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The 05/24/19 catalog release contains bug, feature and security-related updates.

Catalog Changes:

  • Updated metadata of CPU-Z 1.89
  • We have released new updates for the updates listed below and superseded the previous versions of these updates.
    • These updates were to address an SCCM 1806+ in-console publishing issue where the update installation on the client-side would result in error code 0x80070002 = The system cannot find the file specified.
    • If you used our publishing service or SCUP, the previous versions of these updates that get superseded can continue to be deployed as they wouldn’t be affected by the 0x80070002 issue.
      • Mozilla Firefox 67.0.0 (x64)
      • Mozilla Firefox 67.0.0 (x86)
      • Mozilla Firefox ESR 60.7.0 (x64)
      • Mozilla Firefox ESR 60.7.0 (x86)
      • Mozilla Thunderbird 60.7.0 (x64)
      • Mozilla Thunderbird 60.7.0 (x86)
      • WinSCP 5.15.1

Updates and Base Installs Added:

Updates and Base Installs Superseded:

  • SRWare Iron 73.0.3800.1 (x64/x86)

Update Type:

  • Feature Release
  • Bug Fix Release =
  • Security Release

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