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Please vote for any new applications you would like to see in our home updater below! We are prioritizing adding new apps based on your feedback. If you want an app to be added to the poll, please submit a comment at the bottom of this post. The app must meet the criteria below to be considered:

  • Freeware
  • Has a silent switch option for installation
  • Doesn’t install any bloatware or any other un-needed apps
  • Has a full offline/standalone installer
  • Replaces the older version when installing the new one
  • Has a DisplayVersion number in add and remove programs
  • A popular app used widely

(Last updated 29-July-18)

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Any app that doesn’t meet these rules will be removed from the voting list or it won’t be added to the voting list if requested. Below we mentioned the incompatible apps and why they are not compatible, the list is updated regularly. Incompatible applications and the reasons: (Please let us know if any of these conditions has changed)

ProductThe Problem
Avira Free AntivirusNo Silent Switch
Any Video ConverterNo Silent Switch
KMPlayer  No Silent Switch
Rainmeter   No Silent Switch
WinPcap  No Silent Switch
CygwinNo Silent Switch
Samsung MagicianNo Silent Switch
VeraCryptNo Silent Switch
fre:ac No Silent Switch
Tixati No Silent Switch
MailStore HomeNo Silent Switch
SoftEther VPNNo Silent Switch
FileLocator LiteNo Silent Switch
Publish or PerishNo Silent Switch
X-LiteNo Silent Switch
Memory CleanerNo Silent Switch
Macrium ReflectNo Silent Switch
TrillianNo Silent Switch
Windows Firewall Control No Silent Switch
WinPatrolNo Silent Switch
SpywareBlasterNo Silent Switch
FreeFileSyncNo Silent Switch for free edition
Bullzip Free PDF PrinterNo Silent Switch for free edition
Recuva Installs Chrome or Avast or toolbars which is not acceptable by anyone.
Defraggler Installs Chrome or Avast or toolbars which is not acceptable by anyone.
SpeccyInstalls Chrome or Avast or toolbars which is not acceptable by anyone.
R For Windows Doesn’t replace older versions
Python Doesn’t replace older versions
grepWinDoesn’t replace older versions
Lastpass No Version to detect
CDisplay EXNo Version to detect
SimplenoteNo Version to detect
BurnAware FreeNo Version to detect
DelugeNo Version to detect
Kodi No Version to detect
LockHunterNo Version to detect
GWX Control PanelNo Version to detect
WizMouseNo Version to detect
LinkCheckerNo Version to detect
UnboundNo Version to detect
Security KISSNo Version to detect
System ExplorerNo Version to detect
NAPS2 No Version to detect
DuckieTVNo Version to detect
SpeedFanNo Version to detect
ChrisPC Win Experience IndexNo Version to detect
Sublime TextNo Version to detect
f.luxNo Version to detect
Q-Dir No Version to detect
“AOMEI” Free Products No Version to detect
“EaseUS” Free Products No Version to detect
Total CommanderShareware app
GoodSyncShareware app
Comodo FirewallNo Offline Installer
DivX PlayerNo Offline Installer
DivX ConverterNo Offline Installer
FastCopy No installer file
3DMark Basic EditionNo installer file
Android Studio Version doesn’t change in the registry, it’s always (1.0)
Notepad ReplacerCan’t install silently because the replacements happens during the installation.
SpotifyRequires a non-admin user to install + problems with version number
FossamailDiscontinued in May-2017
Roboform Problem in versioning + it forces to close all current opened folders & browsers
Cyberfox 4 types of installers for 4 types of CPUs, Patch My PC can’t detect which is which for now.
“Ashampoo” Free Products Requires a free product key that user must get by their email and must be entered during installation which is not possible in silent mode.

Apps added in Patch My PC v4.0.0.0 and removed from the poll (Some weren’t in the poll):
Advanced Uninstaller PRO
AeroAdmin (Portable)
AnyDesk (Portable)
Atom (GitHub Text editor)
Auslogics Disk Defrag
Bitdefender Anti-Ransomware
Bitdefender USB Immunizer (Portable)
Chrome Cleanup Tool (Portable)
CutePDF Writer
GitHub Desktop
Java SE Development Kit (JDK) v8
Java SE Development Kit (JDK) v9 +
Microsoft .Net Framework
Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable (x86) & (x64)
Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 SP1 Redistributable (x86) & (x64)
Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 SP1 Redistributable (x86) & (x64)
Microsoft Visual C++ 2012 Redistributable (x86) & (x64)
Microsoft Visual C++ 2013 Redistributable (x86) & (x64)
Microsoft Visual C++ 2017 Redistributable (x86) & (x64)
Microsoft Visual Studio Code
MusicBrainz Picard
OBS Studio
VNC Server
VNC Veiwer
Winaero Tweaker

