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The 06/18/20 catalog release contains bug, feature and security-related updates.

News: User Group with David James and Michael Niehaus

I’m starting a new Virtual System Management User Group (VSMUG), and we are doing our first ever user group event with a stellar line up including David James the director of engineering for Configuration Manager and Michael Niehaus who needs no introduction. Register here – Justin Chalfant

Updates and Base Installs Added:

Updates and Base Installs Superseded:

  • Bandicam
  • Box For Office 4.10.1378
  • Cisco Webex Productivity Tools
  • Cisco WebEx Teams 3.0.15485.0 (x64)
  • GoodSync
  • GoodSync
  • Microsoft Edge 83.0.478.45 (x64/x86)
  • Node.js 12.18.0 LTS (x64/x86)
  • Snagit (x64/x86)
  • SnapGene Viewer

Update Type:

  • Feature Release
  • Bug Fix Release =
  • Security Release

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