This release contains a variety of features, improvements, and fixes, as noted below.

This will be made available via the self-update channel over the coming days. You can upgrade in place now by downloading the latest MSI installer.


  • Add option to update Intune assignments on sync.
    • New checkbox at the bottom of the Manage Assignments wizard to ‘Override manual assignment changes…’
    • Idea: PATCHMYPC-I-1297
  • Add the title of the application or update to the Manage Assignments wizard.
  • Notifications are presentation mode aware
  • View and customize Conflicting Processes list
  • The UI notification for Conflict Processes now lists all processes which are conflicting in a dropdown. This is to make it more clear what software will be closed.
  • Send alerts to Slack
  • Reverted a Scriptrunner change which flagged the exe to always run as Administrator. This is in preparation for supporting user-based applications in Intune and ConfigMgr.


  • When a product is double-clicked in the show package info tool the applicability rule will be shown.
  • Improve the message which displays when an incorrect configuration is saved.
  • Code changes in preparation for user-based applications.
  • Publisher SMTP alerts for the creation of ConfigMgr apps, Intune apps, and Intune updates will all now show the CVE information. Previously only the WSUS updates would show this information.
  • Added notes to the pre/post script window to help clarify the feature functionality.


  • Fixed a bug where the Manage Conflicting Process window would not appear when a ConfigMgr application was deployed as required and the checkbox for ‘Allow user interaction…’ was not checked.
  • Fixed a bug where Intune role scope tags would not be updated on sync for Intune Updates.
  • Fixed a bug where the configured proxy may not be used for the Intune connection during publisher sync.
  • Fixed a bug where software may be marked for revision during every sync of the Publisher. This would occur when PreventConflictingProcessRestart was in use and the KillProcess was set instead of Notify.
  • PreventConflictingProcessRestart was in use and the KillProcess was set instead of Notify.
  • Fixed a bug where the ‘Exclude from Auto-Publishing’ option for Intune apps and Intune updates may not work as expected causing excluding software to still be published if found.
  • When a user or admin category was selected on a ConfigMgr application the Publisher would create a revision of the application every synchronization. Now a revision will only be created if a user or admin category needs to be added.
  • Improved logging when checking access to if a proxy is defined
Published On June 08, 2021