This release contains a variety of features and improvements as noted below.


  • ScriptRunner now has a new custom variable, %CurrentDir%
    • This variable may need to be put in double-quotes or the entire parameter may need to be in double quotes depending on the application. Examples of this are below.
      • Config=”%CurrentDir%\Config.ini”
      • “Config=%CurrentDir%\Config.ini”
    • Idea: PATCHMYPC-I-985


  • The Intune Application Manager now has a button for ‘Manage Assignments’
  • Improve how ScriptRunner handles version parts that exceed the 32 bit signed integer max.
  • Improve CVE Import Wizard CVE-ID matching
  • Improve logging associated with delayed application publishing
  • The SSRS report dashboards now include a parameter for Deployed.
Published On December 07, 2020