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Expiring Updates

Started by scrantic, November 25, 2014, 02:01:27 AM

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Hi, As per https://patchmypc.net/scupcatalog/documentation/CleaningUpExpiredUpdates.pdf I have followed the guide and resynced my SCCM to my WSUS source but updates are not appearing as expired. Am I missing something or is there another process that needs to happen on SCCM in the background in order for the process of updates expiring to complete?


I just performed a Run Summarization on my All software updates and the expired updates now appear.

Actually scrap that I've tried it again since expiring other updates and doesnt appear to have made a difference this time.

Any more ideas how I can force this?



Why are you talking about WSUS ?
Even if WSUS is the layer for SCUP and SCCM, you only need to work with SCUP and SCCM console.
When you have some patches expired, publish these patches from SCUP. Verify if everything is ok by reading the dedicated log named SCUP.log
When it's done, launch "Synchronize Software Updates" from your SCCM console.
Check the dedicated log wsyncmgr.log to see if it's ok.