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Our FAQs will answer many of our most common questions for Patch My PC’s Configuration Manager Reporting tool, Advanced Insights. If you don’t find the answer you are looking for, please email us using our contact form.



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What is Advanced Insights?

Advanced Insights is a Patch My PC dashboard portal for reporting on a ConfigMgr data set. It pulls data from the entire ConfigMgr landscape. This reporting focuses on software update compliance reporting and inventory status configuration.

Will Advanced Insights be for both ConfigMgr and Intune?

Advanced Insights is available for ConfigMgr only for now. Implementation of Intune reporting is currently on our roadmap.  

How do I get Advanced Insights?

Advanced Insights is available now for Enterprise Premium customers. Find setup docs here. Enterprise Patch and Enterprise Plus customers will only have access to Patch Insights, a light version only focusing on update compliance.

Is Advanced Insights available with all Patch My PC subscriptions levels?

Advanced Insights is only available for a select number of active Patch My PC customers on Enterprise Premium. Patch Insights, a light version of Advanced Insights focused on update compliance, is available for customers on Enterprise Patch and Enterprise Plus.

Does Advanced Insights have a Data Sheet / White Paper?

Yes, you can download the Advanced Insights data sheet (pdf) to learn more about features.

Can I see a schedule a Live Demo for Advanced Insights?

View our Advanced Insights Youtube playlist for various recorded product demos. You can also schedule a demo for Advanced Insights here.


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Where can I find Advanced Insights install documentation?

Advanced Insights install documents can be found here at

What additional value can Advanced Insights offer in our company beyond Patch My PC reporting?
  • Broader and deeper update compliance reporting.
  • Integration with a variety of APIs to extend update reporting into CVE/Security posture.
  • Overview to detail functionality with reports and dashboards constructed for all personas in the organization.
  • Extensive reporting across all areas of Configuration Manager functionality, including OS Versions and support statements, Office 365 client versions and support, hardware inventory, software inventory and usage, etc.
  • Responsive, cross-platform, mobile support.
Can I take action on the data in the reports?

Yes, everything in the portal is clickable for more data, and we surface right-click actions (policy, scan, etc.) as well as restart, ConfigMgr remote control actions from the portal.

Does Advanced Insights have role-based functionality?


Can I export the data to Excel?

Yes, you are able to export a variety of datasets to Excel.  

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