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Third-Party Software Update Catalog Release History – September 2021

In September 2021, our third-party software update catalog for Microsoft SCCM contained 338 bug, feature, and security-related updates. Below you will find a full list of relevant updates and new products for September 2021.

  • 338 Total Updates (x64/x86)

  • 90 Security Updates (x64/x86)

  • 80 of the 90 security include CVE-IDs

  • 7 New Products

New Products:

      Updates Added:

      (Oldest to Newest)

      • Microsoft Edge 93.0.961.38 (x64/x86)
        • Release Notes for Microsoft Edge 93.0.961.38
        • Release Type:  |  |
        • CVE-IDs: CVE-2021-30624; CVE-2021-30623; CVE-2021-30622; CVE-2021-30621; CVE-2021-30620; CVE-2021-30619; CVE-2021-30618; CVE-2021-30617; CVE-2021-30616; CVE-2021-30615; CVE-2021-30614; CVE-2021-30613; CVE-2021-30612; CVE-2021-30611; CVE-2021-30610; CVE-2021-30609; CVE-2021-30608; CVE-2021-30607; CVE-2021-30606; CVE-2021-26436; CVE-2021-36930; CVE-2021-38641; CVE-2021-38642; CVE-2021-38670
        • VirusTotal Scan Detection Ratio 0/57
        • VirusTotal Latest Scan Results (x64)
        • VirusTotal Latest Scan Results (x86)
      • Adobe Acrobat DC Update 17.011.30202
      • Adobe Acrobat DC Update 20.004.30015
      • Adobe Acrobat DC Update 21.007.20091
      • Adobe Acrobat Reader DC – MUI Update 17.011.30202
      • Adobe Acrobat Reader DC – MUI Update 20.004.30015
      • Adobe Acrobat Reader DC – MUI Update 21.007.20091
      • Adobe Acrobat Reader DC Update 21.007.20091
      • (Base Install Only) Adobe Acrobat Reader DC 21.007.20091
      • (Base Install Only) Adobe Acrobat Reader DC MUI 21.007.20091
        • Release Notes for Adobe Acrobat APSB21-55
        • Release Type:  |  |
        • CVE-IDs:
          CVE-2021-39841; CVE-2021-39863; CVE-2021-39857; CVE-2021-39856;
          CVE-2021-39855; CVE-2021-39844; CVE-2021-39861; CVE-2021-39858;
          CVE-2021-39843; CVE-2021-39846; CVE-2021-39845; CVE-2021-35982;
          CVE-2021-39859; CVE-2021-39840; CVE-2021-39842; CVE-2021-39839;
          CVE-2021-39838; CVE-2021-39837; CVE-2021-39836; CVE-2021-39860;
          CVE-2021-39852; CVE-2021-39854; CVE-2021-39853; CVE-2021-39850;
          CVE-2021-39849; CVE-2021-39851

        • VirusTotal Scan Detection Ratio 0/58
      • Foxit PhantomPDF
        • Release Notes for Foxit PhantomPDF
        • Release Type:
        • CVE-IDs:
          CVE-2021-21831; CVE-2021-21870; CVE-2021-34832; CVE-2021-34847;
          CVE-2021-34852; CVE-2021-34834; CVE-2021-34835; CVE-2021-34851;
          CVE-2021-34836; CVE-2021-34837; CVE-2021-34838; CVE-2021-34839;
          CVE-2021-34840; CVE-2021-34841; CVE-2021-34833; CVE-2021-34842;
          CVE-2021-34843; CVE-2021-34844; CVE-2021-34845; CVE-2021-34853;
          CVE-2021-21893; CVE-2021-34846

        • VirusTotal Scan Detection Ratio 0/42
        • VirusTotal Latest Scan Results
      • Cisco AnyConnect AMP Enabler Module 4.10.03104
        Cisco AnyConnect Diagnostics and Reporting Tool 4.10.03104
        Cisco AnyConnect ISE Posture Module 4.10.03104
        Cisco AnyConnect Network Access Manager 4.10.03104
        Cisco AnyConnect Network Visibility Module 4.10.03104
        Cisco AnyConnect Posture Module 4.10.03104
        Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client 4.10.03104
        Cisco AnyConnect Start Before Login Module 4.10.03104
        Cisco AnyConnect Umbrella Roaming Security Module 4.10.03104



        Update Type:

        • Feature Release 
        • Bug Fix Release = 
        • Security Release 

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