Patch My PC Publisher Releases

This release contains a variety of improvements and fixes, as noted below.


  • Improve how the list of custom products is queried from the cloud.
  • Improve the cloud connection flow to account for the EU region.
  • Various typo corrections in the UI and in the log. 
  • Improve logging for retained ConfigMgr applications.
  • Expand out aggregate exceptions when they are logged. 
  • Improved user experience both for a disconnected cloud configuration and an empty custom app list. 


  • Fixed a bug that made connecting to an EU Patch My PC cloud customer inconsistent.
  • Fixed a bug causing the copy between tab options not to work as expected when custom applications are configured.
  • Fixed a bug where ESP associations would copy between the Intune Apps and Intune Updates tab.
  • Improved how .intunewin files are handled to ensure we can process large files.
Published On February 02, 2024