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Third-Party Software Update Catalog Release History – July 2022

In July 2022, our third-party software update catalog for Microsoft SCCM contained 406 bug, feature, and security-related updates. Below you will find a full list of relevant updates and new products for July 2022.

  • 406 Total Updates (x64/x86)

  • 151 Security Updates (x64/x86)

  • 129 of the 151 security include CVE-IDs

  • 11 New Products

New Products:

Updates Added:

(Oldest to Newest)

  • OpenOffice 4.1.13
    • Release Notes for OpenOffice 4.1.13
    • Release Type:  | 
    • Important Note:
      It is recommended to make a backup of the Apache OpenOffice users profile before installing 4.1.13. It is especially essential for users who use the Master Password functionality and may decide to use an older version later. There is a change in the encoding of stored passwords in this 4.1.13 release that may make your user profile unusable for previous versions.
    • VirusTotal Latest Scan Results | Scan Detection Ratio 0/63


    Update Type:

    • Feature Release 
    • Bug Fix Release = 
    • Security Release 

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