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Publisher Content in MEM and Intune

Started by Keslaa, March 08, 2024, 06:10:00 AM

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I am looking for information on using Publisher for MEM and Intune at the same time. We have started the slow progression from SCCM/MEM into Intune. I have been using Publisher for some of the work in SCCM and now we have a different engineer building content for Intune. Are there any known issues if the same Publisher install is used for both environments? I am seeing odd behavior for the 3rd party app updates that are going out to the majority of our workforce via MEM Software Updates (WUAHandler log showing SCCM being unable to find a published update, different error codes when attempting to install, etc.). Is there a document out there detailing gotchas when trying to use one Publisher for two environments like this? Thank you for your time.

Kyle (Patch My PC)


Using a single publisher install connected to both ConfigMgr and Intune simultaneously should not cause issues or conflicts.

I think it would be best to schedule an environment review call with us to review the configuration of the Publisher and answer any outstanding questions regarding publishing content to both environments.


This could be related to co-management slider settings, so I recommend reviewing the following blog if you are using co-management:


You're also more than welcome to submit a support case with logs from an impacted endpoint for help with troubleshooting the software update install issues: