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Offline installer

Started by warwagon, July 29, 2013, 02:52:49 PM

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It would be really neat if I could do the following

1) Run Patchmypc from a folder on my USB drive in a mode in which it doesn't install, just downloads the ALL the installation files to the folder patchmypc is located in for every application or just the ones that are checked. Then every time I run it I can grab the latest updates
2) Then when I run Patchmypc from the USB it checks to see if the install files are local in the patchmypc.exe folder. if they are, no download is required and installs straight from USB.

That would be soooo nice.


Omar (Patch My PC)

We are proud to announce that we just released v3.1.0.0 of Patch My PC that features this option "Download Only" :)
Also a new mode called "IT Pro Caching Mode" and you can change the location of cache folder for installers to anywhere you like :)
Also installers won't get deleted and if the current downloaded installer has the same last version that in Patch My PC then Patch My PC will not download them again and it will just start installing them from cache instead :)


Is the following scenario also supported?

1. Scan the offline PC for actual versions of installed software.
2. Check updates on an online pc for the offline PC. (So I don't need to now which files I need to download actually and collect this info myself)
3. Download those updates.
4. Install the downloaded updates on the offline PC.