Automated Application Management for Microsoft Endpoint Manager

Simplify third-party application management

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As of July 8th, 2020 this build is released for new installations of the Patch My PC Publisher, as well as for those that are opted in to preview builds. In the coming days, we will enable this build for auto-update so that existing installations are updated as well.



  • Add more logging to the application update and creation processes to assist with troubleshooting.
  • Code optimization and cleanup for applications.
  • Detection script now accounts for user-based installs when needed.
  • Detection script checks if running as SYSTEM using the SID instead of the username.
  • Add a new known error to assist with identifying and resolving TooManyCategories for WSUS.
  • Enabled CTRL+F functionality in the Intune tab.
  • Product download will fallback to the Internet in case of a digest mismatch in the local content repository.
  • Display third party vendor/product count in the Update Modification Wizard.
  • Deprecate WSUS v3
  • We now use a FIPS compliant algorithm when creating Intune applications


  • Fixed a bug where the Publisher service would never timeout during content downloads in some scenarios, causing the service to hang.
  • Fixed a bug where some system cultures would result in incorrect command-line parsing.
  • Fixed a bug where an application’s content would not be updated when a right-click option was selected in some scenarios.
  • Fixed a bug where the ‘exclude from autoenrollment’ option was unable to be changed on a product when the setting was configured at the vendor level.
  • Fixed a bug where the publishing service could not publish a postponed application if it contained an HTML escaped character.
  • Fixed a bug where the Intune Scan Wizard was overwriting the Intune Authentication URL
  • Fixed an issue where the checkbox in the MSI installer to enable Intune only mode may not be applied after the installation
  • Fixed an issue where the republish option no longer showed for “All Products” and Vendor nodes
  • Fixed an issue where incorrect workstation counts were shown on certain SSRS reports