You may receive error SMS_ISVUPDATES_SYNCAGENT_UPDATECONTENT_NO_METADATA when attempting to right-click a third-party software update and choosing Publish Third-Party Software Update Content.

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Determine if You are Affected

If you are affected by this error, you will see one of the following errors in the SMS_ISVUPDATES_SYNCAGENT.log when using an automatic deployment rule



If you are trying to manually download the update to a deployment package using the ConfigMgr console, you will see the error All software updates in this selection are expired to meta-data only, and cannot be downloaded.

metadata-only update unable to download into deployment package

This error occurs because the update you are trying to download to a deployment package in only published with metadata only and not full-content. This is also a known issue documented in Microsoft Docs.


When you subscribe to a custom third-party software update catalog using the SCCM 1806+ third-party software update catalogs feature, updates are published as metadata-only during the catalog synchronization until you manually choose to publish the update content.

You can determine if updates are metadata-only from the All Software Updates node if the updates are displayed with a blue icon.

third-party updates published as metadata-only icon

Updates published as metadata-only can’t be deployed until they a re-published with full-content. If you attempt to download a metadata-only update into a deployment package, you will receive the error “All software updates in this selection are expired or meta-data only, and cannot be downloaded.

metadata-only update unable to download into deployment package

In order to download and deploy third-party updates in a metadata-only state, you will need to right-click the update(s) and choose to “Publish Third-Party Software Update Content“.

publish third-party update with full-content from metadata-only

You can review the full-content publishing progress in the SMS_ISVUPDATES_SYNCAGENT.log. The log is located on the top-level software update point in the site system Logs folder.

Once the publishing of third-party update content is complete, you can sync your software update point for SCCM to pick up the change from metadata-only to full-content faster.

sync sccm software update point for declined updates

Once the software update point sync is complete, the third-party updates should show in a normal state with a green icon meaning they are available for software update deployment.

third-party updates in normal state

Starting in ConfigMgr 2002 and the v3 catalog format, you can now automatically choose to publish updates with full-content using the stage content option.

You may also consider using the Patch My PC Publisher for syncing the catalog automatically with full-content rather than the in-console publishing:

What’s the Difference Between the Publisher and SCCM In-Console for Update Publishing?


Please review the step-by-step video guide below for information about why the SMS_ISVUPDATES_SYNCAGENT_UPDATECONTENT_NO_METADATA error occurs while publishing third-party software update content and the resolution.

Additional Details

To enable the Delete button in our publishing service, create a new DWORD registry value: Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Patch My PC Publishing Service:EnableDeleteUpdates = 1

This scenario is also documented on the Microsoft Docs – Third-Party Software Updates Known Issues page.

  • The third-party software update synchronization service can’t publish content to metadata-only updates that were added to WSUS by another application, tool, or script, such as SCUP. The Publish third-party software update content action fails on these updates. If you need to deploy third-party updates that this feature doesn’t yet support, use your existing process in full for deploying those updates.