publishing service works away in the background and has allowed us to automate some of our recurring tasks in relation to 3rd Party software updates. Couldn’t recommend it highly enough! My thanks to Justin & the team!

John Long

Version 1

Andrew was very knowledgeable. He showed us a deep dive into configuration and settings that we were not aware of. I believe we will enjoy using your product.

Mike Brown


Over the past few year I have added patchmypc to a number of local councils and have recommended to others. up to now I have not heard any customer who is not impressed with the products

Keith Dibling


Cost effective and robust.

Peter Turnbull

BAI Communications

I have been using the catalog for a while now, and I must say that I’m impressed by the high quality of the updates and the richness of the catalog. My main concern is the top 10 updates and they can all be found in the catalog.

Kent Agerlund

SCCM MVP, Microsoft MVP

Saves tons of SCCM Admin time!

Jamie Perkins

Mouser Electronics

PatchMyPC makes 3rd party patching easy.

Pepijn Vermeersch


I want to a thank you for making my life easier with your catalogue, I used to struggle with third-party patches and spend thousands of minutes trying to package for each update. I used to be behind on my other work, and vulnerability management teams used to be on my case, but this has helped me go through my workload. Your troubleshooting videos are also straightforward and helpful. I will surely recommend this product to other company’s regions.

Zukisa Mfiki

Dimensions Data

Simple, straightforward, time saver!

Daniel Cratty


with the patch my pc services it is very easy to keep the systems up-to-date. it has been a huge obstacle in pre-PatchMyPC-times. So I am very greatful for you offering your service! Thank you very much!

Markus Kugler

Innovabee GmbH

Really satisfied, great support, great release cycle, and updates.

Christian Ljubicic


So far we are very pleased with our decision to select this product,support and roadmap.

Amir Goldman


PatchMyPC has greatly reduced my overhead in managing third party products

Jerry Lindberg

Imagine Print

Andrew was helpful, answered all my questions and let me know about new features that had just come out. It was a very productive call and I recommend Patch My PC. They don’t just have a great product they also have excellent customer service.
Kristen Schumm

Transact Campus

It’s saving us a lot of packaging time and it allows us to patch the most vulnerable third party apps in a simple way.

Pierre Rondeau Manningham

Square Enix Europe

Keep up the good work 🙂

Andreas Aufmuth

Vogel Communications Group

Very simple to setup and use. The large list of applications that are supported means that we can plug a lot of security holes with minimum effort.

Tim Duggan

ADVA Optical Networking

Our PCs are much better protected with ALL the patches installed (OS, Office 365, and 3rd party apps).

Dale Nemec


Easy setup and saved us hours from doing the packaging ourselves.

Brian Top-Rasmussen

Universal Robots A/S

Wes is excellent at his job to make us understand how the tool will work and how to simplify our work with this tool. Well organized and friendly.


Cody was extremely quick, efficient, and personable. The experience was outstanding!
Mike Tucci

Lubrizol Corporation

Great communication. Very fast email replies with excellent information which solved my support issue. Not the generic canned replies like “send me the logs” and “give me a few days to review” that you get from other companies.

Bob Muetzenberg

ZAG Technical Services

The support for your chat and the quickness of Wes getting the product over to me was 10/10!
Mark Cuccaro

SHI International Corp.

An absolute time-saver! Allows ConfigMgr admins to focus on more important things. 🙂

Tomas Astrauskas


Cody was amazing, he listened and understood my issue and explained everything to me in a very clear and efficient manner. Very happy with his assistance

George Gimian


Andrew was awesome. Polite, thoughtful and highly educated with the product. He also helped me troubleshoot an issue with the WSUS database.

Kevin Emerick


We have appreciated the fast and easy way to set it up as well as the automatic updating and reports. It gives a piece of mind in a world of security vulnerabilities and threats.

