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Important Changes:

Due to improvements in Configuration Manager 1910, this method will no longer be supported after January 1, 2020.

Please see this updated guide on the improved categories feature within Configuration Manager 1910 and newer.

As mentioned above, Configuration Manager 1910 introduced a new feature to select specific categories for third party updates. This removes the need for one catalog per update. These per-product catalogs described below in the article do NOT synchronize new updates, and are NOT SUPPORTED. Follow the instructions in the video to use the new features. 

Selectively Choose Products to Import Using Patch My PC Update Catalog

To better support the upcoming third-party software update integration in Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM), we are adding the ability to import our catalog per-product. The SCCM third-party software update catalogs feature will publish ALL updates in a catalog with metadata only. We want to give our customers the ability to add our catalog by-product if needed. This feature will allow you to selectively publish products to  SCCM, and not have SCCM publish all 200+ Products.

Patch My PC Update Catalog in Microsoft SCCM Console


Update Catalog URL Basic's

When you purchase a subscription to our update catalog, you received a catalog URL that is unique for your subscription.

Here’s an example of what a catalog URL looks like

If you use the default catalog URL in SCUP or SCCM, you will always have all supported products imported into SCUP/SCCM.

Changing Catalog URL to Download Product Specific Catalog's

If you only want to import a product specific, we are adding a new URL parameter named product that can be appended to the catalog URL. The product parameter will tell our server to send you a product-specific CAB file when a valid product is defined. A full list of supported product parameters can be found at the bottom of this post.

Here’s an example of the URL you would use to import only Oracle Java updates

Unsupported Scenarios

If using our automated publishing service, the product parameter isn’t supported, because the publishing service already selectively publishes products based on the Product Rules.

Patch My PC Publishing Service Selective Filtering

The product parameter was designed to be used in the Third-Party Software Update Catalogs node in SCCM since there is no filtering available when SCCM publishes catalogs.

The product parameter is supported in Catalogs workspace of System Center Updates Publisher (SCUP). We think it’s less helpful in SCUP since updates are manually selected and published. This parameter can be useful in SCUP if you want to only show specific products in the SCUP console.

Full List of Supported Product Filtering Parameters

If you want to import a catalog for a specific product, simply copy and append the line for the product you want to import into SCCM or SCUP.



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