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Catalog Release History

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The 07/04/24 catalog release contains bug, feature and security-related updates.


  • Add pre-script for Inkscape (Uninstalls before upgrade to resolve missing dll issue)


Updates and Base Applications Added:


















    Updates and Base Installs Superseded:

    • Amazon WorkSpaces (x64)
    • Beats Winlogbeat V8 8.14.1 (MSI-x64)
    • Bruno 1.20.0 (User-x64)
    • ClickUp 3.4.6 (User-x64)
    • Docker 4.31.1 (x64)
    • Egress Outlook Add-in 24.3.1718 (MSI-x86)
    • Evernote 10.95.4 (EXE-x64)
    • Evernote 10.95.4 (User-x64)
    • FlySpeed SQL Query (EXE-x64)
    • FlySpeed SQL Query (EXE-x86)
    • Grammarly for Windows (User-x64)
    • Hubstaff 1.6.23 (EXE-x64)
    • Insomnia 9.3.1 (User-x64)
    • LINQPad 8.3.7 (EXE-x64)
    • Opera 111.0.5168.55 (x64)
    • Opera 111.0.5168.55 (x86)
    • Salesforce CLI v2 2.47.6 (EXE-x64)
    • Vivi (MSI-x64)
    • VMware Tools (EXE-x64)
    • VMware Tools (EXE-x86)
    • Wasmer 4.3.2 (EXE-x86)

    Update Type:

    • Feature Release
    • Bug Fix Release =
    • Security Release

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