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Notepad++ Version Update

Started by GiCapone, June 12, 2022, 11:01:16 AM

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Currently I am in trouble with the update of Notepad++ (text editor).
My Installed version is 8.4.2 and, as you can see from you log file PATCH MY PC is requesting to udate it,
from installed version 8.4.1, already twice.

- I did check and extracted registry file ( program is registered correctly ).
- I did the download and installed from original Notepad site.
- I did this twice removing previous installation or as usual installing over.
- I did the download from PATCHMYPC and manually installed.
What is going On ??
Thanks and Regards

Omar (Patch My PC)

12.06.2022 18:44:53 - Download only mode enabled skipping install

Download only mode is enabled, can you disable it and try again?


I downloaded from original site instead from github. Now it is OK.
Thanks for support.

Omar (Patch My PC)

The original site downloads from Github, because Github is the only official download location.
You are welcome :)