End User License Agreement | Patch My PC

This End User License Agreement (“EULA”), is a legal agreement between the customer and the customers Affiliated Companies and Patch My PC, LLC.

This EULA describes the terms which Patch My PC, LLC is willing to license the Patch My PC Update catalog.


Affiliated Companies: Companies directly or indirectly owned or controlled by (Customer).

Client or Node: (A device, Physical, Virtual, Laptop, Desktop, Server Etc.)

Customer: The company purchasing our catalog offering.

Expired Catalog: (A subscription that is no longer valid due to the customer not renewing their subscription before the expiration date)

Our: Referring to Patch My PC, LLC

Not for Resale “NFR” license: (A license granted for demo use only for certain individuals “Microsoft MVPs, IT Consultants, Etc.” in a non-production environment.)


A non-exclusive, non-transferable, 1 year, subscription to our update catalog for use by Customer and Affiliated Companies.

Customer and Affiliated Companies will be granted access to our update catalog and all catalog updates during this 1-year subscription using a catalog (URL). The link should remain confidential and never disclosed to any other party.

If a catalog subscription becomes expired, the subscription (URL) for the customer’s subscription will be removed, and the customer will no longer receive any updates to their catalog.

Customer is licensed to deploy updates from our catalog to the number of nodes or fewer that was purchased for the Customer and Affiliated Companies.

Not for Resale licenses are granted for demo use only. This type of subscription cannot be transferred or used in any environment other than the user’s lab environment.

Client Count Verification:

You agree Patch My PC, LLC may check periodically to ensure updates from our catalog are not being deployed to more clients than purchased. In the event where there are updates being deployed to more clients than licensed, you agree to true up your client count.

Third Party Software:

Third party updates are provided “As Is” without any warranty. Please refer to the manufacturers License and Warranty for the product.

Last Update: April 2016