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The 12/28/18 catalog release contains bug and feature-related updates.

Catalog Changes:

Today, we are moving to a supersedence model for our catalog rather than expiring previous versions. This change will give you more control over deploying previous versions of updates for longer. Please see for more details.

Updates Added:

Updates Superseded:

  • Allway Sync 18.7.11 (x64/x86)
  • GoodSync
  • GoToMeeting
  • HandBrake 1.1.2
  • Microsoft .NET Core: Runtime & Hosting Bundle 2.1.6
  • Microsoft .NET Core Runtime 2.1.6 (x64/x86)
  • Microsoft .NET Core SDK 2.1.500 (x64/x86)
  • Node.js 11.5.0 (x64/x86)
  • Node.js 10.14.2 LTS (x64/x86)
  • Node.js 8.12.0 LTS (x64/x86)
  • VLC Media Player 3.0.4 (x64/x86)

Update Type:

  • Feature Release
  • Bug Fix Release =
  • Security Release

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