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MediaInfo wrong version offered

Started by jrp2706, September 08, 2023, 01:39:52 AM

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MediaInfo has been at version 23.07 since 12th July 2023.

Extract from MediaInfo change log:

Version 23.07, 2023-07-12
+ USAC conformance checker: update DRC presence check
+ USAC conformance checker: sbgp presence check
+ USAC conformance checker: difference between extra zero bytes and other extra bytes
+ ISO 9660: support of DVD video, with option for listing all contents
+ MPEG-7: support of collections (beta)
+ More Blackmagic RAW meta kinds
+ DTS-HD: DTSHDHDR header support (used for raw DTS-HD files)
x ADIF: fix wrong detection of lot of files as ADIF (Android and MediaInfoOnline)
x USAC conformance checker: fix arith context handling in some corner cases
x ADM: some tweaks about FFoA/Start/End time codes
x Remove curl default ca info message in stdout

Version 23.06, 2023-06-28



Omar (Patch My PC)

It is already up to date to 23.07 in the home updater ever since it released.