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Unable to load definition file from patchmypc.net

Started by cwhite, February 18, 2021, 10:24:50 PM

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Downloaded patchmypclegacysupport.exe to load onto my WinXP machine.  When I try to execute the software, I get a message: "Unable to load definition file from patchmypc.net. Internet connection is required to run Patch My PC. Please verify you have internet connection and try again."  I am able to connect to various websites (including yours) with my browser and I have verified my router is able to see my computer on the network.  How do I correct this problem and get your software to run on my PC?  I notice in other posts that a patchmypc.log file is requested.  Since I am not able to execute the software, would I have that LOG file and, if so, where would it be located?


Justin told some time ago when I had the same question that  "I think that may be because we switched our website to require TLS 1.2. I don't think the legacy XP build supported this option."