This release contains a variety of features, improvements, and fixes as noted below.


  • Change description text and icon for Intune Win32 applications
  • Retain N-X apps in ConfigMgr when set to ‘Create a new application…’ is enabled.
  • Retain N-X apps in ConfigMgr when set to ‘Update existing application…’ is enabled.


  • The scan wizard found application count is now updated to reflect applications found with the specified filter.
  • Scriptrunner will now clean up leftover ‘Image File Execution Options’ registry keys. This helps prevent unexpected blocking of application launch in the event scriptrunner crashes and leaves behind some of these keys. We have also update the Manage Conflicting Processes docs to provide additional information for this scenario.


  • Fixed a bug where assignments may not be added to an existing Intune Win32 application during Publisher sync.
  • Fixed a bug where the Publisher UI would crash if the ‘Modify Updates Wizard’ was launched on a computer which does not have the WSUS role.
  • Fixed a bug where only the first 1000 Intune applications are returned which can cause Application lookup failures via Microsoft Graph.
Published On March 30, 2021