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1Password – Your IT team will need to install 1Password for you.

During the installation of 1Password, despite it being done silently, the user receives this message and the installation doesn’t complete:

Your IT team will need to install 1Password for you. Contact them for more information.

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The cause of this issue

This issue appears when the installation of 1Password is attempted using the user-based installer (EXE) while a previous version is already installed which was installed using the system-wide installer (MSI).

If you navigate to %localAppData%\Local\1Password\logs\setup and open the windows_starter_rCURRENT.log file, the following warning will be displayed:


Ensure you are deploying the system-wide version of 1Password. Another solution would be to deploy the software as an update, as it will only apply if an older version of the corresponding installer is present on the device.

Published On April 26, 2023