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Advanced Features with high-quality visuals

Transforming complex data into rich, high-quality visuals requires versatile features. Advanced Insights feature set provides plenty of options.

Advanced Insights Home Monitor

Delve through Advanced Insights dashboards to make use of the enriched ConfigMgr Data.

Advanced Insights Dashboard Endpoint Protection

Beautiful data.
Streamlined reporting.

Trust Advanced Insights to transform complex data into rich, high-quality visuals that can be interrogated easily. Advanced Insights provides a high-level overview with layer upon layer of drilldown depth and functionality.

Actionable insights that can be continually filtered and exported
One intuitive UI that anyone can use
Wakeup, restart, remote control and other console actions – all from the portal
Drill down to detailed inventory, compliance, warranty and health data
Dashboards for devices, users, apps, Office, updates, OS Deployment, BitLocker, Endpoint Protection, and more
Instant results to maximize your productivity

Streamlined software update compliance reporting

Immediately understand your compliance status against the latest updates at a glance. Through a single window, Advanced Insights offers a clear software compliance update overview and quick-to-read progress stats. It’s a quick-scan, visual representation of your entire software update landscape, and easy for even the non-technical user.

Remove compliance guesswork headaches
A single source of truth across all areas
Compliance summary and detail through a single window
Streamline Patch Tuesday
Advanced Insights Software Updates Dashboard
Advanced Insights Threat Analytics Dashboard

Threat analytics dashboard

Advanced Insights combines data from your Microsoft and Patch My PC update catalogs to present security posture detail for all update-related risks.

Identify the most important update-related risks
Quickly and easily view appropriate remediations for all update CVEs
Track Cyber-Essentials compliance
Data from Microsoft Security Research Center, NIST, and RedHat

One global search function

Search across ConfigMgr instantly. Remove search headaches by simply inputting a person’s name, an update article name, IP address, software update, or computer name to get the results you need.

Get results from any part of your dataset with minimal upfront information or input
Minimize time spent collating information by using one search function
Easily search all inventory, compliance, and status data in ConfigMgr with a single term
Faster, more accurate results than searching within ConfigMgr natively
Advanced Insights Devices Dashboard

A helping hand for the helpdesk

Extend ConfigMgr’s powerful capabilities to the helpdesk. Through one easy-to-use portal, Advanced Insights empowers your team leaders and helpdesk analysts to find, interrogate and act on incidents raised by your users working with ConfigMgr’s rich dataset and Advanced Insights’ responsive interface.

One friendly portal for helpdesk analysts to access the dense, valuable data on any user’s devices, applications, available RAM, required updates, and more
Empower analysts to instantly take action on any information found in ConfigMgr with the tools built into Advanced Insights
Usable information and tools directly at the helpdesk’s fingertips
Improve the output and usability of ConfigMgr for your support teams

Drillthrough Dashboard

Explore the Advanced Insights dashboard through it’s categorized tabs.