Power BI Reports for Microsoft Intune Third-Party Update and Application Deployments

Our Power BI dashboards can be used to monitor the compliance and deployment of third-party updates and applications in Microsoft Intune.

Step 1: Download the Latest Power BI Template File

The first step is to download the latest Power BI template file for our third-party update and application dashboard

Step 2: Save the Latest Assignment Statistics via the Publisher

The next step is to export the latest assignment statics to a .CSV file in bulk using our Publisher.

Perform the following actions: Open the Intune Application Manager Utility > Export

Step 3: Open the Power BI Report and Import the CSV File

Open the Power BI file, and navigate to the CSV file that contains the latest export for assignment statistics from Microsoft Intune third-party updates and applications.

Import CSV Into Power BI Patching Dashboard

After importing, you should see a dashboard for both third-party software updates and Win32 application assignments in Microsoft Intune.

Intune Dashboard for Third-Party Updates

Step 4: Explore the Power BI Report

There are two pages the will show you compliance statistics for third-party update or third-party application assignments

Power BI Tabs for Intune Patching of Third-Party Updates

Intune Patching Overview Tab

The Intune Patching Overview tab will display compliance statistics for any third-party update assignments within your Microsoft Intune tenant.

Some of the charts can be shown as a data point table to review specific compliance data. For example, if you right-click the Update Timeline, you can drill into updates deployed on a specific day.

Drill Into Specific Updates Power BI

Here’s an example of this data point:

Drilled In Report for Software Update


Intune Application Overview Tab

The Intune Application Overview tab will display compliance statistics for any third-party applications (Win32 applications for initial deployment) within your Microsoft Intune tenant.