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FortiClient MSI

Started by ealuckey, September 22, 2023, 01:07:47 PM

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The FortiClient EXE app supports the latest version ( however the MSI app digest is still expecting an older 7.0 version. Can we get the digest updated for the MSI deployment so that the latest MSI for FortiClient is supported?

Spencer (Patch My PC)


Thanks for reaching out on the forum! At the time of updating the EXE versions, the vendor didn't offer an updated MSI installer. If you have access to the installer, can you please upload that to https://patchmypc.com/share?

Once we have the binary we'll test it and upload it to the catalog! :)


Spencer Cruz


Hi Spencer, I've uploaded the current version of the MSI to the link provided.


Spencer (Patch My PC)

Perfect, I'm sending this over to our app team now so they can get this added to the catalog! We should hopefully have it in there today or tomorrow for you!


Appreciate it. For the record I extracted the MSI using PMP's own documented method ;D. I don't believe Fortinet publishes the MSI at all otherwise.


Spencer (Patch My PC)

Oh interesting! I'll pass this along internally as it may have gotten lost in translation! We still need to update the msi to the latest version in the publisher to allow for publication, but this should prevent future delays!