Anders Nilsson

Lime Technologies Sweden AB

PatchMyPC is Absolutely the best thing what has happened for 3rd party patching!!! Just features that you needed and no bull at all! (In Finland, we do not praise if there is no reason)

Joonas Simolin

Atea Finland

This has made my life an absolute breeze and saved me tons of hours updating applications in s/w center.

Ryan Schmitt


Patch My PCs catalog saved us tremendous amount of time to effectively patch our 3rd party software. We had a very tight delay for patching high severity vulnerabilities that came in from our Infosec team. We managed to bring our sev 5 down to almost zero with the help of Patch My PC’s catalog.

Michel Deschenes

WB Games Montreal

The catalog is easy to use, and covers most non Microsoft products used in the organization. Great value on the license costs as well. Excellent product.

Julian Jordan

Ensono Ltd

Our experience with Patch My PC has been excellent from the start. Justin was quick to offer us a demo and answer all of our questions. Purchase and implementation was quick and easy. The product is simple to use and provides so much value, they help keep our machines secure while saving me a ton of time.

John Hucher

Tripp Lite

After manually managing Firefox and Java updates with SCUP, the SCUP catalog has saved me tons of time and headaches!

Jamie Perkins

IT Dept., Mouser Electronics

We used a competitor of yours for years and we struggled with it for years. It was a more expensive product and we thought the old adage of “you get what you pay for” was true. Your product broke that mold. While your product may cost less, it functions as described and does the job we implemented it to do. Great job to the team! Thank you!

Matt Butler


Very easy to use, regular updates and good support.

Christian Ljubicic


Cody is a great guy with huge patience and empathy for customer problems! Solved all customer issues! Kudos!
Ovidiu Pismac

Microsoft Romania

Extremely fast turn-around and resolution

Douglas Griffin

Steeves and Associates

It’s saved me hours in packaging applications and keeping them up to date. We were easily able to patch our Firefox ESR and Notepad++ installs as requested by our InfoSec team. It’s enabled us to publish an app catalogue via the Software Center with the applications being updated automatically.

Mark Kerry

Concentra Consulting

Moving from a competitor’s product that only introduced updates to our system to one that also publishes and updates the applications themselves enabled us to support the users with a controlled and up-to-date source for their software installs, greatly reducing the risks for us and the end-users.

Cordos Octavian


We are still in the early days of implementing PatchMyPC, having previously used a competitor’s product. However, the initial view is very good, the additional client-side logging provided has already helped identify why one update was failing and we were able to take action to resolve.

Bob Clarke

Mott MacDonald Ltd

Wes was awesome to work with! He was friendly, knowledgeable, professional, and I could relate and understand everything he was suggesting and why. I really look forward to working with him again!
Ernesto Flores

NTT Global Networks

Perfect. Super professional. Thank you so much, Cody.


​It was a great experience working with Andrew and Adam

Pushpender Dubey


Cody answered all the questions I had, offered additional help, and provided a prompt answer.

Mobile Mentor

Very knowledgeable and made sure the issue was resolved before he logged off. Also replied to a question I had via email. Awesome group of people at PatchMyPC.
Hector Gaston

EBI Consulting

Before we implemented the solution, our security scans had over 4000+ vulnerabilities from 3rd party apps. Now we are down to less than 200.

Brent Todd

Insight Global LLC

I am a super new user of SCCM and PatchMyPC and the things that your software can do is just amazing. Great product and great support. Way to go, Justin and team!

Ravi Kumar Raja

FireEye, Inc.

The Patch My PC catalog is comprehensive for software we have deployed in our environment. Updated packages are timely and easy to see which packages are new or updated.

Scott Langley

The Villages Operating Company

Thanks to this catalog, we can update quickly without a hassle and follow security updates of third party applications.

Benoit Debure

Win S.A.

I can’t shout about it enough, I’ve even recommended the product as a resolve to multiple issues posted on Reddit. As a Windows administrator wearing many hats in a security-focused environment, it’s great to be safe in the knowledge that the bulk of our critical third-party software is effortlessly being looked after. Before finding this product, keeping on top of everything it does was a real nightmare so I applaud the team behind it!

