This release contains a variety of features, improvements, and fixes as noted below.


  • ConfigMgr right click option to set OS type requirement – client vs. server


  • Scriptrunner will now automatically prompt for elevation when executed. 
  • Improve how settings are saved to prevent losing your Publisher configuration in some scenarios such as no disk space.
  • The UI Notification feature for conflicting processes will now exit with an exit code 1602 if the installation is snoozed or a timeout occurs. Previously it was 1618 which could cause very frequent reevaluation.


  • Fixed a bug where we may fail to parse a package.xml file that contains special characters such as an ampersand.
  • Fixed a bug where the DownloadUrl and MoreInfoUrl columns were not sortable in the ‘Show Package Info’ UI.
  • Fixed a bug where the UI may crash if there is a large number of Azure AD Groups being retrieved and the UI is closed before the query completes.
  • Fixed a  bug where some right-click options such as Manage Categories, Manage ESP profiles and Manage Naming Convention may not propagate from the root, or vendor level to a newly enabled product.
Published On March 11, 2021