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Usability: Package-List: please offer to just display installed Packages

Started by Jehoschua, July 27, 2022, 03:37:50 PM

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Good evening

If one starts Patch My PC 20 times,
then one wants to just check for updates at least 19 times  :)

Therefore, the default package list view with 95% of all listed packages is usually not interesting at all, it is annoying and tedious.

Could you please:
1. Offer a Button to switch the List between "List all available Packages" and "List only installed packages"?
2. Please provide a setting for Patch my PC, so that the package list per default just displays the installed packages

Thanks a lot, kind regards,


The recent (bizarre) change to have just Main and Portable categories makes filtering the list an even more desirable feature.

The three obvious filter options are:
* Updates
* Installed
* Everything

I never even considered using PMP to install new apps, so the default "Everything" view is pretty useless for me.

Keep up the great work!