Ben Rogers


Inexpensive, easy to use, saves a lot of work

Korbinian Otto


The catalog is great, and you can’t beat the price of it.

Kim Oppalfens

SCCM MVP, Microsoft MVP

Third-party apps are no longer something we worry about after we started using Patch My PC.

Bruce Sa

NTT America

Updates as easy as falling off a log

Markus E. Kugler

Innovabee GmbH

This tool is helping a lot to improve the process of keeping the Company secure and up to date. Via SCCM I can push critical updates and can deploy optional on less critical updates – perfect combination for us.

Sonja Aubele

HENSOLDT Optronics GmbH

I’m a one-person SCCM department. I simply don’t have time to continually manage 3rd-party patching for anything outside of our mainline production applications, let alone build and test packages for those smaller apps. Before PatchMyPC, we weren’t even trying to stay up-to-date on these apps. Now we’re compliant and it basically requires none of my time. Between the publishing service and my SCCM ADRs, the whole process is fully automated. Fantastic!

Justin Holloman


Very good use cases for Intune and the catalog can be extended with additional apps.

Adrian Anghel

UiPath SRL

Very nice Tools. When we have a question/issue, the support gives feedback very fast. It very appreciate.

Giuseppe Cantavenera

BDO Belgium

Patching 3rd party products and bringing our 3rd party vulnerabilities under control has been a breeze with PatchMyPC. We were able to integrate support for over 100 applications within the environment simply by following the PatchMyPC instructions with very little adjustment.

Maksim Chirich

Rocket Software, Inc.

Cody was extremely knowledgeable with regard to the actual flow of updates, and was able to identify the root cause of my Software update issue. (It was a WSUS database mismatch). He gave me several options to pursue to repair the issue. We were able to update the Primary site server, and bring the various systems into alignment. He helped me to validate the configuration the next day, explaining some of the philosophical reasons for the various certificate deployment options within my environment. I feel he went above and beyond what support was “required” to help me, not just with my PatchMyPC surface issue, but with some user education pieces I was struggling with, in my own environment. Thanks VERY much!

Dean Duensing


It’s hands down, the best answer to 3rd party patching with ConfigMgr. We just moved from a competitors product to PMP two weeks ago… Wish we could have moved to it sooner, but we had to wait for the old apps subscription to end. I couldn’t believe how easy it was to get up and running. Every bump I ran into standing it up, there was a perfectly documented KB on how to resolve. Love the product and the amount of care that has gone into making it what it is. Amazing job Justin Chalfant and team! ???

Cord Tocci


Wes answered all of our questions and provided a logical start-to-finish overview and demonstration of the product. He covered installation and operation very well, and made our demo both insightful and fun.
Bob Lamaster


Cody is such a nice guy and very helpful, he also has a great knowledge of SCCM and PatchMyPC.
Will Johann


Andrew clearly knows your tool and has great advice for handling the configuration for a ConfigMgr environment. He’s prompt and willing to share his knowledge which is a key to excellent customer service.
Doug Wilson

Now Micro, Inc

Great experience. Andrew helped me to resolve the issue.
Cosmin Enache


Wes was extremely helpful in showing us how to get the most out of the PMPC product. This will make our processes a lot more efficient!
Kevin Toney

Honeywell FM&T

Patch My PC Energy, Oil, Gas, Renewables Customer Testimonials   Energy, Oil, Gas, Renewables

With our small IT team and resources staying on top of 3rd party patches was difficult and time-consuming. With the PatchMyPC catalog, we now integrate it in our monthly patch cycle and are meeting the security requirements of our organization with a lot less time and effort.

Tory Allen

Tundra Oil & Gas

I think the notifications are timely, clear and concise. It helps to keep informed so that we can update our environment.

Mike Rubens

Fortis Alberta Inc.

Patch My PC rocks! We are able to keep up with 3rd party updates and address any known vulnerabilities in our environment quickly.

