Automated Application Management for Microsoft Endpoint Manager

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  • Add Anonymous authentication method to send emails.
  • Intune updates use the description in the SDP for the title.
  • Split the «Delete Intune Application when a new release is published» option to allow to choose the behavior for Apps and Updates independently.


  • Add a button to export data in the Intune Apps Manager.
  • Add a column to show Classification in the Intune Apps Manager.
  • Allow to show «Applications only», «Updates only» are «All» in the Intune App Manager.
  • Display the Publisher service’s status on the ‘About’ tab.
  • Download timeout is now logged out in minutes and seconds, instead of milliseconds.
  • Implement log rollover for Intune detection and requirement scripts.
  • Send an MS Teams message and add a line in the Email report if the server runs low on disk space on the PMPC installation or the Wsus Content drive.
  • Support for the Contains string operator when searching for an AAD Group.
  • The Publisher will notify the user if the installation drive is running low on disk space.
  • The Publisher will notify the user if the Publisher is installed on the Site Server, and the server is not also a Software Update Point.
  • Tooltips added to buttons on Intune Apps and Intune Updates tabs.
  • When several files with the same name are found in the Local Content repo, and subdirectories, we try to identify the right one with the expected digest before falling back to downloading.


  • Fixed an issue where custom options are not correctly copied between two tabs when copying enabled products from one tab to another.
  • Fixed an issue where reserved characters were not working as expected when searching for Azure AD Groups
  • Fixed an issue where the Publisher may display a warning that the certificate is incorrect or missing when it’s within 30 days of the expiration date.