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The 11/20/18 catalog release contains security-related updates.

Publishing Service – Version 1.1.5 Released

  • Improvements
    • HTML email improvements
      • Update title is now clickable and will link to the vendor’s release notes for the update
      • Added Classification tab to the report
      • Added Severity tab to the report
      • Added CVE tab to the report
      • When there is only one CVE, the CVE-ID will be clickable and link to
    • We will now retain on previous version PatchMyPC.log and rename it to PatchMyPC.lo_ when the max log size is reached.
    • If a product doesn’t support pre/post update scripts, the option will no longer be visible in the right-click action
  • Changes
    • Changed the PatchMyPC.log from 10MB to 2MB

Updates Added:

Updates Expired:

  • Adobe Flash Player 32-bit/64-bit ActiveX
  • Adobe Flash Player 32-bit/64-bit Plugin
  • Adobe Flash Player 32-bit/64-bit PPAPI

Update Type:

  • Feature Release
  • Bug Fix Release =
  • Security Release

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