Apps added in Patch My PC v3.4.1.0 and removed from the poll (Some weren’t in the poll):
IObit Malware Fighter
IObit Smart Defrag I
Obit Uninstaller
Iolo System Mechanic
Microsoft .NET Framework Repair Tool (Portable)
Vivaldi Browser

Apps added in Patch My PC v3.4.0.0 and removed from the poll (Some weren’t in the poll):
Brave Browser
CCleaner (Portable)
Core Temp
Defraggler (Portable)
Driver Easy
Geek Uninstaller (Portable)
Google Earth Pro (Replacing Free Edition)
InSpectre (Portable)
Java 9.0 “JRE”
KC Softwares SUMo
Maxthon Browser
MSI Afterburner
OpenShot Video Editor
Recuva (Portable)
Speccy (Portable)
VMware Horizon Client
Wise Disk Cleaner
Wise Driver Care

Apps added in Patch My PC v3.3.0.0 and removed from the poll:
Advanced IP Scanner
Angry IP Scanner
AS SSD Benchmark (Portable)
Avidemux (x86) & (x64)
Blender (x86) & (x64)
BOINC (x86) & (x64)
DesktopOK (Portable)
(x86) & (x64)
DShutdown (Portable)
eM Client
Heidi “Eraser” (x86) & (x64)
NVDA Screen Reader
Panda Protection (Free Antivirus)
Resilio Sync (x86) & (x64)
Rufus (Portable)
Tor Browser (Portable)
TreeSize Free
Ultimate Windows Tweaker (Portable)
UltraSearch (x86) & (x64)
WPS Office
XMedia Recode

Apps added in Patch My PC v3.2.5.0 and removed from the poll:
Amazon Music
Exact Audio Copy
GOG Galaxy
Kaspersky Free
Media Player Classic – Black Edition (x86) & (x64)
Mozilla Firefox ESR (x86) & (x64)
PDF-XChange Editor
Privacy Eraser
UltraDefrag (x86) & (x64)
Windows Update MiniTool (Portable)
WSUS Offline Updates (Portable)
XnViewMP (x86) & (x64)

Apps added in Patch My PC v3.2.0.1 and removed from the poll:
Advanced SystemCare
FastStone Image Viewer
Logitech SetPoint
O&O Shutup10 (Portable)
PDF-XChange Viewer


  1. Imre Kristoffer Eilertsen

    Here’s some more programs that can be considered for inclusion, either for the poll or for Patch My PC itself:

    • Basilisk Browser
    • Nvidia graphics drivers
    • Intel graphics drivers
    • Node.js
    • IQmango 3D Converter
    • AudioShell (made by SoftPointer)
    • Intel Remote Keyboard (In actuality supports all Windows PCs, and not just Intel NUCs)
    • SageThumbs (https://www.cherubicsoft.com/en/projects/sagethumbs)
    • Authy Desktop
    • Custom Resolution Utility (https://www.monitortests.com/forum/Thread-Custom-Resolution-Utility-CRU)
    • QTTabBar (http://qttabbar.wikidot.com/)
    • WO Mic Client
    • Bitwarden Desktop

    • Patch My PC

      These have been added to the poll. Please vote for them if you want them added.

      • Imre Kristoffer Eilertsen

        It appears that Intel has discontinued Intel Remote Keyboard from out of almost nowhere, so I suppose that that program could be removed from the poll now.

        In its place, I’ve got some additional suggestions, if you guys are accepting new suggestions at the moment:
        • AI Suite (by ASUS)
        • PowerChute Personal Edition (by APC)
        • Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable
        • Visual Studio Community

    • Martha Patricia Gómez Hernández

      I am using Kinza browser and it is a very good Chromium browser, Japanese. It keeps updated at the same pace as Chrome. Another browser, not free, is Ghost browser. So, both of them, excellent. They should be included.

    • Patch My PC

      We will certainly check it out!

  2. Frederick Schaeffer

    Can you add Security Task Manager to apps that are scanned?

  3. bonic

    please add BOINC

    The Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing, an open-source middleware system, supports volunteer and grid computing.


    • Patch My PC

      We already have BOINC under Utilities 🙂

  4. mitch skinner

    Snappy Driver Installer – this would be a good portable app

    • Patch My PC

      BelarcAdvisor is already in the poll!
      f.lux is in the incompatible list.
      We will check the rest.

    • Patch My PC

      We don’t add any beta versions of any app, we will check it out when the first stable version releases.

    • feed

      puffin browse (windows version current in beta) puffinbrowser.com/windows/

  5. owl

    Please consider addition of the following program.

