This release contains a variety of features, improvements, and fixes as noted below.


  • Manage Intune categories for created and updated Intune applications and updates.
    • Note: Currently, existing applications/updates in Intune will not have their categories removed but new categories will be added for existing Win32 applications.  
    • Idea: PATCHMYPC-I965
  • Clicking a ‘digest’ in the Modify Published Updates Wizard, or the Package Details wizard will now open the respective VirusTotal page. 


  • Sorting by ‘Selected’ in Modify Published Updates Wizard now sorts by the checked state.
  • The Configuration Manager detection script now handles invalid version parts better. Some vendors use DateTime stamps in their version. This can end up being a value larger than a 32-bit integer causing the version cast to fail.


  • Fixed an issue where copied Intune Assignments for newly published Intune software would not have their custom available time, and deadline time adjusted relative to the new publish date.
  • Fixed an issue where Intune Assignments would be created without a deadline or available time if the ‘copy assignment’ option was not configured.
  • Fixed an issue where the maximum value for restart notification would not allow a value greater than 201.
  • Fixed a bug where the console version check for UninstallContent setting was incorrect.
  • Improved catalog parsing when there are a large number of CPU cores on the machine running the publisher.
Published On November 24, 2020