Third-Party Patching for SCCM

Patch over 320+ third-party updates across 180+ products in SCCM

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Update Third-Party Applications SCUP Catalog to be secureEasily extend Microsoft SCCM to patch over 320+ third-party updates across 180+ common enterprise products. Let us handle the tedious work of packaging, testing, deploying, and troubleshooting application updates in your SCCM environment.

Save time, money, and stay secure by automating the publishing of third-party updates to your environment. You can even configure automatic deployment rules in SCCM for complete control and automation over third-party patch management in your enterprise. Initial setup only takes minutes. Try it today!

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Perform Base Installs for Third-Party Applications in SCCM  Extend Beyond Patching with Base Installations in SCCM

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Create Installation Packages

In addition to third-party patching, we can create base installation packages for the initial deployment of applications to your SCCM clients.

Auto Update Base Install Packages

We’ll keep the base installs up to date automatically — no need to deploy outdated apps and wait for the updates to apply after the fact.

Deploy Using Task Sequences or Collections

Use existing installation methods within SCCM including task sequences and collection deployments for the initial installation of products.

The Ultimate Time Saver

Let your SCCM administrators handle more significant matters rather than the mundane task of packaging saving time and money!

Run Custom Scripts

Add your own custom pre/post update scripts to perform environment specific configurations when needed.

Disable Self-Updates for Applications

Disable the self-update feature within applications to ensure you can manage when and how updates apply in your enterprise.

Close Apps Automatically

Automatically close application processes before performing updates.

Enable Standard Logging for Updates

Enable installation logging for updates and save the logs to a standard folder. If updates fail, you will know why not just an exit code of 1603.

Add Custom Command Lines

Add custom command lines when needed to customize your installations.

Delete Public Desktop Shortcuts

Remove desktop shortcuts after applications are updated automatically.

Customize Deployments with Ease

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Up-Front Pricing Up-Front Pricing — No Hefty Acquisition, Support or Maintenance Fees

Quality Testing

Updates are tested thoroughly for detection, installation, and malware.

System Scalability

Use existing SCCM site systems to scale.

Compliance Reporting

Get insights on update compliance with our included reporting dashboards.

Support Included

Email, forum, and phone support are included.

Stay Informed

Stay informed using our newsletter and RSS feed containing CVE IDs.

Simple Setup

No additional server or client agents required.

Maximize ROI

Save time and money by reducing manual application packaging.

Money-Back Guarantee

Ninety-day money-back guarantee.

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Patch My PC FAQsWe currently support 325 third-party updates across 180 unique products and always open to adding more based on customer value.

Customers can request new products on our forum.

Prior to using Patch My PC’s catalog, I used to spend hours porting updates into our environment taking time away from my other administrative tasks. Now I no longer have to keep on the lookout for new updates and scramble to add it to WSUS. The value is quickly realized in my work hours making this subscription easily pay for itself.

John Dietz

San Patricio Municipal Water District

The catalog is easy to use, and covers most non Microsoft products used in the organization. Great value on the license costs as well. Excellent product.

Julian Jordan

Ensono Ltd

The Patch My PC catalog has saved me so much time. I used to spend so much time packaging Java installations every time there was an update. I was pleased to learn that I could also keep Skype, Zoom, Audacity and other applications that we use up to date also. I spend a fraction of the time I used to have to spend on updates. It is the best spent money in my budget. If I was unable to get our subscription approved, I would pay for it out of my own pocket. Don’t tell my boss.

Ponce Hatch

Chemical Heritage Foundation

Thanks to this catalog, we can update quickly without a hassle and follow security updates of third party applications.

Benoit Debure

Win S.A.

Excellent service. We started the subscription just for being able to control Java updates via SCCM/SCUP. For Java alone the small cost is worth it. The SCUP update is usually available with a half day of the original vendor update, which is great. Thanks!

Kevin Thorwesten

The North West Company

We are very satisfied with the product and the service we receive. We have had suggestions to add to the catalog and within a few days they were available. Good and solid product. We would highly recommend “Patch My PC” for SCCM/WSUS integration.

Ulrich Bernskov