Manuel Freitas


Expansive catalog with a really straight-forward implementation! 10/10

Chris Doan

Distribution NOW

I am very satisfied with the catalog and the continuous updates provided. We are able to update PC’s with the latest patch levels in a quick and timely manner.

Derek Best

Cameco Corporation

It improved our life and I hope it will continue doing 🙂

David Carabantes

Nippon Gases

This is my 2nd company using PatchMyPC and it’s been a tremendous aid in managing the 3rd party software updates. With the publishing service and an ADR, I can virtually forget about it.

Damien Solodow

Gaylor Electric

The biggest advantage so far is that it has saved me a lot of time by patching my pc’s automatically.

Hans Boele

KOTUG International

The experience so far has been great. The product is easy to use and the automatic creation of applications is a big time-saver for us. Your support is awesome!

Anders Hessel

IFS North America

You have taken the headache out of patch management, by just making it very seamless, kudos!


Bluewater Energy Services B.V.

PatchMyPC is absolutely fantastic! With the ability to publish third party updates not only as Software Updates but also as Applications, we can ensure that both existing and new machines are always up-to-date!

Adrian Rodriguez

Black Hills Energy

We’re still a new customer, and only started patching our production environment with PMPC patches last month. Implementation exceeded expectations, and our IT Security team is happy (if possible) with the potential coverage that will be available.

Bryce Dennison

Nova Scotia Power

We have a lot of third party products throughout our environment and PMP has helped in getting everyone on the same page and more secure. The simplicity in creating packages has allowed us to create a multitude of packages in a short time. It is one of the best products I have ever used.

Jason Armitage

Border States Electric

Not having to manually create update scripts for all of the small utilities and constantly keep looking to see if there are updates for all of these products has made life so much simpler and far less time-consuming.

Randy Nerbas

FortisAlberta Inc.

My company was purchased two years ago and every week I need to run a tool to collect network vulnerabilities and we receive an grade for our network. After we implement Patch My PC catalog we reduce vulnerabilities in 80% and we have the most security network comparing with other group’s company


Harris Brastak

We have come a long way in staying current with our patching or 3rd party apps since joining with the PMPC program. So many small applications were a nightmare to maintain individually. Having them all in one place is a no-brainer and being able to do them in a controlled manner allows us the flexibility we need.

Randy Nerbas

FortisAlberta Inc.

No longer having to package all of the smaller everyday apps frees my up to concentrate on bigger projects. The time saved alone is worth every penny, but it’s also a great service with timely updates and constantly improving. Highly recommended.

Robert Graham

Afton Chemical

PatchMyPC helped us to minimize the time and the administrative effort that is required to build, test, manage, and deploy an application update or even an application installation with SCCM. PatchMyPC support is superb.

Pasiotis George

Aegean Airlines S.A

Andrew was great and answered most of our questions, and very helpful.
Hue Tu

Pioneer Natural Resources

To be able to update so much software fully automatically every day makes this one of my top tools with sccm. I really look forward to the package creation so i dont have to spend any time with this too.

Thomas Førde

Ulstein Shared Services AS

The “Base Installations” feature alone was well worth the switch from Ivanti to PMPC. It saves us countless hours every month!

Martin Jäger

Kremsmüller Industrieanlagenbau KG

Patch my PC is a great tool have helped a lot. Now we have a chance to be compliance

Henrik Petersen

Thomas Cook Airlines Scandinavia A/S

I’ve been using Patch My PC for over a year now and I can honestly say that it has saved me a lot of time. It has helped us keep our 3rd party software up to date.

James Michel-Williams

Transcontinental Inc.

It makes out patching quicker, as we don’t have to look for every specific vendor releases

Stéphane Collet

Alpiq AG

Up to two hours of daily work are now spared thanks to Patch My PC service. Also, the internal audit is happy with us taking care of patching the software in an organized, procedural manner.

