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Hi. We recently renewed our license and upgraded to a version that uses the PatchMyPC publisher app. I was looking for documentation for the migration, but haven't been able to locate it. Could you point me to this or send it to me? Thanks for your help.

I'm having an issue publishing the Snapgene viewer 5.1.3 with MS Publisher. The error is with the digest verification. Here's the error:

--- Digest verification failed on content for software update 'SnapGene Viewer 5.1.3 (UpdateId:'473d3802-b129-4dcc-93d0-42ab24ee8c77' Vendor:'Patch My PC' Product:'SCUP Updates')'.


This appears to be a SSL/TLS issue. I'm seeing an MS Publisher error when attempting to publish the NextCloud client. Screenshot attached. We do have restrictions in place for high TLS security.


The download stage of Paint.NET isn't getting past the 'checking trust' stage. I've actually left this run overnight and download didn't ever get past this stage. I've attached a screenshot. I've also tried the workaround of downloading the file manually, but get an error that signature is corrupt or invalid. Screenshot of that too.


I'm seeing an error when updating the PatchMyPC catalog using SCUP. From the log, the significant error seems to be:

"The request was aborted: could not create SSL/TLS secure channel."

This issue is not occurring with the other catalogs (Adobe) which are working fine. The issue started occurring with the version of the PatchMyPC catalog on May 3rd.

I've included a screenshot of the log.


Mine looks like this. And, I see that an earlier version was published more recently.
Two years ago, we had an issue with GoodSync where it erroneously installed on systems that didn't have an existing version of the application. Essentially, it was an unintended deployment. We're now dealing with the same issue with GoodSync, and we're in the process of removing it from the 400+ systems. At this point going forward, we're 'blacklisting' the app updates for all versions of GoodSync and publishing them as metadata only. What is the source of this issue? Since this is the second time with this app, is it the app publisher that is the issue?
We're not using the publisher service version of PatchMyPC. And, I was unable to find any published command-line option to suppress desktop shortcuts for the Webex installer. Can you share any info how to accomplish with our version of PatchMyPC?
Could the creation of the WebEx shortcut on the user desktop be suppressed? I haven't been able to find a way to do it from this end.

We've subscribed to the Patch My PC catalog for a few years now. Long enough to have seen the move from the product updates available from Patch My PC being moved under the category 'Patch My PC' versus each update being listed individually by manufacturer on the Software Update Component properties Product tab (picture attached). I'd like to clean up these now unused product categories for the purposes of reports. I've been unable to find any documentation about how to remove these safely. Can you provide me with a procedure to do so?


Between this morning and this afternoon something was resolved. The import now reflects the import has been completed. I'm guessing something was fixed someplace. Thanks.
The catalog URL has been in place for some time. No changes were made. This issue just started over the last few days.

This may be a Publisher issue, however I thought I'd start with you since it's your SCUP catalog where I'm seeing this behavior. After the catalog is imported successfully, and the 'refresh' link is clicked, the just imported catalog is still there with the message that the "catalog has been changed since you last imported". I've tried closing and reopening Publisher and restarting the system thinking possibly something was being cached somewhere and this might clear it. No luck with those. Is this a Publisher problem or a catalog issue? I'm running Publisher

Thanks for your help,

Is there a method doing this without your publishing service? We only have a license for your catalog.