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  Common FAQs Related to Quotes and Purchasing

What's the Difference Between the Enterprise, Microsoft Intune, and Enterprise Plus Subscriptions?
Please see the comparison chart below and you can contact us if you need any clarification.



Microsoft Intune

Enterprise Plus

$2 Device/YR
Minimum $1,499/Year
$2.5 Device/YR
Minimum $1,999/Year
$3.5 Device/YR
Minimum $2,499/Year
Publishing Method

Publish third-party updates to WSUS/SCCM


Auto-deploy updates using ADRs


Auto-sync the third-party catalog

Customizable synchronization schedule

Disable product(s) self-update feature

Manage conflicting processes when updating third-party applications

Auto-delete public desktop shortcuts

Add a custom pre-installation custom scripts

Add a custom post-installation scripts

Add custom command lines parameters


Automatically update SCCM applications


The Basic subscription starts from $1 Device/YR using Microsoft System Center Updates Publisher (SCUP).

Resellers — Quotes, Terms, Discounts, and Distribution?

Do You Have Reseller Discounts?

We offer reseller discounts adjusted based on the purchase price to help compensate for the time spent purchasing on behalf of your customer.

How Do I Become a Reseller?

All you need to do is request a quote and purchase on behalf of your client (a contract is not required).

On the quote request form, choose “Yes, I’m purchasing for another customer” on the following question:

are you a reseller purchasing our sccm update catalog for a client

You will be required to enter the end user’s company name, primary contact name, and primary contact email. We need the end-user contact details for subscription delivery, expiration notifications, and significant service updates.

You will need to ensure you know the number of devices in your client’s environment for the quote for the following question.

minimum client count required for sccm third-party update catalog

Payment Terms?

We use Net 30 terms for any invoices unless otherwise agreed upon before receiving a purchase order.

How is Device Count to Purchase Determined?

You know your environment better than us. We use the honor system for allowing you to determine your managed device count when requesting a quote.

If you plan to deploy third-party updates to all managed devices, using the All Desktop and Server Clients member count would be a good option.

Patch My PC device count all desktop and server clients

You can exclude machines where third-party updates will not be deployed, such as Mac OS devices and other machines you want to exclude from your third-party update deployment collections. For more details about excluding please see Can I exclude devices?

Can I Exclude Devices that I Won't Deploy Third-Party Updates to from My Licensed Device Count?

Yes, you can exclude devices. If you have a scenario where you know you won’t deploy third-party updates to certain devices, departments, divisions, etc. those endpoints can be excluded from your licensed device count.

We ask that you calculate your device count based on the devices that will receive third party updates to the best of your ability.

A few examples of excluding devices could be:

  • Excluding servers, if they will not receive third third-party software updates or application from our service.
  • Mission-critical devices that can’t receive third-party updates or applications.
  • Excluding departments that aren’t applicable 
  • Mac devices
  • Linux devices
Can I Use the Same Catalog Subscription in Multiple Environments?
Yes, you can use the same catalog subscription in multiple locations or environments within the same organization as long as the client count for all sites is factored into the initial purchase.

For example, you could use the same catalog subscription in:

  • Development environment
  • Quality assurance environments
  • Production environments
  • Environments to separate servers and workstations
  • Multiple subsidiaries under the same parent company
  • Multiple environments, Azure tenants, or domains in the same company

If you are a consultant managing multiple different customer environments, you need to purchase a separate subscription for each customer environment.

How Will the Product be Delivered for Reseller Purchases?

When purchasing for a client as a reseller, you will enter the need to enter primary end-users information when requesting a reseller quote.

The license details for the catalog subscription will be sent directly to the reseller to send to their customer.

What are the Available Purchase and Payment Methods?

Purchasing Directly Online:

  • Bank Transfer (ACH transfer)
  • American Express
  • Discover
  • MasterCard
  • Visa

Purchasing Using Purchase Order:

  • Bank Check
  • Bank Transfer – (Wire/ACH transfer)
  • American Express
  • Discover
  • MasterCard
  • Visa

Payment Terms?

We use net-30 terms for any invoices unless otherwise agreed upon prior to receiving a purchase order.

Why Do Subscriptions Have a Minimum Starting Price?

All subscription levels have a yearly minimum price, as shown below:

  • Minimum Yearly Price (Enterprise Plus) = $2,499
  • Minimum Yearly Price (Intune) = $1,999
  • Minimum Yearly Price (Enterprise) = $1,499
  • Minimum Yearly Price (Basic) = $999 per year

We price our software subscription per-device cost very competitively, and we believe our minimum starting price is priced appropriately for the value and time savings. Please see How does Patch My PC Justify the Minimum Price for Smaller Companies? for a more detailed look.

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    What are the Differences Between the Enterprise, Microsoft Intune, and Enterprise Plus Subscriptions?

    Please be aware your subscription will be applicable to our $2,499 yearly starting price

    Please be aware your subscription will be applicable to our $1,499 yearly starting price

    Please be aware your subscription will be applicable to our $1,999 yearly starting price