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Patch My PC Cost Justification and Return on Investment (ROI)

A key part of every company is to reduce overall expenses and increase efficiencies where possible. This article will cover some of the benefits and cost justifications provided by Patch My PC’s products and services for third-party patching and application management products.

Topics covered in this article:

Primary Benefits of Using Patch My PC in Your Enterprise

At our core, we specialize in automating the creation of third-party software updates and applications within Microsoft Endpoint Manager. Our integration supports both Configuration Manager and Intune.

The primary benefits of our product are improved security by patching vulnerable third-party applications and time-savings for administrators.

Security Benefits by Patching Third-Party Applications

One of the most common ways computers are exploited is vulnerabilities in outdated third-party applications or libraries. For example, in the report, Top 10 Routinely Exploited Vulnerabilities from United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team (US-CERT). The section “Vulnerabilities Exploited in 2020” shows the top ten exploited vulnerabilities from 2020. Often, exploits are targeted against non-Microsoft products. In the 2020 list, the following third-party products were targeted.

  • Citrix VPN appliances (CVE-2019-19781)
  • Pulse Secure VPN servers (CVE-2019-11510)

In 2020, Patch My PC released a total of 2,915 third-party updates, which included 737 security updates that contained one or more CVE-IDs. On average, each Patch My PC customer publishes fixes for over 1,530 CVEs per-year.

Another great feature is real-time alerts via Microsoft Teams as new updates are published, allowing for quick response to important updates that contain critical security fixes.

Microsoft Teams Real Time Alerts for Third-Party Security Updates with CVEs

Time Savings Benefits when Using Patch My PC

Another major benefit of automating third-party update and application creation is time savings. By offloading the tedious task of packaging, testing, troubleshooting, and deploying applications in your environment, administrators will have more time to focus on other more important tasks.

In a recent Twitter survey, the average time it took to package an application in Configuration Manager or Intune manually was 4.5 hours.

On average 1,329 updates and applications published per-year for each Patch My PC customer. If packaged manually, the average time spent would be 5,980 hours or 249 days.

Top-Tier Customer Support and Account Management Experience

I truly believe we have the best support engineering team in our industry. When I started Patch My PC after leaving Microsoft as a Premier Field Engineer, I knew our company would only be successful if we built an engineering team that not only knows our product, but also know products we integrate into, such as WSUS, ConfigMgr, and Intune and have a deep level of customer empathy.

Our team is active in the system management community, and rather than taking my word for our customer experiences, please see what the community is saying about our services?

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Why is There a Starting Price for Companies with Low Device Counts?

For each software subscription, we structure our starting/ minimum pricing in a way that allows us to offer maximum value and added benefits for businesses of all sizes.

Even when you are a small business with a low device count, our subscription comes with a starting price. This starting price ensures that you get a well-rounded software solution that includes ongoing support for a seamless service every day.

Here is a quick breakdown of everything that comes with the minimum pricing:

Average Savings of More than 5000 Hours

Regardless of device count, an average customer publishes 1,329 updates and applications per year. It takes about 4.5 hours to package, test, and deploy an application manually (Twitter survey). The starting price structure ensures both small and large companies get maximum time-saving.

Unlimited Support

When you purchase our product, there is no need to sign up for premium support upgrades. The starting price includes unlimited, in-house support from our top-tier engineers based in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia. This helps us provide seamless experiences for all customers.

One-on-One Live Demo with an Engineer

Whether you want to see our product in action or you have questions about our process, an engineer will present a live demo for you. In this demo, you can learn about product installation, creating third-part applications, publishing and deploying updates, reviewing dashboards, and troubleshooting.

One-on-One Setup Calls with an Engineer

Our engineering team will help you with the initial setup. This includes product installation, publishing and deploying third-party updates, creating and deploying applications, Microsoft Intune integration, and install compliance reports

One-on-One Environment Review and Q&A Calls

For the existing setup, our team will review your setup and answer all your questions. This service includes a review of installation and customization. They will help you with Automatic Deployment Rule creation and install compliance reports.