Piotr Łucka

Polish Oil & Gas Company (PGNiG S.A.)

Definitely helped with third party software updates, especially your write up on how to publish Java updates.

Jonn Barker

Rosebud Mining Company

Works well integrated into the sccm environment and makes installing third party patches much easier.

Melanie Wong

Seminole Electric Cooperative

Jacques was great. He explained everything during the installation, answered all of my questions, and really helped me understand all of the options.

Beth Westcott

GZA GeoEnvironmental, Inc.

Cody did a great job sticking with a difficult issue and coming up with a resolution on the spot. We scheduled another meeting to apply the fix and he suggested that the fix will be added to the publisher application in the future.
Travis Keller

Sunflower Electric Power Corporation

Wes went above and beyond what was asked, he was knowledgeable and very passionate about PatchMyPC software. Highly recommended and look forward to working with him again.
Joe Hillenbrand

First Energy

Patch My PC Construction Customer Testimonials   Construction and Manufacturing

It has made patching 3rd party apps easier.

Jamie Tyszko

Flatiron Construction

Excellent, addressed several pen test findings quickly and easily.

Lachlan Amey


Excellent! Ben was friendly and knowledgeable and helped me to get up and running quickly!
Gordon Hannan

INEOS Styrolution

I found Andrew to be quite knowledgeable and helpful.



I’m the sole ConfigMgr admin at our company and PatchyMyPC has made my job of manually having to update every third party app we use nonexistent. I have it fully automated in our environment with phased deployments to pilot groups before production deployments are made active.

Dylan Brown

Brasfield and Gorrie

The whole process from the first contact to a finished agreement was fine from our side. My employees are happy and it’s the first time that we have a regular patch system for standard software and not only an emergency patch mechanism.
Thank you Patch-my-PC 🙂

Chantal Zelder

Oerlikon IT Solutions AG, Pfäffikon

It relieves the helpdesk. Updates are distributed automatically without my team having to take care of them.

Thomas Düringer


Everything was very great and fast!

Michael Kock

Vogelsang GmbH & Co. KG

Cody was very knowledgeable and extremely helpful. I like his demeanor and easy-going attitude.
Vince Tran

Reliance Steel & Aluminum

Good experience Cody has invited a french coworker. It was more easy for me. Thanks


We’ve had a great experience. Thanks for a great product!

Chris Stevens

TAMKO Building Products

Such a great tool & time saver! Our external cyber security assessor asked what tool we use to patch non-Microsoft products as our results were the best he’s seen – thanks in part to Patch My PC!

Adam Hides

BuroHappold Engineering

Cody responded quickly after I requested support. He also solved the issue and explained what he did during the troubleshooting. The installation was up and running after less than an hour.
** Template


Very knowledgable and able to assist with cert and content dist issues.
We have since resolved many issues since our session with Wes.


Auto & General Holdings

We are very satisfied with the product and the service we receive. We have had suggestions to add to the catalog and within a few days they were available. Good and solid product. We would highly recommend “Patch My PC” for SCCM/WSUS integration.

Ulrich Bernskov


I feel more confident that our 3rd party software isn’t just ignored and when I hear about a vulnerability it isn’t such a huge deal because if PMPC handles it, I know it will be updated ASAP. It also helps with apps that require admin rights for updates and now they can stay updated without the help of IT. The base installs also allows me to give more offerings to my users without any real effort on my part.

Ryan Hansard

Shape Corp

It was over all expectations.
Christian Jensen

Dansk Metal

With the combination of the publishing service and ADRs in ConfigMgr, we can generally take a set and forget approach to our 3rd party patch management. In a very lean shop, this is key to have solutions that take care of themselves. 

Paul Wetter

Vista Outdoor

Like every other interaction I’ve had with every aspect of PatchMyPC, Wes was amazing. It seems to be increasingly rare nowadays to get quality customer service, but PatchMyPC always exceeds my expectations and goes above and beyond. I can’t say it enough, thank you for everything you do!
Chase Winkler


I have had a wonderful experience with PMPC! Simple and easy to set up and modify as needed.

