Automated Application Management for Microsoft Endpoint Manager

Simplify third-party application management

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Download the Publishing Service Installer  Download the Publishing Service Installer

Please review our step-by-step PDF and Video guides below for information about downloading, installing, and configuring our publishing service in your environment. These guides cover the integration into Microsoft Configuration Manager or Microsoft Intune.

To get started, please start by downloading the latest MSI installer of our publisher. You can view release notes at the bottom of this page.

Setup Guide for Microsoft Configuration Manager (SCCM)  Setup Guide for Microsoft Configuration Manager (SCCM)

Our guides below cover setting up the publisher for automating third-party application management and patching in Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM).

Setup Guide for Microsoft Intune  Setup Guide for Microsoft Intune

Our guides below cover setting up the publisher for Microsoft Intune. Intune publishing supports the automated creation and updating of Win32 applications.

Publishing Service Release History  Publishing Service Release History

Please click the buttons below to popup the release notes for our publishing service. You can also request new features on our UserVoice and review the current roadmap.

Schedule a Live Demo with Patch My PC to See How It Works  Want Help? Schedule a Setup Session with an Engineer on our Team

Want help getting our product configured? Schedule a setup session today 

Have questions? Let our engineering team help you with the setup process for free and answer any questions to help determine if our product is right for you.

In the setup session, we can cover:

  • Product Installation and Setup
  • Publishing third-party updates to Configuration Manager
  • Deploying updates using Automatic Deployment Rules
  • Creating third-party applications in Configuration Manager
  • Deploying applications using Configuration Manager
  • Microsoft Intune integration
  • Install compliance reports
  • Questions and answers

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