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CI_ID not showing against Resource_ID in Compliance_info table | Powerbi

Started by sixthchain, March 26, 2023, 06:02:31 PM

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Hey All,

I'm using the powerbi dashboard for MECM. I need to look at compliance for an office update but have found that the number of compliant vs non-compliant devices varies between the powerbi dashboard and the report I've built in MECM console.

I've compared some data and have found that some devices in powerbi don't have the CI_ID for the office update against the resource_ID n the Compliance_Info table. No wonder why the numbers are different.

Would anyone be able to assist or explain how i can troubleshoot this further to understand what/why this is happening?

The device in question is in the patching collection, other updates show against the resource_ID except for the office updates.


Ben Whitmore (Patch My PC)

Hey there, thanks for reaching out. It will be easier for us to tag the correct engineers for visibility if you can log this at https://patchmypc.com/technical-support

Thank you :)