Keith Nail


Cody was a very smart guy, knew exactly what I needed and we figured it out.

Andrew Stef

SRS Distribution

I simply love that pretty much any software I need to have patched, it’s already most likely covered by the catalogue. And if it’s not, we can look into requesting it for future needs. The Patch My PC team does awesome work in getting updates released in a very quick and stead manner. Keep up the good work!

Stephane Faubert

Ivanhoe Cambridge

PatchMyPC has made updating many 3rd party apps a breeze. I can set it to align with our normal monthly updates and have to do very little work to maintain it.

Andrew DeGeorge

Swinerton Inc.

Overall the product is solid. It does what we want and it wasn’t difficult to get it working. Huge fan and looking forward to what is coming later in the roadmap, especially with Intune integration.

Curtis Smith

GPD Group

Patch My PC has helped bring the application sprawl within our environment under control. No longer do we have 30 versions of Acrobat, saving our technicians hours when trying to troubleshoot issues.

Dustin Ogilvie


Easy to use, even without training – good logfiles – a good overall experience

Kristof Vansant

Groep Van Roey

It was great he was detailed and concise, not to mention is a good speaker/presenter. Jake answered all our questions quickly too. Setup looks to be a snap and the tie in to Intune AND SCCM, awesome as we are in a hybrid state so we need both. This will greatly simplify initial Intune app deployment and keeping things patched and secure! Can’t wait to implement this great tool!
Roger Truss

Brunswick Corporation

Andrew was awesome! Helped me through some sticking points and made great recommendations for moving forward.
Brent Norberg

Plex Systems

All of the support people are amazing. I really enjoy working with your team.
Chris Tretta

Rinchem Company

Patch My PC Miscellaneous Industries Customer Testimonials   Miscellaneous Industries

Easy addition to the huge investment already put into SCCM.

Anthony Cortese

Verisk Analytics

Makes this faster for us to due and lets us stay on top of app updates.

Wayne Stuebing

Trimac Transportation

It was really easy to get started and you have done a great job with the instruction videos on youtube, They are super-useful.

Mikael Gustafson

Scandi Standard

It integrates perfectly in SCCM and saves lots of time.

Arthur Odekerken

HeLics stad Hasselt

PatchMyPC is a one-stop shop for 3rd party software updating. New products are constantly added and support has been good and quick!

Greg Wood

C.H. Robinson

Very easy to use, excellent documentation

Peter Huysmans

Hulpverleningszone Zuid-West Limburg

The product is great, and the unlimited 30 day trial was key in selling this to the leadership. You are doing a great job with this.

Duncan Moss

National Hockey League

Excellent. We got the issue quickly identified and resolved. Adam was friendly and professional. Patch My PC is an excellent product with good customer service.
Andrew Wild

MIC Global Services

Patch My PC helps us stay up to date with third party patching without the headache of packaging up the updates ourselves. Well worth the cost!

Jamie Blakeman


My experience has been great from day one, I found it easy to import and publish the catalogs.

Colin Buckley

Toyota Canada

We have used Patch My PC to update Adobe,, Apple Software and many others and it is wonderful.

Qusai Alhaddad

Al Majdouie

The SCUP catalog made updates easy. Software updates are available short time after release

Sindre Westre


Super helpful to patch all non-Microsoft 3rd party applications.

Stephane Faubert

Ivanhoe Cambridge

Excellent customer service

Focus on the Family

Once again, fantastic customer service.

The Associated Press

Wes was very helpful as the demo turned into a configuration meeting and helped me setup my entire trial. The entire process took less than an hour and he had an answer for every snag along the way. I am looking forward to working with him and the rest of the company for years to come.

Michael Miller

Pacers Sports and Entertainment

Great product at the right price.