    BUFFALO AirStation Configuration Tool(Buffalo Inc. https://www.buffalotech.com/)
    f.lux(f.lux Software LLC https://justgetflux.com/)
    Internet Download Manager(Tonec Inc. https://www.internetdownloadmanager.com/?v=630b8)6.30.8
    NordVPN(NordVPN https://nordvpn.com/)
    QTTabBar File Distributor(Quizo http://qttabbar-ja.wikidot.com/)
    TVClock(Team Hasebe http://thsb.webcrow.jp/)

    「Hardware Tools」
    performance monitor “thilmera” (sPherTia http://www.thilmera.com/)

    「Media Tools」
    MassiGra(Toshi Fuku http://www.massigra.net/)
    Waves MaxxAudio Pro (Waves Audio Ltd)

    Box Sync (Box, Inc. https://www.box.com/)4.0.7900.0
    MEGAsync(Mega Limited https://mega.nz/)
    SpiderOakONE (SpiderOak https://spideroak.com/)

    Spybot Anti-Beacon(Safer Networking Limited https://www.safer-networking.org/)

    that’s all
    Best Regards

  6. Rob


    • Patch My PC

      Patch My PC already has KeePass.

  7. Tom Smith

    Please consider DUMo from KC Softwares (you already have SUMo). It does not self-update.


    • Dylan Taylor

      Most of the programs from KC Softwares have Pro Versions too

  8. A.K.

    I think Nirlauncher is a great choice it has 300 utilities . it is lightweight and free

    There should be an option to monitor all the apps installed in system like SUMo (https://kcsoftwares.com/?sumo) so that user can install some of the updates manually for the apps which are not supported.

  9. Dylan Taylor

    Cyberfox will be discontinued when Firefox 52 ESR reaches it’s end of life.
    Some of the older versions (not as old as the “Legacy Support” version) worked perfectly on Windows XP using Alky for Applications (some things didn’t work though). When I tried the latest version, it didn’t work anymore.

  10. Hiteshkumar

    Fences 1.01 (free version of stardock fences)
    Launchy (Application Launcher)
    Ditto (clipboard manager)
    Free Download Manager (IDM alternative)
    Tor Browser [not portable]
    Krita (x64) (Gimp like)
    GoDot Engine (Game Creator)
    OpentoonZ (Animation Software)
    Cheat Engine
    Retroarch (All in one emulator)
    Bitdefender Free
    Zonealarm Free Firewall
    Sophos Home Free Antivirus
    YUMI (multiple iso boot creator)

  11. Gamer008


    • craq
  12. EdesigN

    I would recommend BurnAware free, a good DVD/BDXL writing tool. I have been using CDBXP until I have found some troubles (detecting internal DVD drive).
    An other browser is Cliqz which is good enough to recommend for your list. It is based on Mozilla Firefox. I wish you great success in your project!

  13. Kurt Levitan

    Please consider adding WinRar.
    Thank you.

  14. Andrew

    Add Duplicati to the list please.

  15. ThelmaJuicy

    I often visit your site and have noticed that you don’t update it often.
    More frequent updates will give your site higher authority & rank
    in google. I know that writing posts takes a lot of time, but you can always
    help yourself with miftolo’s tools which will shorten the time
    of creating an article to a few seconds.

  16. IB Kim

    I love Patch My PC! Really helpful & useful!
    Please add ‘Lav Filters’ on the list.

  17. Patch My PC

    Most of your requests are now in the poll and will be added soon to Patch My PC if compatible, make sure to vote for them.

  18. Thomas Canziani

    Hey guys, thanks for this fantastic Programm. I have been usinging Patch My PC for quite a few years and I am a big fan.
    Recently I was searching the internet for a decent scanning software (scan to pdf and scan to jpg). I have tested a few and this one is the best freeware:

  19. Miguel A. García

    I think this program could be usefull: FreeFileSync


    I’ve using it for long time and it’s really great

    • Miguel A. García

      And also Plex Media Server

  20. Miguel A. García

    Please add Plex Media Server

  21. Sushil Dogra

    Please consider adding ” qBitTorrent ” in Sharing Category as its the only torrent clients offering no ads. Website :- https://www.qbittorrent.org/

    Thankyou in advance 😉

    • Patch My PC

      It is already there in Sharing Category 🙂

  22. MeVirus

    Hello, you can add the following programs to the program,
    : Cent Browser
    : TagScanner
    : Kaspersky Security Cloud – Free
    : DivX Converter
    : Download Master
    : Moo0 System Monitor

    Sorry for the error, Google Translate
    Thank you in advance.

  23. UltraHKR

    f.lux No Version to detect


    In the windows version download right in the download button the version is shown.

    Checked 28/10/2018 22:38

  24. UltraHKR

    Please consider adding f.lux:f.lux Software LLC https://justgetflux.com/

    Problem f.lux No Version to detect

    In the download button, the version is shown please revisit this.

    Please consider DUMo from KC Softwares (you already have SUMo). It does not self-update.

  25. Rhett

    Please consider adding:

    Allway Sync

    • Alex

      Allway Sync is definitely worth adding!


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