Automated Application Management for Microsoft Endpoint Manager

Simplify third-party application management

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Patch My PC SCUP Catalog TrialThank you for your interest in our third-party application management full trial. Please complete the form below to receive a full access trial. After submitting the full trial request, you can start reviewing our download and documentation page.

What's the Difference Between the Basic, Enterprise, and Enterprise Plus Subscription?

Are you sure you want the Basic subscription? The Basic Subscription Requires Manually Publishing Updates Using SCUP.


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In the live demo, we will review:

  • Product Installation and Setup
  • Publishing third-party updates to Configuration Manager
  • Deploying updates using Automatic Deployment Rules
  • Creating third-party applications in Configuration Manager
  • Deploying applications using Software Center
  • Microsoft Intune integration (coming soon)
  • Troubleshooting and logs
  • Reviewing compliance reporting

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