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Integrate Third-Party Patch Management in Microsoft ConfigMgr and Intune

This release contains a variety of fixes and improvements, as noted below.

This will be made available via the self-update channel over the coming days. You can upgrade in place now by downloading the latest MSI installer.


  • Added a filter for Superseded to the Modify Updates Wizard.
  • Adjusted some log levels and log text to be clearer.
  • Added additional logging when the proxy settings are loaded in the event of a failure.
  • Add the ability to limit the number of threads used during the upload of Intune packages.
  • Scriptrunner will now log out a comma-separated list of all public desktop shortcuts if the installing product is configured to delete desktop shortcuts.
    • This is to help troubleshoot when icons for applications are not deleted.
  • Improved how running processes are enumerated for Manage Conflicting Processes making the popup more responsive.
  • Implemented a ‘retry’ in the event of failure for many critical interactions with Azure via Microsoft Graph.
  • The Publisher will delete files from the download cache if there is a hash-mismatch for the file. This makes the root cause of Publishing failure easier to identify.


  • Fixed a bug where whitespace at the beginning or end of the Organization Name for Manage Conflicting Processes would cause the property to fail to parse correctly.
  • Fixed a bug where old setting backups would not rename properly, causing an error during settings backup in some cases.
  • Fixed a bug where some network operations would not use the configured proxy.
  • Fixed a bug where the code signing of ConfigMgr detection scripts may fail to validate the digital signature on the endpoint.
  • Fixed a bug where the UseGSInstalledSoftware registry option would cause the ConfigMgr database scan to never perform a query.
  • Fixed a bug where a failure to download an icon would cause a product to fail to publish.
Published On November 17, 2022