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Innovative reporting and patch compliance solution for ConfigMgr

Bring your Configuration Manager data to life by converting complex ConfigMgr report information into delightfully eye-catching visuals with Advanced Insights
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Valuable and accessible data through intuitive reporting

Advanced Insights is accessible anywhere through one easy-to-use portal. Immediately understand your compliance status against the latest updates at a glance.

Gain insight into your security

Actionable Insights

Dive deep into your security landscape with Advanced Insights reporting, extracting invaluable insights to fortify your defenses and proactively address vulnerabilities.

Risk Radar

Harness the power of Advanced Insights reporting as your security radar: illuminating potential risks and vulnerabilities and enabling you to safeguard your systems.

Discover true patch compliance

Compliance Perfected

Achieve impeccable patch compliance with Advanced Insights, providing a comprehensive view of your patching status.

Insights Amplified

Harnessing the platform’s capabilities to gain a competitive advantage in managing updates and securing your IT environment.

Advanced Features

Transforming complex data into rich, high-quality visuals requires versatile features. Advanced Insights feature set provides plenty of options.

Advanced Insights Dashboard Endpoint Protection

Beautiful data.
Streamlined reporting.

Trust Advanced Insights to transform complex data into rich, high-quality visuals that can be interrogated easily. Advanced Insights provides a high-level overview with layer upon layer of drilldown depth and functionality.

Streamlined software update compliance reporting

Through a single window Advanced Insights offers a clear software compliance update overview and quick-to-read progress stats. It’s a quick-scan, visual representation of your entire software update landscape, and easy for even the non-technical user.

Threat analytics dashboard

Advanced Insights combines data from your Microsoft and Patch My PC update catalogs to present security posture details for all update-related risks.

A helping hand for the helpdesk

Extend ConfigMgr’s powerful capabilities to the helpdesk. Through one easy-to-use portal, Advanced Insights empowers your team leaders and helpdesk analysts to find, interrogate and act on incidents raised by your users through working with ConfigMgr’s rich dataset and Advanced Insights’ responsive interface.

Hear from the masterminds behind Advanced Insights in the feature video

Drillthrough Dashboard

In today’s data-driven world, having access to diverse and flexible reporting options is vital. The Advanced Insights dashboard empowers you with a myriad of tools to drillthrough so you can make use of the enriched ConfigMgr Data.

Discover better insights on your data

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Placeholder FAQ

Will Advanced Insights be for both ConfigMgr and Intune?

Advanced Insights is available for ConfigMgr only for now. Implementation of Intune reporting is currently on our roadmap.  

When will Advanced Insights be available for me?

We will be rolling this feature out in the upcoming weeks in waves. Register to be one of the first users to experience Advanced Insights.

What is Advanced Insights?

Advanced Insights is a dashboard portal for reporting on a ConfigMgr data set. It pulls data from the entire ConfigMgr landscape. This reporting focuses on software update compliance reporting and inventory status configuration. 

Is Advanced Insights available with all Patch My PC subscriptions levels?

Currently, Advanced Insights is only available for a select number of active Patch My PC customers on Enterprise Plus as a showcase. We will be rolling out Advanced Insights over the coming months to become more widely available as a part of a new subscription level. If you are interested in updates as we make this feature more widely available, please register above.  


Placeholder FAQ

What additional value can Advanced Insights offer in our company beyond Patch My PC reporting?
  • Broader and deeper update compliance reporting.
  • Integration with a variety of APIs to extend update reporting into CVE/Security posture.
  • Overview to detail functionality with reports and dashboards constructed for all personas in the organization.
  • Extensive reporting across all areas of Configuration Manager functionality, including OS Versions and support statements, Office 365 client versions and support, hardware inventory, software inventory and usage, etc.
  • Responsive, cross-platform, mobile support.
Can I take action on the data in the reports?

Yes, everything in the portal is clickable for more data, and we surface right-click actions (policy, scan, etc.) as well as restart, ConfigMgr remote control actions from the portal.

Does Advanced Insights have role-based functionality?


Can I export the data to Excel?

Yes, you are able to export a variety of datasets to Excel.