Anthony Church

Worldwide Clinical Trials

Excellent product. I don’t need to do manual jobs with updates any more and we keep our clients up to date. And now base installs is a great new feature i’am looking into. Maybe base installs can manually be imported to LOB apps in Intune with our without scripts and in future releases be an automated feature working with Intune?

Eivind Olden


Pays for itself in 1 month. Thanks and keep up the great work!

Eric Nowicki

Akima, LLC

We didn’t used to patch our third party products until we got a low score on a security audit. Once we implemented Patch My PC our score rose significantly.

Neil Budke

American Crystal Sugar Co

Great service and team keep up the amazing work!

Mohammed Salam


Couldn’t have asked for a better support and setup assistance experience. Wes was brilliant, he happily (and expertly) guided us through various processes in order to achieve our goals and objectives. Every interaction we’ve had with the Product and the support team behind it has been outstanding! Top Marks ?
Stuart Burns

Rail Delivery Group

Each and every release seems to make the product better and saves me a tremendous amount of time not having to do the packaging of all of the apps in this catalog. I’m the sole Configuration Management Administrator for my company and using the Patch My PC Enterprise+ subscription has already reduced the amount of time spent managing applications significantly, and I look forward to deploying many of these applications as available apps in Software Center for my users to have the option of installing.

Ryan Cloyd

Jensen Hughes

Patch My PC has helped us secure our environment by updating most of our 3rd party applications, most of which was not updated since installation.

Jan Christiansen

TV2 Danmark

This product is the best I’ve used regarding application updates. The price and the usability has no competitor.



Excellent service. We started the subscription just for being able to control Java updates via SCCM/SCUP. For Java alone the small cost is worth it. The SCUP update is usually available with a half day of the original vendor update, which is great. Thanks!

Kevin Thorwesten

The North West Company

works well with SCUP and Wsus Package Publisher

Matthias Miks


So much easier to use than our former 3rd party solution. We were up and running in minutes and noticed our vulnerabilities reduce quickly thereafter. Very happy!

Marco Bunschoten


I’ve had a great experience using Patch My PC. As a one man show for my corp, its been so great not having to try and keep up with the various publisher’s releases, and package them and push them. My 3rd party patching is infinitely easier now.

Ryan Hathaway

Calista Corp

The Patch My PC service has made 3rd party software updating a breeze. The amount of control it provides for each update is great. Very pleased.

Ronny Roberts


Justin has helped me out fix a few issues I always talk highly of you guys on the sccm reddit

Alexander Patterson


Ever since we’re using the Patch My PC catalog we’ve had a great experience using it. Everything works fine, no issues so far.
As we have been using a different third party patch software before, I cannot say that patching or compliance has improved. We choose PatchMyPC for the Systemcenter Integration which our previous Software didn’t support.

Jonathan Morjan

Süddeutsche Gelenkscheibenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG

PMPC has definitely helped us with integrating with our InfoSec team in mitigated CVEs as they happen.

Casey O'Rourke


We´re using the SCUP catalog in cooperation with our WSUS and WSUS package publisher. Currently we´re updating about 70 apps with your catalog.

Petr Maizner

NESS Czech, s.r.o.

The Patch My PC SCUP catalogue has allowed us to take control of Java and Adobe patches, which were previously the biggest problem outside of our SCCM environment. It is worth the money for that feature alone.

Chris Atkins

Hamon & Cie International

Your high-quality YouTube videos are your primary selling point, trust me. Just an excellent product for a good price, and excellent SCCM content in general.

Andrew Wild

MIC Global Services

Currently we are satisfied with your catalog. Everything runs perfect. Keep it up!


Airbus DS

Improved visibility, ease of update. If anything PmP is too efficient! We see problems before the application owners have a chance to vet the new releases! Thanks!

Dean Duensing

Starz, LLC

finally an excellent product 🙂

Miro Kukrika

KDD d.d.

Jake was really knowledgeable on both the PMP product and Intune. Good and clear information 10 / 10 would recommend 🙂
Filip Theyssens